SaLuSa to Me – 4 Jan 2011 – The Awakening

Happy New Year to all! Many of you have already begun to enjoy the new energies of 2012. Things will continue at more or less this pace from now on, depending on planetary alignments also. The changes, although will only be apparent to the most attuned, will take place at a manageable pace. It may get difficult at times for you to keep up, and the best way of processing these new energies and rhythm is to spend more and more time aware of your inner state.


You Higher Self will help you through this in a very practical way, so listen to your intuition more and more. Your guides also communicate with you mainly through your Higher Self, since they live in the same realm. In turn, you, as material forms, are far more receptive to your Higher Self, than any other outside influence. So in the future, listen to your self, your intuition, remain open and in contemplation, sit down quietly and listen to your emotions, body, muscular tensions, be aware of your breath.


Your rhythm will attune itself more and more to Mother Nature’s. Her frequencies and your frequencies will be in more and more in phase. This will require a far vaster understanding of all that is, than your previouly. So feel free to explore all new avenues ahead of you, but not by clashing or imposing your own ideas on others. There will be required a far better level of tolerance, acceptance of differences between you and others. Respect all others’ ideas and chosen path. The learning experience is not over for you all, so remain in between your inner world and your outer world. This is another way of understanding being connected.


Being connected to the reality of the outside world is important. You are part of it, but it is also important to be aware of your own gravity centre, your own divinity, your own energy inside your own body. When you are connected to both your inner world and your outer world, you become alive, in ways that are very different from your ordinary state. This world of illusion was designed to draw your attention on the outside, to pull your awareness far from your self awareness. Becoming self aware is a key step in your Ascension process. So, no need to feel afraid of focusing your attention on the life inside of you, dear ones.


Laura: Thank you, and thank you for your visit of yesterday, and of today. Our readers greatly enjoyed my description of our meeting. I was wondering if you wish to comment on our meeting, perhaps?


SaLuSa: Of course. Yes, this will be more and more possible for all in the future. As well as feeling our energetic presence, you can all tune into receiving Mother Earth’s voice, our voices, or your friends living far, on the other side of the world’s voice. This will become more and more apparent to you. The fact that you have all connected and attracted each other online, shows that you are already connected in the higher dimensions.


We have always been around many of you, throughout your Earth time, however, it is not given to all to resonate with our high frequencies. Negative emotions, such as anger, are creating a shield around you and your awareness closes itself. It is no longer possible to receive the impressions of our presence, when your heart is closed. Furthermore, it is often not possible for us to be around you when your vibrations are of a low quality.


We could perhaps better explain this with the theatre play metaphor. You, all beings incarnated on planet Earth are part of a theatre play. We, of the ascended planes, are the public, watching the play in the equivalent of your theatres. We can see the play, the actors, we can speculate on the plot and outcome of the show. The characters have however no idea of the public, and are not aware of the simple fact that they are only characters. The characters are completely identified with the play, no self awareness at all is present for them. The actors however do know the reality of the situation, they are aware of themselves, of the script, of the scenario, of the public.


The actor can interact with the public, the actor represent your Higher Self. Those of you who can see us, who can hear us, interact with us have the ability of moving from being a character in a play, to become aware of the fact that they are actors in a play. This is what is mean by becoming awake. It means counting to play your part in the play, while being connected to the reality of the situation, while learning more about the outside world, about themselves, about the public, and the real world. This is a slow process, this is the stage you are at now: the Awakening.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we look forward to your awakening and to your liberation.


Thank you, SaLuSa.

Laura Tyco

















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