The meaning that you choose to give life, completely determines what kind of a story you will experience. Life is a direct product of your definitions about it!

“Perception” is generally described in the dictionaries as “the interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment”.

Yet, we can now scientifically prove that everything that is perceived through the human senses is really an illusion. The thoughts that we think are constantly reflecting back to us, forming a reality that appears to be solid. Yet, there is no solidity at the core of matter! There is only substance that carries the semblance of solidity due to the repulsive forces that exist between its charged particles.

Scientists discovered long ago that all matter is comprised of oscillating fields and waves of rhythm. At the heart of the atom and its compacted nucleus, there is no solid object to be found, but rather a dynamic pattern of tightly condensed vibrating energy.

In other words, our bodies are nothing more than densely compacted energy particles constantly in motion. Our physical form is temporarily cohered from the billions of electrical signals running through us according to how we are interpreting and defining life through sensory stimuli.

While it seems to appear impenetrable, physical reality is not real. It is purely a frequency of vibration. Everything vibrates at different speeds. Some things vibrate so fast that they disappear from our vision, like a plane’s propeller for instance. Your own vibrational frequency is different from other things. It may seem like you are separated from what you see around you including other people, animals, even cosmic space.

You are not separated from any of it; in fact, it is one unified energy field. It all boils down to perception. All of nature and even societal frameworks are coalesced and reflecting their appearance of dense matter based upon how we, as a collective consciousness, are interpreting what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel.

We are now removing the convincing perceptual lens that locks us into the loops of conditioned belief. Most limitations in life are created based upon all of the materialized appearances that we see and regard as real. Physical reality is only what you make of it.

Everything is energy; everything is malleable; everything is you. Outer reality always reflects the inner reality and the perceptions that are held within the consciousness. We are only projecting this experience called physical reality. It is not happening “to” us but through us.

We have been taught and it is ingrained within our thought structure to perceive physical reality as being solid and this is the only way it can be. It has served us to believe this way. Yet now, we are yearning to experience something different. Our curiosity is breaking the shell and we realize that we are truly the creator of it all!

When our definitions about life change, then the reality mirror of that life experience also changes!


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  • If the world appeared as 'vibrating energy', that would not reflect what is actually going on: photons ARE interacting with charged particles. So solidity is real in that sense.

    'Vibrating energy' is not correct. Rather, vibrating quantum field. There is more going on than this viabration. There is Pauli Exclusion Principle, creation and anihilation etc. So it is not correct to say the world should appear as vibrating field. It should appear exactly the way it appears cause it happens out there as it happens.
  • The world is an illusion because nothing is the way it appears.  This is true on many different levels; for example, the world appears solid and not as vibrating energy.  Another level would be the way we project on to the world...right now many people see every Moslem as a terrorist and really fear them after the Paris bombings.  When we ware in love we project positive things on to a person and do not see their bad habits.  Our belief systems determine very much how we see the world. Our belief systems distort the picture of reality.  Another case would be how we view death...or the veil between life and death and we feel that people are gone ad dead once the body dies. One more thing is the way we cannot see or feel our soul/Self and so most people do not know about the deeper part of themselves..  Another thing is how we just see small parts of reality and do not see the inter-connectedness of all things. Also with our limited senses there is so much we simply cannot see or hear, for example most people cannot see the color of sound.  Most people only use a small part of their brain and they cannot think deeply about things and lack a deeper understanding of the world...  Another example could be that what one reads and watches on TV, etc creates a picture of reality for us...

  • Let me put it this way: solidity isn't intrinsic property of matter. Matter is mostly empty. However, due to photons incesantly poping in and out of 'empty space' in between the objects, the particles in the object are constrained and so they donnot move about freely. Such a thing is a solid.

    So it is more accurate to say that solidity is a trick of LIGHT than to say it is a trick of MIND. It is light which makes us perceive solids.
  • There is no scientific prove that what we see is an illusion. It all depend on the meanings one may attatch to words 'real' or 'illusion'. Or in other words, it is an epistemological question and not a physics question. There is no scientific proofs. All scientific claims are always tentative. One can possibly offer a better explanation than quantum mech. Then the former will be abandoned. Nobody can prove quantum mechanics.

    Even in qm, solidity is not formed by our brains. It is formed by the PHOTONS interacting with charged particles.
  • Overall upgrade, every package is being delivered in due time. Good

  • Superb blog/snippet! Really well written. THANKS!

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  • Beautifully written and goes to the heart of reality in its purest forms..

    Thank you.

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