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Ivo, this just disgusts me and so I'd like to discuss this today.

 I saw a video passed on by a man who was crying because a African American was arrested by two cops, and one of them had him on the ground and had his knee on the man's neck. Within 10 minutes or so, despite protests from the onlookers and despite protests from the man himself, he lost consciousness because he couldn't breathe. The cops were fired. So what?
Sirian Denarra, aspect of Sharon Stewart

They were fired!!! Not put in jail and made to wait for their court date. They were fired! That means they can get jobs working as security guards. This man with the knee is a killer.

I haven't watched all the news on this and I am hoping that he was arrested and will stand trial. Of course, if he does, he'll get a slap on the wrist and a light sentence because "he was a peace officer serving the public," or some other stupid excuse.

When are people going to DO something about this? The people who were watching, why didn't they call the police and have other cops do something about the one who was strangling the man? Not all cops are killers, like this psycho is. Why didn't someone intervene? Because they're afraid of being put in jail? Arguing with a police officer when he's killing someone is a pretty good reason to be put in jail. I can think of worse reasons to be put in jail than trying to help someone who's being murdered.

What is wrong with people?

This just didn't happen yesterday. There were protests in the 60's led by Martin Luther King. Rosa Park's famous bus ride took place in the 50's.

Do people actually think that they're only oppressing people of colour or minority? What do they think they are? Free? You have to work every day SO THAT YOU CAN PAY TAXES. If you call that freedom, no wonder you would sit back and watch someone get the life choked out of them. You're that far gone.

This man was killed right on the street! Where were you during the Rodney King riots? Just watching it on TV, I'll bet. This is nothing new!

And no, I can't sit up here judging Americans because Canadians also have a minority their government is mistreating - they're the Indigenous people. It's part of the program. That's how they work. They pick out one or two ethnic groups and pick on them so everyone else thinks they're "free" and that "it would never happen to us," when in the meanwhile it's been happening to us for centuries, just it's been happening so slowly nobody perceives any difference from decade to decade.

Ivo: When you think as one who is united with all, when you give up fear, selfishness and greed and understand that you are all one, now fighting a common oppressor, it is difficult.
Me: Yes, it's hard to keep my mouth shut. And I will be in Ottawa on Canada's birthday, July first, to tell the government what they're doing to us is not okay. People, we have to wake up. Mind control has made us stupid, yes, I'm just going to tell the plain truth - it has made us fearful, selfish, and glad someone else is getting screwed and not us.
We're all One. We are all part of the whole of God. We are all part of God, here on earth, acting out this drama. And we're watching other people take a bullet for us and thanking God we were the lucky ones this time. Or we think it's not even possible that someone would shoot at us, but they are. They're coming for your freedom and hell bent on taking it away. Everything the government does that we don't like should be protested. Everything. You say that's impossible? Well, then if we did, we'd have a government that would comply with our collective wishes, wouldn't we?
Yes, Ivo it is hard to see what's going on. Every time one man, woman or child goes down, it's a loss for all of us. I put a post up about this on my timeline and everyone avoided it. If you think it's okay for an African American to be killed on the street, then you're prejudiced. You're a separatist.
Cops aren't "doing their jobs." They're overstepping their jurisdiction when they murder someone in front of witnesses. And if you let one cop do it, that sends a message to all other cops who are so inclined as well: We can get away with murder.
Everything that's going on, the Illuminati is watching. They watch to see just how far they can push us, and when a man is murdered in front of an audience of onlookers, that sends a message to them. "They're worse than we thought. They will let us do whatever we want."

I used to take the stance that people were victims of this global regime of psychopaths. Now I take the stance that if you don't do anything, you're complicit. You're part of the problem. And I have no pity for you.

If we took care of our fellow man the way we took care of our pets, we'd be in great shape. Why don't you just treat everyone around you like you treat your dog?

Seriously, I am getting really fed up with people who don't see how complicit they are in creating the world we have around us now. Everything that happened happened with our permission. When are we finally going to put our foot down and say, "No!" When are we going to stick up for our fellow man because the government is overstepping its control?

