Reiki At Bethesda

John: 5:4 "4 For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had. "

Whenever you see miracles described in ancient times, such as those in the bible, it is good to pay attention to every details because therein might lie the secret science behind. Normally people fix themselves into two camps. One is those who just deny it all and conclude that they must be myths. The other is to accept it all and say 'it is beyond understanding'. Whichever way, there is no reason to think about it! But by so doing, we lose the opportunity to learn science that ancient people might have happened upon but gotten forgotten ! We will close exermine some details of what is said to have happened during healing miracles such as those in Bethesda.

Now if God can heal by just waving a majic wand and uttering 'be heald', what is the purpose of the specific instructions? Why wet a sick person if the healing is just due to the 'everything is possible' type explanations? Why should Jesus take the trouble of forming some mud, smearing the eyes and telling the person to go and wash the eyes? Why not just command the 'healing' to take place? Why should Elisha ask someone to go and immerse himself 7 times in water to get heald? Why ask the people to throw a stick on water to float the axe? Why should Joshua tell the Israelites to match around the city and then blow the trumpets? Could it be that it is some science. Sure, they are invoking 'cause and effect', not just 'miracles' in the sense of 'everything is possible'. It is more like a doctor giving some therapy instructions that the patient may not understand why they work.

In reiki, it is said that there is an all pervading fluid that can flow through the body. To give a chance of being correct, we must wrestle this story off the 'new ager's' type (non) explanations such as those that renders only 'gurus' able to ascertain the reality of such. The 'chi' must be able to interact with the seen matter, and especially water, as water is essential component in the living body and is paramount to health. Therefore if a kin physicist stands by to watch while reiki is taking place, he should be able to see something strange, just like one could, if he stood near Bethesda. Certainly, this cannot be an 'only the guru can discern', entirely subjective non- event.

Chi might attach itself to water in order to be able to interact with the visible body. Normally, the chi may not interact with the visible matter. So it has the ability to 'engage and disengage' itself off the matter. For the 'reiki' to take place then, it is good to find chi when it is in the 'engaged' state. This explains the need for the water to get stired first by the 'Angel' (which may be the chi). The 'stiring' indicates that the chi is in an 'engaged' state at around that area. In other words, there is a place where in the chi there can interact with water and so reiki can take place there since chi must be able to interact with the seen matter, especially the water' for it to perform the 'healing'.

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