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March 3, 2012 GOF Lecture
Thought Fields 

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Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Thought fields are an important aspect in understanding the dimensions, in understanding the relationship between dimensions and also in understanding your soul and your soul history. The thought field is like other fields which are present in the third dimension. For example, you have electromagnetic fields; you have gravitational fields and you even have quantum energy fields. The fields in these instances are interacting with each other. You have all seen the demonstration of how magnets interact with each other. There are many other examples in the physical world of the field energies that exist in the third dimension.


Perhaps you have not considered that thought and the process of your thinking also creates a field. Your thoughts create a field just like the electromagnetic energies create fields. The fields of thought have similar properties to the electromagnetic fields. In fact, the thought fields also have similarities to the quantum energy fields.


I think it is helpful to begin the discussion of thought fields by discussing incarnations and discussing eras that you incarnate into. A good example would be the era known as the Renaissance when there was great openness to new ideas, and new discoveries were being made, and the arts and the sciences were beginning to flourish. New discoveries were being made. This era was destined. This era had an electromagnetic force and had a thought field force. Souls who are progressive souls, souls who were inventors and souls who were great thinkers, became attracted to the energy of that era. Therefore, many of them congregated and began to incarnate at that time. You can say that the thought field of an era is so strong that souls who are attracted to the field will begin to incarnate in order to experience that field of light, the field of energy, that in this example, was known as the Renaissance.


This idea has a significance for this era that you are now in because this era is an era of ascension. This era also includes the energy of the 2012 force field. There is a 2012 field of light. There is a 2012 field of energy that exists now in the third dimension in the Earth. You and others have become attracted and incarnated in order to experience this field of energy.


Every era has a unique field of energy and a field of thought. Your soul is attracted and decided to come at this time to be here. One of the factors in that decision was focusing on experiencing this energy and light of ascension. Why do people incarnate? Each incarnation provides different possibilities for specific soul advancement that can be experienced and that can be digested in the third dimension. That is to say that each era can provide possibilities that exist in the third dimension that will help the soul evolve.


You might think that being in the higher dimensions would mean that there is no need to come to this dimension. From your perspective, the dimensions are on a hierarchy, one being more advanced than the other. From the other perspective that we have, each dimension has an advantage in experience and has certain gifts and certain lessons that can be learned and experienced. This means that the thought fields that exist on this planet now offer the ability for soul evolution, and that you have decided to come here to experience that.


One advantage of the third dimension is the ability to resonate and interact with the thought field of this time. Your thought field is an energy and a pattern that you take with you when you leave this planet. Your thought field becomes part of the imprints on your soul and becomes part of the imprints on your astral body when you leave this planet. That is a good thing. There are certain patterns contained in the thought fields that you can experience in the third dimension that are precious. There are patterns in the thought fields on the third dimension that will help you to ascend. There are thought fields in the third dimension that you can experience that will assist you in your soul evolution. This means that what you are experiencing on the third dimension is a part of your soul evolution. This means that there are important energy fields here that you are attracted to.


Another aspect of the thought fields has to do with the soul families. People are always asking about their soul family. They always want to know where their soul mate is. I think that when we talk about thought field energy, then we are able to understand that soul families have certain common thought fields and thought patterns. These common thought fields and these thought patterns are attracting each other. They are attracting each other just like magnets. You are attracted to those souls that are sharing a thought field force energy similar to what you have. Sometimes there are souls who have a stronger thought field. You become attracted to those people so that you can increase and expand your own thought field.


Think of the soul family as sharing in common thought fields. Also look at the idea that you can use your thought field as an antenna. The thought field is a pattern of thoughts that create a field. It is a field that has properties similar to electromagnetism. It is similar to radio waves. Radio waves are an electromagnetic force, and the signals from radio waves can be transmitted over great distances in the planet. There are certain properties which assist the radio waves in traveling fast or greater distances. This has to do with the amplification of the signal, and it has to do with the type of antenna and also the time of the day or night when the signal is transmitted.