Ivo: You must have patience, my love, as your people are waking up. It will take knowledge of a common enemy to make you understand that you are One people. You are in it for the long haul, I am afraid. People will keep taking more and more removal of their liberties before they understand that they are being controlled and this is not in their best interests. Yes, people will split out into new like-minded communities. Your world is dividing into timelines of like frequency. The awake will split from the sleeping, while attempting to continue to wake them up, of course, but there will be many who are so dependent on the system and incapable of doing much more than the most menial of tasks that will have trouble standing on their own two feet.
Me: I know people like that, yes.
Ivo: And this is what I am saying. They have been made to be very dependent.
If your people would become involved in changing your system then it would be changed for the better. But you have allowed a few psychopaths to run your world and that is your problem. You have trusted the wrong people, and many are not even human.
They have helped to create division within you and you express this daily through voicing your opinions. There is only one Truth and that truth is God and love, your opinion, which has been heavily manipulated, means nothing. It is important to align your opinion with God, and do nothing more. Then you will be on the right path.
Me: Even that is subject to opinion.
Ivo: I know, my love. It is frustrating to see, and feel, these events now but they are necessary to help wake others up to the fact that their liberties are being removed and that they are in prison. The more they realize this now, the more they will see other ways that they are ensnared.
Me: How can you just let a man die right in front of you and do nothing, when clearly the one who's supposed to be helping him is killing him? How can you just stand there?! And why was that man writing a bad check? Probably because he hasn't got enough money because he's not working, I'll bet. So he dies because of this! How many other North American's could be in the same situation right now? Writing bad checks or trying to find some way to get a meal for your children?
Here's the response of the town's major: "Frey said he understood the anger in the community but reminded potential protesters that "there is another danger out there right now which is Covid-19." There you go, it's a re-direct. They distract you. You're like a baby sitting in a play pen while mommy is shaking a rattle in front of you to get you to stop crying. That's exactly what they're doing. It's distraction, another Illuminati technique.
Here's another manipulation used by the mayor: "We need to make sure that everyone that is protesting and that is voicing their opinion stays safe and their families are protected as well," he said. "So please, practice safe distancing, please use a mask." Fake concern! He's saying, "I'm really a nice mayor, not some lying bastard that just gave a slap on the wrist to some cops who killed a citizen of this city who wasn't even resisting arrest." It's all about looking like the nice guy. And it also shows they don't care about their people, they just say they do.

People have to get wise to this stuff. You need to hold everyone responsible for what they DO, and stop listening to what they say because they know how to distract and to schmooze you with nice words and fake concern. Every politician does it. It's called being full of s***!
Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz tweeted Tuesday, "The lack of humanity in this disturbing video is sickening. We will get answers and seek justice." Yes, they're going to cover it up. Just watch.
St. Paul, Minnesota, Mayor Melvin Carter called the video of the incident "one of the most vile and heartbreaking images I've ever seen."
"The officer who stood guard is just as responsible as his partner; both must be held fully accountable," Carter tweeted. "This must stop now."
Dude, where were you when Rodney King was murdered in L.A.? Your words ring hollow. You have no intention of "stopping this" because it is a problem OF GLOBAL PROPORTIONS. And the only ones who can stop it is the people, everywhere, by realizing we are all One people united against our oppressors.
Talk is cheap and these guys aren't worth two pennies, people. You've been snowed by this kind of s*** all your life. This will be covered up, and nothing will be done about it - BECAUSE IT IS PART OF THE GLOBALIST AGENDA OF DIVIDE AND CONQUER.
You need to see this.  


Lightworker Mission Statement:

As a lightworker, your task is to wake up, either gradually or quickly, to your role on this planet. You have come from another world or another dimension where you were embodied or not, to take the role of a human earthling of higher consciousness and to work along with the Galactic Federation of Light in liberating humanity on earth from their alien controllers.

In your previous lives as a galactic being, you attained higher states of consciousness, some even becoming Masters of this Universe or having risen above that. Regardless of your level of consciousness, you have been trained for the work you are doing here during the day and at nighttime, as you board galactic ships and work with your teams to advance the spirituality of humanity on earth and to liberate earth from the hands of its evil controllers.

You were born a lightworker and you have trained for that role throughout this lifetime as well. Technically, you are a hybrid consciousness, partly of earth and partly of your home planet/dimension.

Roles of the lightworker include holding Light, grid creation, helping other lightworkers to wake up, healing, channeling messages to earth, caring for earth's eco-system, and more.

