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August 4

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I am a Fall 2013 awakened and shedding negative aspects of Earth ideology and being with speed and ease. I am well-rounded and experienced.. although still growing rapidly. I have certain unique stills that will be of assistance.

JuggerTron commented on Meindert Arends's blog post Physical Reality is a Frequency of Vibration by Tiara Kumara
"Superb blog/snippet! Really well written. THANKS!"
Nov 9, 2015
JuggerTron commented on AshtarCommandCommunity's blog post Beyond the Law of Attraction: The Paradox of Being
"This is a SUPERB article. As the powerful Creator Being I am, I have this ability. You can too! ;)"
May 20, 2015
JuggerTron commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Archangel Michael - The Reforming Of Your Physical Body To Crystalline
"Thanks! This is amazing information. It also explains why I no longer consider sickness to be part of my reality. My eyesight has improved substantially as well.. although I should add some of this is very likely the result of a super-empowered…"
May 10, 2015

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"A military invasion requires careful planning and logistical support....And frankly, the PLA is not up to the task of SUCCESSFULLY invading Taiwan....
They could try, at some stage and if the invasion went ahead, PLA casualties would be…"
2 hours ago
arkman posted a blog post
As we journey together through the cosmos, let us remember the power of unity and inner light. Each of us carries a spark of the divine, a unique essence contributing to the greater whole. In these transformative times, let us rekindle our…
2 hours ago
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"This is awesome right here :) Trump 2024. Dark Cabal for Gitmo 2025. https://youtu.be/NB8QCOtgd_U?si=2UsGONorCaBec2kA"
3 hours ago
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"The mainstream media in a panic over Trump continues to provide good comedy. They know once their masters lose they lose as well. Its gonna be awesome once all these Deep State rat bas#ards are exposed and the entire world sees them for what they…"
3 hours ago
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"President Trump Warns Of New Bird Flu Pandemic: WE WILL NOT COMPLY...

8 hours ago
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"Alex Jones interviews a KEPM.com/Gold, precious metals rep; Kirk Elliott, who confirms that many cabal honchos are resigning, or being pushed....

What he says about silver, is what I had anticipated, back in 2022, when I purchased several silver…"
10 hours ago
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   Clearing The Way For New Heart-Based Social SystemsBy Patricia Cota-Robles In order to manifest the Immaculate Concept of the new Heart-based Social Systems that Awakening Humanity is being Called to Cocreate on the 5D Crystalline Solar New…
15 hours ago