I sing a song of brilliance

As far away as the sun

Complete and thorough knowing

Cumulated as a sum


The rise of light upon the earth

Brings new found days and ways to see

A seeing of new and brighter ways

Upon the wind I ride with thee


To the heights of much majesty

As the crystalline light shines upon me

I ride to the ascended part of me

A place of kindness and grace ascends


To cellular places that have waited til then

I stand upon my opulent disk

To ride the structure of no remiss

To rise above all is trajectory set


As the light now cradles this kind reset

Accepting grace and ease as mantra

Holding sovereign my known tasks

A mission so grand how dare you ask


Yes this universe is mine to play

To hold in reverence and kindness say

I will remain with you and all

The rising truth of this decree


Stands tall amongst  those that kindly see

Accept your own as now your gospel

Put down your need to live through another

Your brilliance is here, its been all along


Accept yourself as the sum of brilliance

For now you shine upon crystalline earth

The light it bows upon the sight of you

Stand with knowing you are the truth


As the wind cradles the light around you

Take off and fly through natures’ dimension

The trees they know the truth upon you

All they do is wait for thee


For you to finally be

For you to finally see

It is you alone that ascension waits

The you they have known in many a place


Collect the sum of yourself and wander

To the heights of life and all you ponder

You my dear are a wonder of life

Accept this now and know no strife


The power of self can now catapult

The wonders and light upon your flight

See the sun to integrate this space

And forever more you live in full grace


Many blessings of truth upon you descend

Remember dear one there is no end.





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ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"🧘🏻‍♀️ Yes, finding a calm and balanced way to navigate through the inner realms, to observe what happens there without getting sucked into it…🏄🏻‍♀️"
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"Nice brain tinglezzZzz 😊🤫😴"
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"Now that's good advice, dear heart...Especially the snoozing bit....😁But, seriously, yes, one must practice this type of technique and learn not to react emotionally, or overthink the trauma...It just is and RELEASE IT...

Now I've started on…"
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"Attachment to emotions and the attractiveness of the astral. That is why so many folks stay stuck there and built a fantasy reality that gives them comfort. Maybe that’s okay for a while, but it’s just a temporary home.

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"There is a Buddhist practice to observe thoughts, emotions and memories and sit through them until the discomfort fades and becomes bearable.

It requires practice and courage, just to sit and observe, without getting distracted, carried away,…"
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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Everyone, every soul, is overcoming challenges, so you are not alone...We all suffer, from time to time...The best quality to cultivate is detachment....So experience a trauma and learn to release it's impact...

There is a law of forgetfullness,…"
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