The Awakening Movement - The Still Point of a Tornado, By BenArion
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Suddenly inspiration strikes from nowhere and I have always known that things Change copyright_benarion_awakening.jpg?width=250exactly at the right moment. There is a Rhythmical Dance within the heart that tells you what to do next.

Ashtar Command Crew has got a "New" updated logo/symbol that I’ve put a lot of love into.
The logo has wings that embraces a circle. Within the circle is the "Central Sun Heart" that is within us but also a Portal for transformation. Nurturing wings of Love holds us in every now. I hope you like the New logo that I’ve created.

I choose the short "slogan" - "AWAKENING MOVEMENT" because we are in constant movement and within this lifetime we will awaken to Love and our True Cosmic Self.

I thought about tornadoes yesterday, and within the center of the tornado there is a "Still point or center" that is surrounded by "chaos". This is a good example of how we can be in this world but not of it.

Chaos and confusion is a common thing in Larger transformations. We talk about a Giant shift in perception without boundaries or rules. Your influence is so Big that small changes in your perception and thoughts can Vibrate through thick layers of "hate" and help people around you to release their fears.

There are many levels of Energy work, much of what you do cannot be seen with your physical eyes, but it grows like a beautiful garden and will be "used" at the right moment.

Things will change in an instant.

Your power lies within the stillness of your being, in this state every "intent" will echo within the "hearts of many".
There is No right or wrong in this universe, just variations of Vibrations/energy. We can change Hate into Love. We are masters of our own Self.

No Entity or being can "control" our Soul or being if we know who we are. Walk in your life as you had "100 Guardians by your side" and invite love into your life, simply by Acknowledge that is already there.

Don’t fear the Fear, because it isn’t there to harm you or frighten you, its there because Light will Attract fear. Try once to Dive into your Fear, how does it feel, is it uncomfortable, is it a Heavy vibration?
Go even deeper into the fear, the Feeling of fear will eventually  dissolve into a deep calmness. Remember that your Heart is like a Compass or a "Vibration truth teller". You will feel if something is right or wrong for you.

So don’t worry being taken away by Negative Aliens or something like that. It isn’t going to happen. that is a "past chapter". You should focus on what you want to do in life and Follow the Love. When you follow your Truth, doors will be opened that will influence many, it may even feel that you aren’t doing anything,  but you transform everything.


Fear is only a tool to "engage" you into things that isn’t always real.

Its just a way to "hold" you into a limited state of being. You can learn to transform fear into Love and release it for
the highest good. You cannot "control" other peoples Dramas or life paths, but you can bless them on their way.
We are all from the same source, but with unique experiences. That is worth to celebrate.

All that is within this world is there for a reason, it is there to Transform. There isn’t a Plan set in stone, we are the Plan makers and we are the pioneers which decides where we want to go next. No force outside is deciding who or what to do next, but our collective energy will invite certain events which will transpire gracefully. It is a natural thing to be Welcomed into the larger reality of the universe.

People will embrace the fact that we have heavenly guardians in our skies and I see them as "midwives" nurturing the planet and our birth into a new Paradigm.


Copyright © Ben-Arion. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following links at the top of the article: &

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  • Great work, Ben. These words resonate within my heart. You are one of the most enlightened people I've met out of the many human beings I've been fortunate to come in contact with. Great job with the site, I am sure the Command and the spirit realms are proud of you!
  • ╔═╗~~╔╗~~~~~╔╗╔╗~╔╗

    thanks  Ben...

  • Thanks Ben,

    You'r Great...




  • When you feel fear -sink in to it and be there for as long as it takes-then you transforme it

    When i go to bed i use to feel in if there are any fear or bad thinking-i allways lets the higher self deal with it under my sleep

    And then when i wake up in the morning-the higher self and the angel are gUiding and helping us in our sleep-we only have t have trust in the greate i AM

    and when i wake up in the morning i feel realesed-and full of spiritual joy

    If we try to aviod the fear we just have to meet it again-and again-better to stand up to it and get higher up in the spiral

  • Hi Ben.

    I want to say something.

    Maybe for the weak people and their minds it is possible someone to control them ,but it is all about knowledge and how to use it.I know about "Program Kontrolle"it is the old "Program Mk-Ultra".I think H.A.A.R.P. has a connection to it and may be" The Cristal Satellite"i am not sure yet but i will know...

    Once to know how the things are(awaken) you ken not be control by them.I think and i hope so..

    About fear I know something....

    They like to play with fear....

    They love it... It is like a food to them...They feed from us i know..but no more...No more feed from us and them will starve and become desperate and die if the "food"it is no more..

    They feed on negative thinking, fear and strong emotions.I know them...

    I ken not love them..I am sorry..But i do not hate them.... so much ...It is  in the nature there are made for...

    Maybe when they see some light will come around.I am not sure yet about that...

    I ken not control people life but i ken help them to understand the "Big Picture".

    I ken do that and let them to decide the Good and Wrong.


  • yes  fear is the imposter love is the truth thankyou honey xxxxxxxxx
  • yes it is true-by diving into fear there will be calmness.we dont have to look at fear as an enemy-but an allied that shows us were to sink in and be one with fear-.nothing can harm us-just the illousion that fear are the evil

    i allways alowes me to be as open as i can be-because i know its the right way.the whole thing is simpel we dont have to look in so many books for explanations-we can feel the love of asencion throw our hearts-we can feal the love of  music trow our hearts-we just have to connect to the heart-feel the coulor of green


  • Every word is like a breath a fresh air.

    Thanks for the love and peace allowed to manifest through you.

    Whith love ,


  • Thank you for recognizing what I have been trying to effectively communicate to myself. The pendulum will swing, but there is a way to harmonize its motion into a soft, soothing rhythmic stillness vs. an erratic, uncontrolled spasm! The tornado analogy works well here. Merci, Thank You & Namasté.




    xo ISTARR ox

  • Yes, it`s a great logo and it fits in this times of great change.


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