Dear Friends,

Welcome to the year 2012. This year has been anticipated, worldwide, in almost all cultures for decades, if not centuries. And through her grace, we are entering it on the coat tails of our beloved Divine Mother. She has scooped us up and held us in her loving embrace as we cross this threshold into 2012. What more could we ask for? All of the anxiety that many on Earth are experiencing, as we enter into 2012 has been removed for us by Mother and replaced with love, compassion and eager anticipation for the wonders that lay ahead of us in this coming year and decades.

To begin this year, Divine Mother is giving us a special Grid of Light. This Personal Grid of Light to for 2012 and Beyond calls on the presence of Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Goddess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher, Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers. Quan Yin has been given a dispensation to bring new heightened energies of Compassion which will be imbued within this Grid along with the Powerful Divine Feminine Light of Great Silent Watcher. Divine Mother recommends that we perform this Grid of Light throughout the year 2012 and beyond.

Portal Days in January:1/1/12, 1/2/12, 1/3/12, 1/10/12, 1/11/12, 1/12/12, 1/20/12, 1/21/12, 1/22/12 & 1/23/12.

Sirian Portal: From 1/9 to 1/19 we go through an 11 day Portal where the Sirian/Egyptian Energies of Goddess Isis and Thoth are open to Earth and everyone who tunes into them. Call upon Isis and Thoth for guidance and assistance during these 11 days; for personal and global growth and for peace on Earth.

Full Moon is on 1/9 and New Moonis on 1/23.

All of us at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School send our prayers and blessings to Divine Mother and each other for the greatest achievements in service to Light and the Divine Feminine in 2012.

Blessings to all,


There will be NO Gateway Portal Channeling Event in January.
The next FREE Live Gateway Portal Channeling Event will be in February.

Date: Thursday 2/2 at 7:30 PM ET.


Personal Grid of Light for 2012 and Beyond

with Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Goddess of Victory,

Great Silent Watcher, Silent Watchers, and Angelic Watchers

Excerpts adopted from 12/12/11 Gateway Portal Day Channeling;. Divine Mother Channeled by Nasrin Safai on December 12, 2011. Divine Mother recommends that we perform this Grid of Light throughout the year 2012 and beyond.

For your convenience, we have created a step by step summary of the Grid at the end of the text. Divine Mother recommends that we perform this Grid of Light daily throughout the year 2012 and beyond.

My children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.


Visualize that you are standing in the central Core of Mother Earth – inside of the Crystalline Structure. Breathe the Amber Light – the Golden Amber Lightthat is in the center of the Earth. Feel that your beloved Deities and beloved Spiritual Masters are holding hands with you. You can see their faces. You can feel their presence. Keep this image in your mind’s eye.


I will set up a Grid and then I will tell you what to expect in the year 2012 and in the decade that begins with 2012. It is important that you know ahead of time what to expect. By giving you this Grid, I am helping you accelerate yourselves, remove karma and karmic entanglements and receive extra guidance and assistance.


Setting up the Grid of Light


Envision yourself standing in the center of a circle with Divine Mother. I call the Great Silent Watcher, who created this entire Solar System. She is the most significant Cosmic Being in our Hierarchy. Envision that the Great Silent Watcher is standing directly in front of you sending her Turquoise Blue Light into your Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart Chakras.


Great Silent Watcher places a huge Turquoise Blue Cocoon of Light that is constantly replenished by two Seven-Pointed Stars located above your head and below your feet.One Seven Pointed Star is located above your head & one below your feet. These two beautiful bright Stars keep replenishing the Turquoise Blue Light. See that a Bubble or Cocoon of Turquoise Blue has formed around your body. It begins at the Seven Pointed Star, approximately 12 inches above your head and wraps itself around your body and ends approximately twelve inches below your feet with another Seven-Pointed Star. The entire Turquoise Blue Cocoon is emanating Turquoise Blue Light and it forms around you, as it is receiving Light from the Cosmic Heart of the Great Silent Watcher. The Cosmic Heart is located directly over the Thymus Gland. It is between your Throat Chakra and your Personal Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest.


Remember yourself inside this Turquoise Blue Cocoon and the two Seven Pointed Stars at all times throughout this entire year. This is not something you will do for seven days or nine days, twenty days, thirty days and you forget about it. This is something that you do for the rest of your livesand maybe into your future lifetimes. Something you will take with you into the future. Something you will take with you into parallel realities, alternate realities – whatever you are creating. We want to make it so etched into your psyche that even when you are sleeping you see yourself inside this Cocoon.