Those propagation properties also exist in your thought fields. You can transmit your thought waves. You can transmit your thought field. The transmission of the thought field is also dependent on the amplification of the signal, the type of antenna that you are using and the time you are transmitting. There is an etheric antenna on top of your Crown Chakra. You are able to transmit thought waves from your thought field over and through the etheric antenna that is in the Crown Chakra. Some people are also able to transmit energy in their thought field through their Third Eye. The Third Eye is also a great receiver of thought energy from thought fields. We know that the brain, the mind, is the holder and creator of the thought force field. We know that the thought force field can both receive and transmit energy.


Thought field communication also includes the transmission of healing energy. It is possible to transmit healing thoughts and healing energies through your mind. This is also known as remote healing. You can transmit signals of reaching out to others, for example. Maybe you want to call out to your other starseed brothers and sisters. Maybe you want to send out a calling to the other Arcturian starseeds that are in your area.


Yes, you can go on the internet, or you can put an advertisement in the newspaper. These are other third-dimensional ways of letting other starseeds know that you are here. You can also use the etheric method I just described. You can use your etheric antenna from your Crown Chakra, or you can use your etheric antenna from your Third Eye, and you can transmit a calling to the starseeds that are in your area, and you can ask them to contact you. The spiritual energy in the thought fields is so interesting and so beautiful because the thought field force field can arrange, through the laws of attraction, a meeting.


This technique is also similar when you are talking about meeting your soul mate or somebody from your soul tree or your soul family. You can also send out this calling. Please remember that the timing on the third dimension is not always the same as on the fifth dimension. Don't always expect that the answer will come instantaneously. In some cases it will; in some cases it won't. There are time patterns and spaces that are part of the third dimension that do not exist in this higher dimension.


In the fifth dimension we do not have space like you have space. We do not have time in the same way that you have time. Please remember that when you are sending out a calling from your thought force field the manifestation may take longer than you would want. I also can tell you that as you become more developed and as you become closer to your ascended mastery, then you will learn ways of accelerating the thought fields so that what you are trying to manifest will manifest quicker.


I will go over just some of the ways to do that. One of the ways to improve the speed of manifestation has to do with using the Omega Light and the Omega Energy. The Omega Energy and Omega Light is a fifth-dimensional light that has quantum healing properties. We define quantum as an energy force and even an energy field that transcends cause-and-effect and that transcends the third dimension and the rules and laws of the third dimension.


We use the quantum energy to accelerate the thought fields. An excellent example of that is in using affirmations. Everyone knows and has studied by now the laws of affirmation on the third dimension. From a third-dimensional perspective, there are people such as Dale Carnegie who advocate the repetition of certain thoughts in order to change one's attitudes and change one's position in life. A good example is when you want to be rich. Most people want to be rich. In using this technique you can repeat the affirmation over and over again that you will become rich, and it is the belief in this approach in the third dimension that eventually this affirmation will happen.


I know there are many people who repeat these affirmations and they do not get rich. There are many people who repeat other affirmations and don't have the immediate effect.


The idea in the quantum light and the quantum healing is to use the affirmations and also to have the affirmation interact with the thought field energy from the quantum light. The interaction of the quantum light with your own thought becomes powerful. You are then able to merge the thought with the quantum energy in your subconscious, where your thought field energy will assist and maximize the power so that what you are asking for will manifest.


Remember that your thought fields also include your subconscious, your unconscious and your superconscious. People make the mistake of thinking that the thought field only is in the conscious mind. Actually, the thought field is in those other areas I mentioned - the subconscious, the unconscious and the superconscious. That means that when you want to work with the Omega Light and you want to work with affirmations, you will need to work with all three of those levels. It is also extremely important to understand how your thought field includes the subconscious and what the effects of your thoughts are particularly on the subconscious. Another way of saying this is that your subconscious also affects your thought field. I want to point out that the thought fields exist in you individually. The thought fields also exist in your family. The family has a certain thought field that you might be attracted to. Or you may expand and want to reject the thought field of your family.


