To know, to dare, to keep silent... No more with the silent part! Over it!

There is an energy and a power that is "letting" tiny little bits of information out, a tiny little bit at a time. "IT" needs to stop holding the flow back and FLOOD the world. This (ours) AND the other dimensions.
There are things that SHOULD have been seen, and should be known, by all, by now.
The world IS waking up, but slowly.
Those already awake NEED to consciously send love (AND light, peace and healing) to "Every Living Being" in, on and above the earth as well as to the earth itself.
To the body of the earth and to the spirit and soul OF the earth.
(I call Gaia, you may have another name.)
Whether the messages we get are from Blossom Goodchild, Mike Quincey, Sheldon Nidle or any of the many others, (And I love them all) we NEED to take them with a grain of salt and let our intuition guide us as to what we DO or how we act on their information.
Not thoughts and decisions, but what our instincts, FEELINGS and Intution lead us to.
These others (The senders of the messages, not the channelers) are NOT going to step in and save the day. (GFOL, FOL, Ashtar Command, The Ascended Masters, Etc. Etc. Etc.)
They WILL step UP and HELP, when we are ready to accept the help and not just with verbal (or written) talking.
We need to KNOW what is and what isn't and act accordingly.
Not necessarily by going out and DOING something, but by a conscious directing of energy to where it's needed, to whom it's needed and "to WHEN" it's needed.
Liner time is NOT a restraint when we send love, light and healing energy.
Light..., Dark..., at this time it doesn't really matter at all as it's ENERGY, as in Love, Light, Healing etc, that we are (or should be ) sending.
Think for a minute of and for the person you like the least or actually dislike the most.
Consciously send the energies of Love, Light and Healing to, at and towards that person.
(And NO, You do NOT need their permission!)
Keep it up until you can do it with a happy, glad or open heart. When that person (or group, or country or what-EVER) has stopped being on that "dislike" list, pick another and DO it again.
(We are all advanced enough that there should be NO ONE on a hate list!)
We can HELP WAKE (No, not HELP, just flat wake up!) the rest of humanity IF we stop with the Ego thing.
The ME ME ME thing.
Yes, I know that most of us think there is no ME ME ME.
"`cause I'm over the ego thing and have conquered THAT. "
But if "I" have to stop and reassess myself all the time, don't we all?
Why do I feel "this way" about "that, him, her, it or THEM".
Most times it's because, if even from a point of love, they didn't do what "I" thought should be done, say what I thought should have been said or react the way I thought they should.
We all have a destiny, a course chosen before we got here.
"WE" Chose it before we got here.
We CAN change it, deny it or head in another direction, but if (or when) we do, it WILL cause stress, strife and a certain amount of pain to US as well as those we were to be serving by following that path.
Time really IS getting short (not faster, shorter) and we need to act while we can.
Evolution (Spiritual, Mental, metaphysical) is cranking up here and if we aren't in a place to accept it and change as well, we're in trouble.

This started as a short reply to another thread and took off, so I deleted it, copied it to Notepad and kept going.
As I keep "discovering" people of power and light, and discuss with them that we've been sensing each other but worried about saying something that might "put off" or upset the other, this just flew out of me, 2 hours after I should have been in bed, snoring and dreaming of things to come. This message has no anger in it. Just love and hope! While we do need to THINK about what's going on in and around us, we really do need to listen to our intuition and act on that first. The thinking part is about why we feel or think a certain way. THEN let things flow.

Love, Light Peace and Healing energies to each of you.

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  • Bless your heart, Dan,
    I loved your posts!
    So True, so true!
    Keep calling in the Light!
  • Thank You! All I have been saying in a nutshell!!!

    There are no demons, demons were once pure souls that got corrupted! They can again turn pure!
    During the last few weeks I have been trying to get the ones in Heaven to see! and I have taken a lot of beatings for this. Though I think they finally understand.

    This was what I said after the battle on Friday.

