Superfluid Vacuum Theory And UFOs

Superfluid Vacuum Theory And UFOs

Non locality is the quantum property that we are trying to harness to travel to fartest places in the cosmos in a twinkle of an eye. However, we know that quantum effects are microscopic but UFO is macroscopic. Had UFO been microscopic, we would be done. We already know that quantum wavicles collapses into structures that looks like the so called Gaussian Bells upon observation. But we also know that quantum effects can be found in macroscopic system. This is due to maintenance of quantum coherence. One such example is the superfluid.

'Vacuum Superfluid Theory' is a revival of aether theory, albeit which is now a superfluid. It is a theory taken seriously by physicisys. So if space is full of a superfluid, we already have a possible candidate for the quantum field we wanted.

To understand a 'superfluid', (and eventually our UFO) lets begine with a single quantum 'particle'. The quantum wave's amplitude is related to the probability of finding a point like particle at the region of that amplitude. So every time you observe the quantum system, you find a single particle. In QM, a single wave can describe more than one particle. If the wave is describing two particles, then every time you observe the system, then you will find 2 particles. The two particles are not necessarily at the same place. Their distance apart are generaly random. If the wave is describing zillions of particles, then every time you observe the quantum system, you will find the zillions of particles. Such a system, with zillions of particles, described by the same wave, is a superfluid. Ordinary fluids have their particles described by zillions of waves that cause dicoherence.

 A quantum decoherence that is due to heat, will create zillions of Gaussian Bells in the superfluid, making it look like usual fluid. However, quantum coherence due to sound will create a macroscopic Gaussian Bell. It is never the measurement appearing in the foundations of QM that creats quantum decohernce. So quantum decoherence does not solve the famous measurement problem. The decohered waves (Gaussian Bells) are still quantum waves which still describes the probabilities. They are not particles.The Pilot Wave interpratation solves the measurement problem by including a particle existing independent of wave.

It is never the quantum decoherence that creats the non-locality effect such as the ones described by the so called Bell's Theorem. Rather, it is the real 'collaps' that is the superluminal. So in the pilot-wave model, particle moves from some arbitrary place upto the place it is found in in a twinkle of a  eye! So Pilot Wave model is the ideal one for UFO! A UFO cannot be just the the soliton of the 'immaterial' waves, not matter how much the idea of 'the UFO is not seperate from the whole pervading field' is appealing to new age. The reason is that the wave is not superluminal. In a superfluid, for instance, the wave is just the sound waves in the fluid!

However, in a superfluid, the particles keep darting back and forth superluminarly whenever they are observed. The only problem is that the particles are not synchronized. Some are heading in one direction, others are heading in other directions. The net effect is a fluid that apears not to be moving at all! As you can see then, the major challenge of a UFO technology, that uses quantum non-locality, would be to synchronize the whatever force that is driving the individual particles so that they act in the same direction for all the particles forming up the UFO. The UFO engineers may make the spacecraft look closely like a Gaussian Bell intentionally so that it fits well inside the wave packet, to maximise the force that stops the air craft at that region. The soliton, in turn, is created by quantum decoherence due to 'sound' (or macroscopic vibration from the 'observer' of the UFO)


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