Your country has a thought field, and it relates to why you were manifested or why you incarnated into your country. The human race, the human species that we call the Adam species, has a thought field also. The thought field of the species also includes the collective subconscious. I know you may have heard of the collective unconscious, but there is also the collective subconscious.


What is important to understand is the relationship between the subconscious and the thought field. The subconscious responds almost like Pavlov's dog. There is a stimulus and there is a response. There is an input and then there is an output. That is something that we have been interested in studying. That is, how the subconscious of the species is affecting the actions. You see how the subconscious works in particular among the animal world. The animals are living in nature, and they are responding without any intervention of consciousness. Right now on the Earth the programmed subconscious energy that has accumulated over the many centuries is still the determining factor in the overall actions and functions of humanity. You see this repeatedly because of the duality, because of the violence, because of the domination, because of all the things that attract duality and polarization in the third dimension. All of Man's actions that manifest are contained in the universal collective subconscious.


Many of the programs in the universal subconscious are not advantageous for humanity now because humanity is in a crisis on this planet. Humanity must learn to transcend the more primitive thought field patterns that are contained in the subconscious.


You are able to transcend your subconscious. You are able to participate in a more advanced, more evolved thought field, thought force energy. We, the Arcturians, are working to assist in creating a thought field of higher energy. We are working to create the necessary tools so that you can experience an expanded thought field force. This is one of the main reasons why you came to this planet. You came to this planet because you wanted to help create a thought field force energy of higher light and the fifth dimension.


Another way to accelerate manifestation using the thought field principles is using sacred energy and going into sacred areas. It is well known that going into sacred areas and thinking and repeating sacred thoughts and repeating affirmations in those sacred areas carries a power that accelerates manifestation. You can transmit energy from your thought field more effectively from the sacred areas.


You might have an experience of going to a vortex or going to a sacred area and then having a particular thought. Later you could find that that thought would manifest rather quickly. You have used one of the principles of thought field technology which is: in order to improve the effectiveness of your affirmation or request, then focus on going to a powerful place in order to use that energy to accelerate your thought field. Also it could be true that if you wanted to attract certain people, then it would be helpful for you to go to the powerful place and use that sacred energy to transmit the energy for that request.


The other factor in thought field work for manifesting is time. Remember, the effectiveness of normal electromagnetic energy and radio waves is also dependent on time (such as time of day, or time of year). There are different conditions in the ionosphere relating to the transmission of certain signals which affect the transmission of radio waves. This is intriguing because that there are certain types of energy and certain types of thoughts that you can transmit and you can work with at certain times of the day or certain times of the year. This may sound complicated, but it is very intuitive. For example, you know that the springtime is a time of renewal. You know that the wintertime is the time of maybe being more withdrawn. The summertime is the time of more activity. This is a simplified way of reviewing energy transmissions. It is more complicated because there are different aspects to consider when speaking of time. For example, there are seasons; there are different months; there are different phases of the Moon; there are different planetary alignments. So, for example, at this time (March 2012), you would find that Mercury, Venus and Jupiter have a particular alignment with the Moon. This is an indication of also a power of manifestation and a power organization. Mars is also part of this alignment. You know there are also times, for example, in the Summer and Winter Solstices that are powerful. We have worked with you continually on different numerical times, such as 11-11, 10-10, 9-9, 8-8, and now we will be working with you on 12-12-12. These again are examples of times when there are particular energies that make your thought field stronger.


The idea of the Ascension can and will occur when there is the proper alignment with the cosmos and with your thought fields.


We have established the etheric crystals. The idea of the etheric crystals is also to enhance the thought fields on the third dimension. We want to make the thought fields in the third dimension attract our thought fields on the fifth dimension. This is one of the keys of our mission, that is, to create a thought field force that can be transmitted and can be experienced by you on the third dimension. In order to do that there must be certain magnetic energy fields in place that will bring down our energy and light. We have established those attractor forces through the 12 etheric crystals, through the Planetary Cities of Light and through the Ladders of Ascension. These are all newer force fields that have been established particularly to work with the thought force field energy.