What is the significance of this Cocoon? It protects you. It removes karma and karmic entanglement. It raises your vibrational force field. In other words, it raises your Light – your Quotient of Light. It frees you from leakage and drainage. It frees you from draining your life force. It is like a binding substance that binds your own Light and energy inside of you, preventing it from leaking out, preventing it from being drained out of you. When you go to places that are lower vibrational force fields, places where the energy is dark – the energy is dim – the energy is sticky and gooey; that is when you want to reinforce this Cocoon and you want to call upon the Great Silent Watcher; when you are exposed to energies of gossip, lying, cheating, deception, envy, jealousy, anger, pride, ignorance, failure and most importantly when you are exposed to fear – whether it is your own fear and doubt or fear and doubt that you have picked up from someone else. And there is a lot of fear and doubt being picked up from many someone else’s at this present moment when various planetary bodies are exposing Planet Earth, bombarding Planet Earth, to energies that will make Earth and all souls experience these energies and release them. So when it is released, what happens? It still is in the atmosphere. It takes a while for these types of lower energies to be freed into the atmosphere and then to be absorbed.


Clearing your Energy through Nature


This is why taking a walk by a stream of water is extremely helpful. Taking a walk in the woods is extremely beneficial. In the same way that the trees absorb the carbon dioxide and breath oxygen into the atmosphere, they also breathe in and release negativity – lower vibrations, fear and all those other qualities I stated before – anger, jealousy, envy, mental – emotional clutter. So in this year and every year after that, whenever you feel you are burdened – whenever you feel your body, your energy field is burdened by too much clutter, too much heaviness, too much gossip, too much fear – go take a walk by a stream of water. The salty waters of the Oceanare extremely beneficial to clear your auric field, to clear your Five-Body System, to clear these energies from around you, within and without.


A fresh water stream is equally good. There is something to be said about salt water and something to be said about fresh water. There is a level of nurturance that you receive from going to a river, a stream, a lake. Fresh water brings a level of nurturance. It is life force. It enhances those qualities that are missing and clears your energy. While the salt water is literally rubbing off the dross, the fresh water is washing it away with great gentleness.


Then walking in the woodsor sitting – if you do not like walking too much, find a nice pristine part of a woodsy area and sit to meditate. It does not have to be a mile wide forest. It can be six or ten lovely trees – even one single tree that has a lot of life force, that attracts you – your favorite tree is good enough. Go sit and lay your back on it. Lay your body on it. Put your third eye, the palms of your hands on it. Take your shoes off and put your feet on it. Hug a tree.


Then as you clear your energy, renew this Grid of Light with Great Silent Watcher. Envision the Cocoon with a Seven-Pointed Star on top of it that is a bright, bright, bright Turquoise Blue Light. A Seven-Pointed Star in the bottom that illuminates the same Turquoise Blue Light. You will raise your own energy and also clear the environment. You will clear the Crust of the Earth and the atmosphere wherever you walk.


Goddess of Victory


To this Grid, I add the Energies of Victory. Take Goddess of Victory with you wherever you go. Let Victory walk ahead of you, walk behind you, walk to your left, walk to your right, walk above you, walk below you, walk within you. Let Victory’s Light resonate in your heart. Let Victory’s energy create a Bubble of Light that will make you victorious in all that you do.


Call the Angels of the Four Directions (Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel) and see all four of them inside of Goddess of Victory’s over-lighting presence.Then place an aspect of Victory in front of you, an aspect of Victory to your left, an aspect to your right, an aspect behind you, one above you, one below you, one within you and see that each aspect carries all four Angels of the Four Directions.


Lady Quan Yin (Kwan Yin) & Divine Mother


I would like to request that you call upon Lady Quan Yin to walk with you throughout the year 2012 and beyond. Quan Yin has received a dispensation to bring the energies of Compassion in two forms; a very Specific bandwidth of Compassion and a general spectrum of Compassion.The Specific aspect is for the Collective Consciousness of humankind,

a) to let go of their feelings of pride – the ‘I am better than you are’ and

b) to get rid of the feeling that they are alone and that they are disempowered, that they are separate and rejected and abandoned.

That bandwidth of Compassion will clear all these fears. The general Spectrum of Compassion is carried by all the Buddhas, male and female, and Bodhisattvas, male and female, and is a Dusty Pink colored Light.


Ask Quan Yin to constantly send you that Dusty PinkSpectrum’ of Compassion as well as all layers of Compassion that are relevant to what you need in each given moment.


Say, ‘I ask Quan Yin to hold my left hand and I ask Divine Mother to hold my right hand.’

This is your basic Grid for the Year 2012. Let Divine Mother hold your right hand, Quan Yin take your left hand and see Victory walk with you in the Seven Directions– as the natives and aboriginals believe in Seven Directions, not just four. Above, below and within are the three that are added to front and back, left and right (or the Four Directions).


If you love Goddess Hecate, Goddess Athena, Goddess Venus or Liberty or Glory or any other Spiritual Teacher, Master or Avatar – call on them as well.


Silent Watchers & Angelic Watchers


To make your Grid even more potent, invite the Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers. Silent watchers carry the gifts of the Great Silent Watcher. They step down the energy so that it is brought to you in bite sizes because the Great Silent Watcher is an enormous Being.