    I got up: “Today we have had a very great victory, but do not rest, as this is but the beginning. The darkness will gather again, so we can not rest now! We have all worked together for the greater good of all the souls here; this was what I have been trying to make you see! Many of us here work up here and live in the world as well. We get wrapped up in life there, but we forget that this here is the reality and there is but an illusion. I am requesting all of you to help each other. In helping each other we bring harmony to these two worlds we are now living in. Have a little more patience with the humans you meet in the world, they are also searching for their own truth, like all of you have. With the corruption of the destiny plan, many lost their teachers, these teachers forgot why they were there and this caused the problems we are now facing down in the world. Our fight is not yet completed, but we have Hope! As long as we remember that we are all part of this and what happen to any soul affect all the other souls. If in your hearts you have been asked to do something, go and do this now, as each of us has a responsibility towards each and every soul here!”

    The next day I felt the after effects of all that has happened and I could not help but spend my nearly entire Saturday crying. In that brief moment of battle, I felt the pain of every soul here. Here is what I said after that and God found me in my sacred garden crying.

    Me: “I am crying because I can, because I want to, because, just because! I am crying, because I felt all the heart ache and pain that every soul here has ever experienced, when I held them during the battle. I cry for their pain, their loss. I cry for my pain, my loss, as well as everything Sam and I have suffered through, for them. I cry for what Sam and I have ever sacrificed for these souls. I cry for my son, for the pain he has suffered, most of what seem so unnecessary! I cry because no soul here will ever realize how many has given their lives to keep them save. I cry because they will never know what their safety cost. I cry because no matter how much was sacrificed for them, I will do it again to save them. I cry, because I might never hold my son in my arms and kiss his pain away. I cry, because I might never wrap my arms around Almir or ride upon his back. I cry, because I might never experience Almir’s fire with my own eyes. I cry, because I want to walk out into the street and hug the first person I see and tell them I do understand their pain, even though they would think I am insane. I cry, because the souls here will never know how much they are loved! This God is why I cry, this and because… I can!”

    God: “Anush, your emotions are so much stronger than anyone here, so you experience all this so much deeper than us, but through this, it makes you fight so much harder to save every one of these souls. You are like a mother for all the souls here, something no-one till now have understood. To loose one soul is for you to loose your son all over again! Even when you discipline a soul it was always out of love not out of malice. You love so much that you have adopted every soul here as your own child. (God looked perplexed; they never really understood me till now!) We all see now!”

    Me: “Yes!” tears still streaming “Yes! All the hurt they feel, I feel, Dracus has always said that this or that soul will never make it. I always believed that all souls have worth and I would spend more times with those other rejected. I believe like a mother in every soul here. Is one soul worth more than another? No, that is not right. Every soul has its path, they just need the right amount of love, and instead all of you are hitting them with every bad experience possible until they loose hope. Why! Do you not see that beating them into submission has not worked this far! Where is the love, why have you all lost your love? Why when a person is down you withhold even more making them suffer so much more than was needed. Have I not shown you so many times that by giving a little at a time souls grow, yes they makes mistakes, so have all of us here. Look at what you have put me through, I made it through will, most souls do not have such strong will. They need more good things to happen to them, it raises the vibrations. This is also a reason I am crying like this. Look how deep the corruption has gone; it has even corrupted pure love!”

    I was shaking even more, and stopped to regain a little control! Me: “During the battle and after in the Hall, when all was cheering was the first time, I have experienced real love, the love that all of you have forgotten. This is the love I feel for every soul here, x 7. I never want to loose one soul here, as I have lost my son. Every soul lost is a soul that has suffered, and their suffering affects the other souls, not always in a positive way. Yes, they have lessons to learn, but little rewards make their suffering so much more bearable. Do you see why I am crying!"

    It was an emotional experience and I think many have walked away from there changed, as I have. In a way I understand what I am doing better than before.
    Love and Light
  • When I got to the resort where I ...kind of work... (small place, but great folks there) tonight, I was with someone I trust and talk with about a lot about spiritual things. I consider him a kind guide and teacher although he's (in this lifetime, and says in ALL lifetimes) younger than me and he says he's a little scared of the power he sees in and around me. We were talking about a strange energy we sensed in the area (The Bohemian Grove is a short distance from here and active this month.) We met another (also enlightened) friend on his way out and talked briefly about it and he also agreed that there was "something" in the air and that it was "different' and powerful. Once inside, 2 others asked US about it. We all decided that although this energy was strong and "felt" strange, it was no problem and could be used or channeled to do what's needed all over. Later, while I was setting up my equipment for the karaoke show, he was pulling cards for a reading on "what's going on" all over. That reading said that THE messenger was on the way, things are about to really hit the fan (as in BIG changes in everything we know) and THE judgment was to follow shortly after that, leaving us in a new world. He is NOT in to nor does he know anything about Ashtar Command, the GFOL, FOL etc., or ANY other thing that could tell him that we've all been hearing this for awhile. His more personal reading on me, I won't go in to here because it told me I will have a lot of responsabilities soon and need to get myself in gear already.