On a planetary level we are working with you to create and strengthen the thought force field light and energy of the Ascension. We are also working with you to create an attraction to the fifth dimension. Connecting with the fifth dimension will create a transformation through a higher consciousness and help provide humanity with a higher state of evolution. One powerful way of increasing the thought field is through group interaction with starseeds. When you look at the planet in general, then you can easily say that lower thought fields are now in existence on this planet. These lower thought fields are strong and so powerful. These older thought fields are still filled with older masculine energy. This masculine energy has to do with domination, control, aggression and polarities.


The thought fields of higher energy from the lightworkers are strong enough to counterbalance the older type of thinking. Some may think that the planet is doomed if the older thought field patterns persist. That would be the simple conclusion. This type of thinking, that the planet is doomed, contributes to the older thought field and creates an attractive force that is not healthy.


This is a free will zone. That means that you have the power to work with any thought form and any thought field you want. You can gather and work with those beings and those people and those friends who you are attracted to. You can work with the energy of ascension, and you can work with creating sacred spaces, and you can work with holding the light for new thought field energy. You will be able to accelerate and use this thought field light in your evolution and in your astral work and in your ascension.


You will be able to take this thought field energy with you when you leave the planet. We are talking about your soul travel. We are talking about your soul evolution. The work towards your thought field that you are doing now is going to go with you. You are going to take it with you. The progress and the evolution and the newer higher attractive forces that you are creating will stay with you. They will be imprinted with you. They will be assisting you in your soul evolution. Try to look at the thought field energy work from this perspective. The soul works on principles that transcend normal logic.


There is this attractive interactive force of thought that create the fields. I want to speak also about the quantum field because we are now in an era of quantum light and quantum energy. We are now in an era where mankind is open to the thought fields of quantum interaction. Most people are not able to understand the quantum energy. Earth scientists are not able to adequately describe quantum energy and the laws of it when they look at the physics. But, the laws of the quantum energy are easier to discuss when we are talking about the thought fields.


Basically, when I am talking about using quantum force fields in the thought field, I am referring to a certain method and a certain principle. It goes something like this: visualize and conceive of your thoughts as creating a field of light, a field of fifth-dimensional light and see the thoughts as having a magnetic quality. You can even look at your thoughts as sentences that are existing on screens above your Third Eye. You can also visualize that the thoughts are existing in your aura. The thoughts you are visualizing are higher thoughts. You want to put the high thoughts in there. One higher thought, for example, is: "I am an electromagnetic being of attractive light and electromagnetic force. I am working with the ascension energy."


In the quantum thought field energy, you have a foundation of certain thought energy. That thought energy has a field. The thought field from a logical standpoint may not be strong enough or may not be able to produce the effect. You might think that you would need 10,000 thoughts or maybe 10,000 people to think a thought in order to have an effect. But, in the quantum thought field, you work with the field and send quantum light into the field and then think "quantum." Remember one of the powerful tones for accelerating thought fields is the word "Omega Light." The Omega Light is a fifth-dimensional quantum light. When that light is brought into a thought field, it is makes the thought so powerful that it can transcend the normal logic and cause-and-effect. Therefore, your thought field can make things manifest more quickly. Use the field of thought to attract an energy. Then you can add as one of your ingredients the light of quantum thinking and quantum healing. Quantum healing and quantum thinking can magically help create a manifestation of higher intention and higher healing on the third dimension.


Using quantum light can work for you personally, and it also can work on a planetary basis. On a planetary basis, we can say that we will use the same principles, but we will have to really accelerate and amplify the thoughts. In order to amplify healing thoughts for the planet, we need to have participation of the people who can connect with the etheric crystals. We may want to have people who are meditating strongly send out a light from the etheric crystals. People can use the quantum light and the Omega Light in their planetary healing thoughts. They can send the quantum Omega Light into their thoughts, and that would help to accelerate and make the thought field more powerful and more influential so that greater planetary healing can manifest.


