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  • Hoi, Ik kan hier wel even Nederlands doen .
    Atlantis pyramids and light ship
    Atlantis pyramids and light ship
  • Blessings on your path, bright one!!!! (:



  • Dear Roberto

    Пейзажи очень красивые зимнме летние осенние ,природа,панорамы,картины

    Пейзажи очень красивые зимнме летние осенние ,природа,панорамы,картины
    Love and Light,

  • Hello Roberto! I was very happy to read your comment you left me. I agree with your view of death it is the same for me now and it is refreshing to talk with others who share the same views on such things. I look forward to the future where you and I can walk and talk of times in Atlantis.
  • Atlantis was my home way back when and I am glad to return to the harmony and peacefulness that is present for all of us to enjoy.

    And so I stand, stand in the presence of the moment.
    Stand in the vibration of a new day with star lit energies.
    We are moving through a time of colorful transformation.
    Take the inner strength of a breath to walk and fly in the truth.
    A truth that will be echoed into the highest tree.
    Embody the essence of magic,
    that was once a part and still is inside all things.
    I ride with the power of a millennium of time past.
    I travel in my minds eye with those who fly on gilded wings.
    And as I wear silken robe, words I send in a prayer that you
    ride the coming storms to safety inside your beating hearts.
    Hear my words with the energy of trust and move as you should
    to reclaim your own power so I can in-hanse it with my gifts.
    Until then I will hold your star energy for all to see.
    Until than I will hold the magic that I have waited a long time to share.
    Until than I will once again travel across open fields inside your dreams
    to welcome those who forgot the magic of love.
    The magic of life.
  • Bien conoció al hermano! Me gusta conocer nuevas personas que comparten una misma pasión. Sé que vamos a ser buenos amigos. Espero poder aprender con y de ti. tener un día lleno de risas y luz!

  • Blessings
  • merci, j'accepte avec grand plaisir

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Take a look to my page and you will discover one side about me, living on the Planet for very long time in different life, honestly I am not 100 years old but much, much, much more older. I am not God, even not a New Guru and for sure not the Founder of a New Religion, I am just an reincarnated soul from Atlantis in one physical body who live here on Earth and want to feel home again on this beautiful Blue Planet called Earth.Discover your immortality and you will free yourself,you will feel your power of unconditional Love. Do you have doubt or any questions, please just drop me a line,I will give you an answer. All you want to know about life and after life and you are not afraid to ask. Who I am,born in France and have lived for while in Netherlands. fashion photographer, graphic designer, webmaster, real state agent, mountain guide,travel agency manager and can communicate in 5 languages only (French, Dutch, English, Spanish and basic German)

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the best spiritual master is my guide and guardian angel, my Grand Ma

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A special thank you message to our dear friend Roberto Durante for sharing his wonderful book with kids club international " The little light point" from eve...
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"Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey belong one way ticket to Gitmo, didn't evolved from his Marxist student time....... share it, the best is yet to come for this CEO's"
Oct 31, 2020
Roberto Durante commented on amparo alvarez's blog post THIS INFORMATION IS THE REAL DEAL. That makes it impossible for ‘50%, or 10%’ Joe, to ever assume the office of the President,” he wrote in the morning.
"perfect, BTW who want a retard that even forget his own name as president"
Oct 18, 2020

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