The Angelic Watchers magnify the potency of the Turquoise Blue Light and provide you with protection. Envisioncircles upon circles of Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchersstart forming around our circle. Each of you can call upon thousands of Angelic Watchers. Remember the Watchers are the Guardians of Earth and humankind. You can call to a hundred thousand Angelic Watchers. You can call to a billion Angelic Watchers and each time you call these hosts of Angelic Watchers, you do yourselves and your loved ones a favor, you are doing the world a favor because these Angelic Watchers need to be called to task. They need to be called to service as guardians of humankind. They are created for your benefit, yet they need you to call upon them before they can begin serving you. They need to watch over and guard everything, from the tiniest particles of subatomic matter to the entire planet and its Five-Body System to the entire Solar System and the entire Galaxy.


Why is it important that you carry these Grids and you carry this many millions and billions of Angelic Watchers?Because we are moving through an important time in the history of Earth and what you do in the next few decades impacts the next few thousands of years. Right now where we stand at the juncture of entering through the Portal Gateways of 2012 provides a plateau. By the time we reach the end of 2012, you would have built yourself a plateau. The higher the elevation of this plateau, the stronger the foundation of this plateau, the greater the leap that you can take through this Portal into the Higher Dimensional Octaves – retrieving aspects of your own soul, gaining momentum and being of service, accomplishing in this lifetime what you have come to accomplish, as well as the ability to do more on behalf of your Soul Lineage of Light, on behalf of your beloved Teachers and Masters, on behalf of Divine Mother.


I ask you from the bottom of my heart to allow me to love you, to allow me to guide you, to allow me to be your Mother, to allow me to be intimate with you. Let me hold your right hand. Let Quan Yin hold your left hand. Let Victory walk with you. Let the Great Silent Watcher guard you, guide you, protect you and elevate you. Carry this Grid of Light with you.Let the Silent Watchers and millions and billions of Angelic Watchers illumine the path for you, for your loved and for all those who are as yet to awaken and for all the generations who will inherit Earth. The merits that you will earn – from leaving behind this level of Light – will carry you through many lifetimes yet to come.


The seeds that you sow throughout this year of 2012, throughout the decade to 2020 and 2022 and the decades that follow accelerate your entire Soul Lineage and fulfill your Divine Mission. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to walk you through accomplishing your Divine Mission, the Divine Mission of your Soul Lineage and then more – more than you could ever dream of and more than what was allotted to you. This is my resolution for this year– to help you gain more than what you thought you were able to gain – to help you achieve above and beyond limitation, certainly above and beyond your own expectation.


When you align your will with Divine Mother, then your own Soul Mission and the Soul Mission of your entire spiritual family, your Soul Lineage, is accomplished because you are serving the Divine Feminine and the Divine Feminine is the future of Earth. The Creative Force of the Divine Feminine is what sustains the Earth. That level of sustenance will accelerate the Earth on its journey to greater Light and you will be the spearheads. You will be the ones who hold the torch and show the path for Earth and humankind to follow.

I hold you in my own heart with great love and gratitude. I carry you through the highest and brightest of Light. I am your very own Divine Mother.

So it is. It is done. Amen.

Summary of steps to set up the Grid of Light for “2012 and Beyond”


  • Envision yourself standing in the center of a circle with Divine Mother. She is beaming you withCopper Gold Light.
  • See that the Great Silent Watcher is standing in front of you, sending her Turquoise Blue Light into your Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart Chakras.
  • Visualize that a Bright Turquoise Blue Seven Pointed Star is illuminated in your 8th Chakra (located just above your head) and another Turquoise Blue Seven Pointed Star illuminated in your Earth Crust Chakra (located just below your feet).
  • Visualize that a huge Turquoise Blue Cocoon of Light forms around you by Great Silent Watcher. It is constantly replenished by the two Seven-Pointed Stars and Cosmic Heart of the Great Silent Watcher.
  • Call Goddess of Victory and place an Aspect of Victory in the Seven Directions around you; in front of you, behind you, above you, below you, to the left, to the right, above you, below you and around you. You may also see that each aspect carries all four Angels of the Four Directions.
  • See Quan Yin holding your left hand and Divine Mother holding your right hand. Ask Quan Yin to constantly send you that Dusty Pink Spectrum’ of Compassion, as well as all layers of Compassion that are relevant to what you need in each given moment.
  • Now we invite the Silent Watchers and thousands upon thousands of Watchers, emanatingTurquoise Blue Light. Envision circles upon circles of Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers forming around our circle.
  • Finally, see a Turquoise Blue Bubble placed around this Grid by the Great Silent Watcher to seal it.


Divine Mother recommends that we perform this Grid of Light daily throughout the year 2012 and beyond.

© Nasrin Safai 2011

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