The Importance of Perseverance

break_your_boundaries___version_2_by_sensidethink-d56aqiz.jpg?width=394The Importance of Perseverance


by Tyler Steele

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There's probably plenty of topics I talk about that may seem odd to some people. You may not agree with everything I post. But one thing I can be assured that everybody appreciates about my posts, and that's my honesty.

I was spoon fed a lot of bullshit in earlier life. I learned the value of truth, the hard way.

So trust me when I say, the perseverance to break through our boundaries is WELL worth the struggle. In fact, I'm writing this today because I'm having one of those tough days myself.

Our society completely lacks any sustaining self empowerment, on an individual level, in its operation. Quite the contrary, in fact its designed to keep people in a perpetual state of fear and demoralization. The more you feel inferior, the more you look to others for answers.

And what do all the “others” in this world tell you to do? Consume, extinguish and replenish.

tumblr_m8kc5qpEzB1rycgugo1_500.jpg?width=300What's that? Oh, you don't have the resources to consume everything we say you should?

Better work harder than. In fact, why don't you buy DEEPER into this (adjective) system we have designed for you.

Deeper debt just equals deeper dependence. And its that dependence that keeps the system churning. People turn into sheeple. 217624_4524860082137_591005494_n.jpg?width=244

I've walked away from some serious systems before. It's actually turning into one of my favorite things to do, lol.

There were a PLETHORA of days when I felt the strength of the system was stronger than the man. Not to mention going around in circles inside your head about how no matter what you're doing the right thing, can be incredibly tiring!

And many times there's outside resistance. When I broke the system of abuse with my pedophile grandfather, it meant A LOT of punishment for me. When I broke the system of The Watchtower Society, it meant losing my family and all my relatives in an instant. When I broke the system of agenda with the GFL, it meant flying solo in a very big cosmos. tumblr_le2dn9hj1e1qc4e8uo1_500.jpg?width=243

So what is it that keeps me going? It's a deep inner conviction. One that is incapable of compromise.

You might even call it the Sheldon Cooper of obstinacy. It was the acceptance and determination that I didn't even care if I was “wrong” - my end goal is important enough to risk it all for.


Having done it a few times it doesn't necessarily feel like a risk these days. Some days it feels like your own personal Sistine Chapel as you bask in the nuances of each detail you add.

PerseveranceSome days, like today (for me), it feels like a tasty delight you've created in your kitchen. You know you love it and you're working to share it with the world, but it feels like people are still choosing McDonald’s. 


I certainly don't question myself. But I do cycle through questioning whether others will find value in what it is I have to offer.

In the end its kind of mute, because I'm doing it anyway! But I think its easy to look towards the result we want. Our desire to share ideas, emotions and camaraderie and be an anchor in our created community can trip us up from being fully in our intended vibration because we're too caught up in the destination.

It can be easy to question of whether your objective even really matters. Is it worth the difficulty? Because the journey can be hard.

As Jimmy Dugan would say, “It's supposed to be hard. The hard is what makes it great. If it was easy, everybody would do it.” d-league-own-hanks-davis-20-4_3_r541_c540.jpg?729ef1a5e3c69f5da0197e57e2bd3dd3fdfcd35f&width=324

I personally take great solace in that, as I've successfully navigated treacherous paths. And I like being on the fringe of what people are willing to do to accomplish what they want.

From my own personal experience, I know that no matter what, even if I'm really struggling, I will keep going. It is the effective side of my stubborn nature.

So when you encounter a day like I'm experiencing today, we can say to ourselves and each other:

Don't let those old tracks in your brain derail you from the magical destination you're headed for. Nourish your engine and forge forward, full steam ahead!



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  • Hi Tyler,

    I really appreciated this post. I have been "bucking the system" my whole life (according to my Mother!). Lately, I have come to love and appreciate myself for being this way (seeing through the BS). Phew! What a relief this is!



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