Trust In A Post-Truth World

You probably have heard or read about something. Then somewhere else you are told that it is all a fat lie. This is the characteristics of the world nowadays. We leave at a time where propaganda is nolonger a monopoly by some institutions or prominent people and governments. But what does this do to another attribute that is crucial to a living thing: trust? 

Trust is important to all animals, from cockroaches to elephants, not just humans. We don't always have time or means to prove things directly. Most of the time, we have no way of actually knowing the truth at a personal level. So most of us are created to trust as a default position. That is we regard someone as to be honest until we prove that he is a lier, and never vice versa. A blind person knows that moon and stars exist up there. He also knows that a red dragon donnot similarly exist up there. He knows this through the trust that we all who are privileged to see can never conspire to fool blind people, or withhold some information from them. Similarly, one doesn't have to go to New York to believe that there is no huge mountain adjacent to the city. One simply trust the people who have been there themselves. 

The importance of trust is especially apparent when urgent decisions need to be made. If your neighbour raises an alarm, you quickly get there. You don't have to first prove that your neighbour is actually in danger. Of course you may latter realize that he was just playing some games with you. Similarly when someone issue a warning, e.g. 'dont get out, lock the door, a tornado is coming'. You don't first ask for a proof. It is better to escape an imaginary danger than to fail to escape a real danger.

But we leave in a time, where some people try to teach us that it is always stupid to heed a warning. The most notorious example is COVID 19. The governments measures to attempt to evade a possible danger is overdemonized just because 'there might be no real danger'. I don't see it this way. I see it like jumping up when someone shouts 'a snake'. Of course the snake may not be there at all. But this does not mean you did a crime to your muscles by jumping up, nor does it mean you are stupid or coward. You just had no time for proofs and arguments.

Over the years, people have taken advantage of human ability to trust. Our parents use it to indoctrinate us while we were young. The media, politicians, governments and scientists have abused our trusts. conmen have used it to pick pocket us. Consequently we now leave in a fearful enviroment where distrust abound. Everybody suspect everybody. We don't  trust books, courts, electoral bodies, churches, scientists, banks, schools, media, parents, children. The whole world speaks the native language of the devil, i.e. lies! Love goes through the window when distrust comes through the door, and vise-versa happens when the vise-versa happens! What remains is a dreadful state of fear that can erupt into formidable chaos upon the slightest miscalculation!

But it is a great error to think that post-truth is something perculiar to our era. Maybe you think that it is internet, social media etc that comes up with what you may call 'disinformation'. But you are totally mistaken! Technology did not suddenly change our character in 2000s, making us the sons of the devil. Internet just reveald us to ourselves in a better way. How else did all these historic propaganda came from?  How did we 'know' that the loving God of Israel will burn some people forever in hell? Sure liers were always there. It is only that prio to the information age, typing and publishing something was so devilishly difficult that only a few people were always effectively at the pulpit. It was also then extremely easy to censor, bribe, award prizes etc. This left a few people, around the government with the monopoly of propaganda. They could do that with almost perfect impunity, creating an illusory world for us. In other words internet merely democratized propaganda, thats all!

So how should we go about?  How should we harvest the benefit of trust while dodging the absurdity of disinformation? The devil is in the details. If someone says that he saw a thief in the house and another one says 'lier, there is no thief in the house'. Whom should you trust? That is the nature of the things we read nowadays! Someone says the climate is changing, another one says this is a chinese conspiracy to wreck some economies. Someone says covid is there, another one says this is a conspiracy to create one world government. Someone says there is amble evedince that elections were rigged another one says these are baselesd claims. Someone says the sun is a thermonuclear furnace and another one says it is an electric bulb. Each acuse the other of 'disinformation', 'pseudoscience' 'lies' etc.

But all of these claimers have common denominator. Non of them is showing us why we shoukd trust them and not the other. A scientist is an 'expert' solely via his own made up criteria. 'Trust a scientist because he is an expert'. A scientist is an expert, in turn, because a scientist say so! The whole argument is circular and ridiculous. A gang of people termed 'scientists' are ultimately self proclaimed. They developed during the time when sourcing information was amenable to monopolization. They are 'experts' strictly in their own eyes. They don't trust anyone else and expect everybody to trust them! They should come out and admit their nakedness by admitting they have never proven anything to the public. They have just convinced themselves in their own cocoons.

Scientists are at the forefront at creating distrust and confusions in our society. While they teach 'distrust' and emphasise 'proofs', they nevertheless expect us to trust them! The cut the branch that they are standing on! When they say 'something is proven', they strictly mean 'to them'. They see no need to prove it to the public while they tell us that  they are at liberty to deny even truth provided it is not proven to them. In other words if you see a UFO, they will deny it because they themselves havent seen it. But if they see a corona virus, you are expected to believe it even if you yourself haven't seen it. Who do they think they are? Special human beings? Nonsense! There should be 'public science' and 'private science'. Scientists can't puplicaly proof anything. They teach unprovable hogwash! They teach big bang, wormholes, blackholes, asholed, evolution etc. It is these gibberish science that have helped create distrust in institutions.


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  • In our modern world, everyone increasingly need to be like a jury. A judge is never at a crime scene, yet he is expected to tell the truth about it. We need this skill. One way he does is look for details. If, for instance, someone says that COVID 19 was a conspiracy to create one world government, recognize this as just the cover of an onion. We are yet to peel it to see if there is any layer beneath it. Here is how the story should go if we 'peel the onion'.

    At 20th august in the year 2018, a secret meeting was done at xyz skyscraper in Dubai. In it, representatives from all over world governments met to discuss COVID 19. The person investigating this suspected it and secretly placed a microphone at one of the tables. He recorded the speech...

    You see it? A lier cannot easily make great details without cornering hinself in some way. For instance, someone might investigate a worker in a building near xyz to check if he once saw a group of people holding a meeting. It is just not enough to say hail! 'This is a conspiracy by the cabal'. We should look for elaborate theories always, specifically check and see how the claimant is saying he got the information, that is if indead he has detailed explanation. Otherwise regard it as baseless.
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