Specific tasks can include: weather manipulation, reversing polarities on the planet, influencing the collective consciousness, transmuting dark energy, battling dark entities, teaching others, reporting the truth.

We are currently using social media to create a new system of Light - Light being information spread as truth to all upon planet Earth.

One of the key jobs of the lightworker is to OVERCOME MIND CONTROL. This means working with your shadow to align your ego with your soul. We are here to master our emotions, overcome fear, master our ego's and to house our higher selves. Until this is done, little of your role on earth will be revealed to you, as the Light does not shine through your ego - it is of higher soul frequency. Until the soul is accessed, you will be on a learning journey of understanding limitations you've imposed upon yourself and overcoming them.

Learning to be open hearted, integrous, authentic, virtuous, and committed to the Truth is the primary hallmark of a lightworker. Saving this planet is our primary purpose.

  3 - NIGHT TIME RAIDS - Ivo of Vega

Me: Ivo, I know that at night time lightworkers are fully aware of their roles as GFL members on the ships, and now I'm being asked more frequently about what's going on as we sleep.
An interesting post I just saw is one woman was saying she woke up with scratches all over her body and fears she may be being attacked at night time by dark entities/ETs. Can you please elaborate on this? What are we doing at night? Why would someone wake up with scratches and how should we understand this when we wake in the morning?
Ivo: My love, good question. Indeed. Many of you are Light Warriors as well as Lightworkers. The Lightworker works with the Light, raising the frequency on earth but Light Warriors are actively involved, in the astral and on your physical plane, with the removal of dark entities from your planet and the lower astral plane.
So if you have dreams of battles at night time, frequent nightmares and you wake up with scratches, then it is quite possible that you have been involved in battle with the dark forces.
What, in fact, you are working with as you battle are the energies. So in fact your bodies, being the carriers of these energies are the weapons that are used against the dark ones. Some do like to carry a sword or another implement that helps with the focus of these energies but you are annihilating these anti-life forms by infusing them with life energy.
We often use gamma, theta or photon rays which come out of the hands, feet, fingers and eyes, and now you see why we do not make such a habit of telling you what you have been up to at night time. You cannot create these energies at such a low frequency as your physical body and it takes a strong mind in order to do this, which you currently physically do not have.
Me: So we're shooting death rays out of our eyeballs on the astral plane? Okay, no wonder I wake up tired some mornings.
Ivo: It depends on the project. At times you are in your lower earth, fighting the occupation there, other times you are fighting ships out in the galaxy. You are capable of travelling through space without protection and directing energies towards these ships.
Me: Phasers on stun, Scotty!
Ivo: If you will. You jest but you are doing God's work. Eliminating these anti-life beings is of the utmost importance.
You are powerful beings when you are fully aware and fully functional and you help us with our work as we go on raids or anticipate malevolent activity on the planet. We have collectively saved many people.
Me: Why would someone wake up with scratches, then?
Ivo: At times, as the template is scratched, it incorporates into the physical realm. Any injuries incurred during the night are typically healed before you wake up. Otherwise you would be as this woman was, wondering where she got all the scratches from.
Me: So she was in some kind of hand to hand battle with probably reptilians, I guess.
Ivo: Hand to hand is also possible, yes. At times we are ambushed, and we must fight our way out of a situation. We have the upper hand. They cannot produce the same energies as we can and their guns can be whisked away quickly with just a thought. They are no match for us. The only difference is the physical strength of a reptilian or a draconian, and when they materialize behind us, it is possible they would have the upper hand for a moment.
Me: Thank you Ivo.
Ivo: My love, do not fear going to bed.
Me: I don't. I know I can deal with them, as a matter of fact, let me at them! I know already that Archangel Michael and I go to the lower fourth to stir up some hell, so I knew I was doing this. I have the odd scratch, nothing huge.
Ivo: You are the incarnation of the Goddess of War and Wisdom, and you combine both well in our nightly sojourns. You do, however, pick up on it emotionally and this is transferred through at times in nightmares.
Me: I have friends who wake up screaming at times.
Ivo: This could be why as well.
Me: Thanks, Ivo.

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Comment by amparo alvarez on May 29, 2020 at 12:54am

Thank you Roberto...Answered to it...and I even added a reason as to why this should be done...

Comment by Roberto Durante on May 29, 2020 at 12:05am

here you can sign the petition asking justice for George for the abuse of this still not in jail police officer


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