    Ann, you're right! just tonight (And I run karaoke at a gay resort 3 to 5 nights a week) I was asked about the energies being felt by several of us. I had a card reading by a gent I know well and MORE Than trust. (mentioned above) and I Didn't LIKE what he said, because it will put a LOT of responsibility on me, soon, but couldn't disagree with a thing he said.
    There is and you (WE) can all feel a LOT of energy around us, but it need not be feared or avoided, just worked, accepted and changed or channeled to where and what we need. If it's ALL based in love and light, we can do anything. If there's fear involved, it fizzles out and simply won't work. If there's anger or worse, it hurts us, not "them". That storm you were feeling and wrote about is still brewing, but you (we) are at the core or the eye of the storm now. You (we) can move with it and stay at the core, using the mass amounts of energy around us to do what needs to be done.

    Meg, of course you won't speak for anyone but yourself. I would never expect you or others like you to attempt otherwise. I agree, include the entire galaxy! There are many in it that are watching us, deciding on how, IF and when to help us. (Not rescue... help.) And I couldn't agree more that there is an unlimited amount of love. That energy (to me at least) IS the creative power that created everything we see and know and all we don't... We ARE the change we have been waiting for and we can (and will) cause it, create and make it, IF based in or on love.

    I hope a lot more than the two of you have read this and the few replies and comments between is. I may just HAVE to copy it ALL to another place or two on the web, WITH your permissions only as you have added a lot.

    Hugs, Love and Light
  • Meg,
    you should have written what I did. :-) You made it a lot more simple, to the point and easier to understand.
    YES, to both of your paragraphs and as for what I'd propose we do; send, channel, put out, radiate, transmit or what ever other word fits, the energy of love, light, peace and healing.

    When I started doing this, I told myself that no matter how tired, grouchy or ill I felt, I'd do it at LEAST once a day and see if I could notice a difference around me. I make sure that the last thing I do when I head for bed is SAY what I want and where I want the energies sent. For awhile I was down, tired and flat not feeling good. When "who or whatever" realized that it wouldn't stop me, I felt good again and although I feel some strange energies around lately, the "down" feeling hasn't come back. Anxiety, a feeling that borders on and crosses "Oh No! and a kid on Christmas eve" has taken over for the past few days. Maybe that's what got me to write the first bit this morning before I hit the sack.

    I think that if we were all to do the same thing, as spread as we are over the planet, we'd notice a change in a very short time. There would always be someone, somewhere, sending out love, light and good energy to the planet as a whole. Even if as a quick thought (and act) while in the middle of something else a lot more mundane...
  • Hi Meg,
    I think the power or energy slowing the flow is us. Not as those fully awake and wanting the information, but those that are still fully UNaware AND those that know, but don't want TOO MUCH CHANGE, YET. There are too many that know the world is in a big hurt, run by the wrong energies etc., but who are afraid of any big change, giving up too much or anything that will turn THEIR world or life upside down. There are many of "us" that are unconsciously helping those that want the status quo to stay, to keep it so. It goes back to the Ego thing. Not with BAD energy or thoughts of causing problems, but an inner fear (and maybe not an actual fear but more of a trepidation or worry about and) of the change that we know and feel is coming. Most of us have SOMETHING that we feel we'll have to give up and we don't want to. Many of us KNOW we have the energy and ability to change things or at least help the changes along, but don't, won't or can't, YET.
    Bottom line, we are IT. We ARE the energy and power, but we need to put it to proper work, allowing the light to direct that energy and stop being "too" controlling in what we allow. I also believe that we can all channel the love, light and energy of "the Source" of all without "using up" our own energy trying to DO things. Love follows Love and allows itself to be used FOR love.
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