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    When Irish eyes are smiling,
    'Tis like a morn in spring.
    With a lilt of Irish laughter
    You can hear the angels sing.

    Leprechauns, castles, good luck and laughter
    Lullabies, dreams, and love ever after.
    Poems and songs with pipes and drums
    A thousand welcomes when anyone comes.
  • Hi Beautiful Sister Anya :) Do you remember a life as Anastacia in Russia? Love you
  • Blessed Be Comments.:.*HAPPY HALLOWS EVE*.:.
  • Anya ur beautiful .:.

  • Funny you mention silkscreening, I recently bought a Speedball silkscreening starter's kit... Haven't used it yet though.

    Very nice to meet you!
  • Hey girl I see you!!! lol Hey Im going to Las Vegas today and hopefully drive down Extraterrestrial Hwy in Nevada! Need to get outta San diego for a couple days. Love you lots girlee.
  • Thanks for the info.
  • Maybe I'm Sirian too... I dunno, I don't get contacted...
    I just get visions. Couple of day ago I got one, for about a second. I saw the sky, and couple of stars formed a shape.. I got the impression of a bird and I horse... I really have no idea why...
  • Huh, maybe we did know eachother...
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Bronx, NY


August 30

About Yourself

Newly awakened Sirian Starseed telepath/Psychic/Channel/Contactee/Liaison. Was told that my Sirian name is Ra'Im'Tah, apparently that is Andromedan for "Follower of the Sun". Unlike most of the people here, I never get used to these kinds of nice and surprising but kind of unnerving incoming info lol Also, I don't know what it's like on Sirius, so please don't ask. Sorry, I just get told this stuff. It holds no significance to me that I am also apparently Lyran, Draconian, and Pleiadian (sorry, Plejaran- PC name for Pleiadians now!? ;-)) I can't keep track, lol I'm also a bunch of Earth ethnicities as well, I don't think it should affect my mission on a day to day basis or affect who I am unless it means never having to stand in line at the store again or giving me the ability to open a jar of pickles with my mind, lol. Interested in bridging the gap between "strange" and "normal" in the Awakening/Ascension process. Blog: Website: I am available for private readings by phone for US or Canadian residents or Skype for international readings. You are welcome to record the session. To arrange an appointment, feel free to contact me at the email address for this site or email me at: Love and Light, Anya

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My dear friends and family on this journey of many lifetimes.

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Nov 2, 2020
Anya posted a video
They asked ME to talk about this. Still shaking my head as to why. Enjoy! I am still trying to make sense of some of it...And YES, Henry Kissinger came into my living room in an astral projection the other night and demanded that I join his side. Of…
Nov 2, 2020
Anya left a comment for Vincent
"Ha, great minds... Thanks for the friend add! I love silkscreen, I want to make a studio in my home...

Love and Light,

Sep 14, 2009
Anya left a comment for Mischa
"Well there you go, I am just getting that you saw it! You have a strong Arcturian energy as well, did you ever say/think/feel that? I never knew about the Arcturian alignment until I was aware of them further very recently (last ten months or so),…"
Aug 22, 2009

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"A YouTube presentation covering this interesting topic..."
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  Dear ACC friends, As most know I always make the distinction between a nation's elites and a nation's people...I do apply the biblical perceptions, that such distinctions are akin to "clay" and "iron." The clay being humanity (the people) and the…
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"Friend Alan I totally agree...😄 I just hope the organist doesn't suffer from vertigo. hehe..!! And what a beautiful church that is..."
5 hours ago
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"Dear sister SAN 不滅 I would like to state a cosmic fact for you to digest: The Galactic Federation, is the Galactic Federation of Light...They are one and the same.
Sometimes shortened, sometimes the full title...Please understand the logic and I'll…"
5 hours ago
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"We can reason this way: the idea of copyright comes from business. Specifically the owner wants it that for every copy of his work, he gets paid for it. So it seems that linking to a copyrighted content is the same thing as copying it. The problem…"
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"Part 2
I wonder if he say Galactic Federation or Galactic Federation of Light?"
9 hours ago
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"Wow, Drekx with the organ being stationed way above the people, and, halfway up the wall, this has got to have an unbelievable echoing effect through the halls & the walls of the Church. What a soul-searching experience that must be to hear and…"
10 hours ago