Prior to your awakening, there will be some confusion and anxiety because the change from deep sleep to full wakefulness is a vast change, an enormous step, a little bit like the temporary disorientation you can experience when you awaken in the morning from deep sleep. Don’t be alarmed...




10/02/2011 by John Smallman


God’s Love for humanity and for all of His creation is limitless, eternal, and indiscriminate, He loves all with equal intensity, and so called “sins” are no barrier to His Love. Without His Love no one can exist, so no one is without His Love, ever, and that is divine truth. Those who judge anyone as being unworthy of God’s Love, or separated from it, are themselves misguided, confused, or hallucinating – remember, your human condition is illusory; it is a nightmare in which loveless situations are constantly occurring; it is not Reality – and so they too will awaken, because all will awaken, into the divine wonder that is Reality.


Presently, your planet is being inundated with Love from the divine realms to assist and ensure your awakening, and signs of your imminent awakening are apparent everywhere. Look for those signs – truly you cannot possibly avoid seeing them – and rejoice that you are incarnate at this moment in your history to actively take part in this fantastic event. All pain, suffering, conflict, disagreement, disharmony, distrust, and disappointment are to end – permanently. That is the divine Will, and yours, because you are one with It. Your will and God’s are identical; you just chose to be temporarily unaware of it, and that time is approaching its end. That is what is meant by “the end times.”


Prior to your awakening, there will be some confusion and anxiety because the change from deep sleep to full wakefulness is a vast change, an enormous step, a little bit like the temporary disorientation you can experience when you awaken in the morning from deep sleep. Don’t be alarmed. You are about to awaken into full-conscious awareness of who you truly are, and that will be an occasion of extreme exhilaration as you experience the wonder of knowing God and His Love for you directly and personally.


As you wait to awaken, continue to hold your Light high, demonstrating love and compassion in every moment, and relax in the peace that your loving attitudes bring you. Even in the illusion there are no accidents or coincidences; all that occurs is directed by intent, and the intent is to learn and to evolve, and that is what you have been doing. The rate at which you have been evolving has accelerated enormously in recent years in preparation for your awakening, and it will continue to do so until that moment arrives.


Focus on keeping your hearts open in every moment and in every situation – to accept, absorb, and share the Love that surrounds and envelops you, and that desires only to embrace you and share Itself with all with whom you interact, and who are, of course, in the same situation – embraced by Love and sharing It with you. Those with whom you interact and who do not respond in like manner are fearful, in pain, and desperately need your love and acceptance which they receive just by entering your energy field. You need do nothing to enable this loving energy interchange except to refrain from attack or defense, which blocks your outgoing love flow. It can seem frightening not to defend yourselves from an attack, so remind yourselves that an attack is just a desperate call for love and acceptance from ones who have severe doubts about their self-worth, because you know that all are of infinite worth, as all are perfect divine creations. Be strong, be love, and your strength will grow as does your trust in God. Your energy field will demonstrate this by bringing peace and calm to every situation you encounter, allowing the healing balm of your love to soothe and comfort everyone with whom you interact, as you carry your Light high in the service of your heavenly Father. Your awakening draws nigh, and a grand celebration has been prepared to welcome you Home.


With so very much love, Saul.




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  • Very interesting.
  • I love the messages from Saul always so uplifting and filled with unconditional love. Really beautiful thanks KH :)... <3
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