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Thought Projections, Nothingness, and Manifesting Reality

OmTimes, By Veronica Lee

What if we were merely watching a super intense, interactive life-long movie? What if each one of us was the star of this incredible multi-dimensional show, which plays out according to our own vantage point?  Metaphysically speaking, this is the essential framework of living as humans on Earth at this time. One of the most challenging aspects of metaphysics is trying to understand its non-linear structure within the limitations of the evaluating mind. As highly evolved souls, we agreed to perceive separation from Oneness consciousness and engage in linear time and space in order to give us a human experience. These fundamental pieces are the foundation on which our three-dimensional reality has been created. As we evolve spiritually, our perceptions expand to include other concepts and dimensions, and we begin to see beyond the basic framework.

Thought Projections

When spiritual teachers talk about changing our thoughts to change our reality, they are pointing out this primary aspect of our original agreement. In actuality, it is more than just our thoughts that create our reality; our emotions, pre-birth agreements and soul intentions are vital elements. For the sake of simplicity, we will combine these other facets with our thought projections.

In a movie theater, the projector displays the movie onto a screen. Light and sound have been digitally captured to create the show, and it usually has been modified with such exquisite technology that we enjoy therealness of it. The intention of most movies is believability.

As a soul, if we sincerely wanted a human experience, wouldn’t it be frustrating to have the life-movie be so poorly done that it wasn’t even believable? What a waste of time, right?! Thus, with linear time, ample space and other humans with whom we can interact and experience intense emotions, the realness of our lives becomes believably real.

Thinking of our lives as a series of thought projections can provoke feelings of anger, especially in times of pain or crisis when we feel like victims. Of course, this intensifies the reality aspect. Yet, we can allow ourselves to accept those moments of pain and suffering. We can also remain open to learning the basics of thought projections, which can offer us a new, empowering perspective.

On any ordinary day, let yourself pretend you are in your own movie. Watch with interest, wonder and humor, and then observe your movie with as little attachment as possible. If you do this repeatedly, whenever you feel drawn to trying it, you will begin to notice the projector that is showing the movie. With intention and willingness, you can become aware of the parts of you that are acting as the projector.

When you become conscious of your thought projections, you become aware of your impact on them.



You may be wondering what nothingness has to do with thought projections or manifesting reality. This is a very important aspect for understanding our essence. Like the light that is projected onto the screen or the sound that comes from the speakers, there isn’t anything that is tangible – there is no matter. Though we can validate the realness of sights and sounds, we also understand that they are actually perceptions. In fact, it is only when we don’t have these capacities or they are diminished, do we recognize how our lack of perceptionimpacts our reality. If we imagine being completely blind or deaf or unable to smell, taste or feel, we define our inability as experiencing nothing. In other words, even when matter isn’t involved, we recognize our experiences as something – they become valid and, in some way, part of our reality.

Though we evaluate reality by its somethingness, we must understand the value of nothingness to gain a more complete and empowering perspective.

Beyond our perceptions, sound and light are actually frequency wavelengths. The space in which there isnothing is just as valid as the something itself. It is how the entire construct exists within the time/space continuum. That said, our thoughts are basically the same kind of construct; a wavelength of something and nothing vibrating at a particular frequency.

Those who teach mindfulness encourage us to pay attention to all that happens and also emphasize thenothingness, which is sometimes referred to as the emptiness. As you can deduce – and vitally important to note – as soon as the mind perceives anything, it has immediately created something to perceive! More notably, that something can become a conscious choice in whether it gets played out in our personal movie.

From a soul perspective, there is more nothingness than anything else. The nothingness is the potential, the pre-thought, the void from which all things emerge. Yet, in order to keep the movie playing, we continuously create thought projections onto the linear timeline.

Allow yourself to play with the notion of nothingness. See if you can grasp it. Ask your Higher Self to give you an experience of it. Feel into its potential and imagine what could be possible with the vastness of no limits! What you may discover is your own essence and power pulsating as infinite possibility.


Manifesting Reality

Those seeking instant gratification would likely skip the previous two parts and focus solely on this section, but understanding the fundamentals of thought projections and nothingness are key to manifesting reality. Admittedly not complete, the basics are enough to provide a seeker with more tools to understand and explore.  Manifesting reality on Earth in its crudest form is dependent on thought projections directed onto themovie screen of time and space.

Although thought projections emerge from nothingess, without time or space they actually and instantaneously absorb right back into it!

Therefore, it is in this instant that we can, once again, recognize and harness the power of pure potentiality. As human beings, with our commitment to time and space, we often feel limited and powerless by life’s circumstances. We may feel we are under the heavy influence of our own automatic, unconscious thoughts in spite of reciting positive affirmations or mantras. To consciously engage in manifesting reality, we must learn to raise our own frequency. When the wavelength of our thought projections and the potentiality of thenothingness vibrate so high that they are practically indiscernible, we will begin to perceive miracles!

Raising your vibration – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – is attainable, but takes consciousness and a commitment to do so. Eat well, rest often, surround yourself with people you love, challenge yourself to learn and grow and walk upon a spiritual path that makes your heart sing. Ask your soul to support your intention.

Conscious or not, joyful or not, your inherent ability in manifesting reality is already playing out for you in the movie of your life. By understanding the power of your thought projections as well as their essentialnothingness, you can take manifesting reality to a whole new level. Whether being able to heal yourself or others, accurately seeing beyond the veil into new dimensions or simply creating a foundation of joy in this third dimensional reality, you can shift from merely manifesting reality to manifesting your soul’s true desires!


About the Author

Veronica Lee is a Spiritual Mentor and Mystic. She has shared her insights and wisdom with thousands around the globe, directing people to align with their essence, harness their gifts and cultivate empowered, joyful lives. She offers practical tools to support your spiritual evolution. Visit her website to access a free eBook and meditative audio at:

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Comment by InfinityStarr on April 23, 2015 at 6:32am

I enjoyed reading your perspective on Manifesting, thank you for sharing :)


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