To Soul or not to soul.... The rambling Soul


When you hold true to the needs of your soul and not of your heart, your path will be the true path you must follow.


To hold true to the path that your soul need, will bring opposition from those around you, those that you love and the society you live in. Making you question the path that your soul needs to follow.


It is in these times that the voice of soul gets silence by the wants of heart, mind and society.


All we ever need is to be who we truly are and not what is expected of us by anyone, not even your guides or those in your life,… to truly understand your soul. All they can do is make you look at certain aspect of what is around you. You have to follow your soul and find who you truly are, not be told you are. By listening to all, then finding it inside yourself.


Guides are there to lend you support, tell you what your heart wants to hear, to sooth it so that soul can bring the alignment to your own truth. You will be told many things, called many things, but inside you know who you truly are.


The path you must walk can never be understood by anyone except your own soul, at times your heart and mind will be in conflict with your soul. Yet it is when we can truly surrender to the needs of soul that we come into alignment with our true self and true path.


It is in the midst of that alignment that our physical body becomes just a vessel that holds the spiritual body and soul. At this time you become soul, as soul is in complete control of your physical body. You learn to feel when you speak, learn to be in harmony with the ether around you. See with the eyes of soul and not that of body.


At these times the ones that surround you will wonder who this insane person is, notice how you have changed. As you are no longer bound by the laws of the 3d mind and what you say and do, seem so foreign that it is seen as wrong.


At these times when you speak; you speak from soul, and not from mind, then you speak to the souls around you in a language soul understand. It does cause those around you to get angry at you, as when you speak to soul; their soul’s rebels against their heart and mind and cause conflict inside themselves.


When soul speaks it use words that bring the conflict in that person, as they are not meant to be 3 different beings… but one. Many do not handle this well as their mind is in such strong control that soul is silenced. And as their soul hear the voice of another soul speak its truth, the other persons soul yearns to be heard as well and then rebel.


It changes the reality of the 3d mind. It challenges the proof of mind, with the knowing and feel of soul. I will only say what you NEED to hear not sooth your heart with what you want to hear.


In the conscious level knowledge is true, it does not need to be understood and analyzed, it needs to be felt and experienced to be understood. Words on a page bring knowledge, but it need to be aligned with what is in soul to be truly understood.


To be all you are on the path meant for you.. is not for any other soul to understand. Yet when other souls see the rise of a soul standing up and firmly holding onto its truth, it brings a yearning to souls that see this. It brings change.


You are not the body you walk in and use, it is just the vessel your soul use to learn and to remember. The wants of body is of no importance, but the needs have to be met, in order for the vessel to function.


The most important aspect of who you are is soul, THE ONE. The One that is the head; that turn the neck, (heart), for the body to follow the path the ONE need to walk.


Truth is soul; soul is all you truly are.



So what are you waiting for, open the door and come home… Children of Soul.

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  • Anush, I must say that I finally understand what you were talking about all along :) For a long time, I'm following conversations about visitations in the astral, between you and your closest friends(co-workers) Raeikara and others... I always felt energetically drawn to you and the things(experiences) you were talking about. Because I see the whole picture, I now know who you/we truly are and I understand what your job was beyond this realm... I have a question for you: Did you leave your job and incarnate into this vessle by your own choice or were you casted out? Did you know at that point about the true nature of jour job? Somehow I feel that I was once a part of the hirearchy(working under chain commands aswell) but later found out what is truly going on... I believe I felt guilt about the true nature of the job I was(unknowingly) performing. That's why I incarnated myself into this mortal body, cause I feel that the guilt I felt at that point was too deep. The only thing left for me to do was to forget about it and incarnate to human vessle in order to be able to forgive myself and to forgive the others who were above me in the hirearchy of lies.

    NOW, it's all coming back to me and I'm ready to go HOME :)  

    I know about the hirearchy based on lies and deception. I know about the recyclings of the souls :P I know about the "fallen ones"(the oversouls),who are the top of the pyramid of chain commands... I know a lot of things now and because of that I finally feel (discovered) the true freedom of the soul and the magnificense of who we truly are...

    Before, I had absolutely no idea how enormeus this rabbit hole really is. Now I see the depths ;)

    We truly are Children of Soul, children of the Oversouls, exactly ;) :P

    Our siblings must realize that those doors were always open, only hidden untill we are ready to TRULY see and understand who we TRULY are...

    Now, I really don't care about this "new age mumbo jumbo" anymore, because IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER :) Damn, how long I've needed to realize that fact... But no I'm truly free :) :) :)

    HOME is calling me :) :) :) I hear the whisperings  <3 <3 <3 But for now I've decided to stay for a little while, to hold that door for others who decide to come along and leave behing all of the suffering ;)

    Dear Angels, my beloved siblings, I love you... You are never alone <3



  • Yes Near, I probably do.
  • You have an obsession with souls lol.
  • Appreciated Marianinia
  • It be a pleasure
  • this has just been very helpful, thankyou anush
  • +infinity like
  • I LOVE YOU!!!!!! =)!!!!
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