Here is an exercise now to work with a thought in your thought field. Create an affirmation that is especially important for you personally. Try to find an affirmation that is going to help you in attracting the energies that you want for yourself. It could be the energies of health. It could be the energies of abundance. Remember, when you ask for something to come to you, always say that as long as what you are asking for is in your highest good. You don't want to attract something that is not in your highest good.


We have created a powerful thought field in this lecture that is supporting a thought field among all of us. Our energy is connected. Whatever you are thinking in this experiment is going to be benefitted by everyone else who is thinking the same thing. They don't have to think the same thought as you do, but you are sharing the thought field energy of everyone that is participating in this lecture. There may be over 100 people participating in this lecture


Think that affirmative thought that you want to use to attract certain energies or bring people to you now. I will now bring down the quantum light known as the Omega Light to each of your thoughts. (Sings OOOMEEEGA LIIIIGHT.) Let the quantum light of the Omega Light reach your thought field, accelerating the attractive force of your thoughts so that they manifest.


So, rest assured that this exercise will help to attract your statements and wishes in your affirmation. We will go into a meditation now briefly for you to hold this Omega Light with your thoughts.


We are working with you to create a new thought field for the entire planet. Part of that thought field is contained in the etheric crystals and in the Ladders of Ascension and in the Planetary Cities of Light. This has already significantly created a force of energy. Certain things have already manifested on this planet. Some of you have already experienced the power of this manifestation. Some of you have already experienced this power of manifestation and seen this in your Planetary Cities of Light work. Let the Omega Light that we are now working with be activating the Planetary Cities of Light so that they can become stronger holders of this thought force field energy. Let the Omega Light that we are working with activate those cities even stronger that are holding the Ladders of Ascension. Let the Omega Light work specifically with the 12 etheric crystals. Let those etheric crystals become strongly activated to additionally create a new force field, a stronger force field of ascension energies, of transformational energies, of evolutionary energies for the entire planet.


Finally, let us recognize the beautiful Arcturian Temple that is now in existence in Santa Fe. Let us recognize the mobile Arcturian Temple that is in South America. Those two projects, those 12 etheric crystals and the Arcturian Temple that was built in Santa Fe are also contributing strongly to the power of the thought force field of us, the Arcturians. We, the Arcturians, are helping you to transform this planet. The thought force field energies that we are working with together are affecting the fields of the whole Earth. We will be working specifically in helping you to understand the thought field light and energy that is working in biorelativity. In biorelativity, you begin to interact with the thought field energy of the Earth.


The thought field energy of the Earth may not be expressed in words. It may also be visualized as certain waves. You have to understand that your thought fields also are not in words. You may phrase your thoughts in words, but words are a description of a thought experience. We know that the basic energy of a thought is in a wave. It is like when you are talking about quantum physics and light. You can ask the question: is the photon in light a wave or a particle? If you say that the light photon is a particle, that is like saying the thoughts are words and sentences. But if you say, no, the photon is a wave, then suddenly you are going to experience things differently. Thoughts are both waves and thoughts are words. We want to move you to the point of the thinking that higher thought frequencies are waves. Thought waves can travel far distances. Thought waves emanating from your thought field are powerful and can travel quite far.


I, Juliano, say let each one of your thought fields now strengthen so that you have a great ability to emit strong thought waves - thought waves in your personal life and thought waves for the planet.


Use the Omega Light to strengthen your thought field. Remember, much of what you are seeing on the planet now, and I am referring to the violence, the destruction, is caused by a breakdown in the thought fields. When you see somebody act violently or when you see somebody act irrationally, then you can know that their thought field has broken down and become disorganized.


You, the starseeds, you who are the seekers of the Ascension Light, are able now to strengthen and hold in a unified way your thought field so that it will continue to attract fifth-dimensional energy. You will continue to radiate and emanate fifth-dimensional energy. You will learn continually new techniques for amplifying your thought fields. I am Juliano. Good day!


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      I love synch-ron-ic-i-ty!  (God's way of remaining anonymous--Einstein)

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