Twin Flame Angel Message


Dear Ones,

As many Light Waves are showering onto your Beautiful Blue Planet Earth your Hearts are expanding and filling with the energies of these Divine Light vibrational frequencies awakening to a New Golden Era of Unity Consciousness.

In this expanded awareness, many of you are now feeling a call from your Hearts for a Sacred Divine Loving Soul connection with your Twin Flame.

Know each and every one of you have an exact polarised opposite harmonic tonal counterpart on this Planet.

With the dawning of the 7th Golden Age many of you will be Reuniting with your One True Beloved. This is part of your Soul Mission at this time of evolution towards a New Earth of Unconditional Christ consciousness.

Trust and know all is being orchestrated in the perfect Divine order and timing. Much personal vibrational preparation is required. These Sacred Reunions are of a vibrational frequency of Christ consciousness, embodying a love wave of inner completeness and wholeness radiating frequencies of pure unconditional love and acceptance. This requires deep Self Knowledge and Awareness. Follow your intuitive guidance closer than ever now. It is leading you to the manifestation of your Dreams. Detach, trust and let go. Surrendering to every Divine Breath of Perfection in the Now.

Remembering these Sacred Divine reunions are a vibrational reflection of your own activated Twin Flame Heart of unconditional self acceptance and wholeness, knowing you are enough, you are perfect and your beingness is your sustenance.

Your magnificent beingness of the perfection of Divine Love and Light. This is one of the keys to magnetising your True Twin Flame.

In this knowing, and energetic embodiment, you will magnetise your Twin Flame through synchronicities arranged by the Divine in the Perfect Divine Timing, purely reflecting your inner vibration of Self Love.

Understand and know, Sacred Twin Flame reunions, are about harmonics and resonance therefore way beyond mental concepts, and of course, way beyond the limited consciousness of the 3d paradigm.

We are guiding you, please call us forward, answer the call of your heart for your wondrous planet and the entire cosmos....

Dear Ones You are so Loved

We are the Angels...... for more info and the Twin Flame Collection by Liora

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