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Overcoming the Harsh Negative Earth Vibrations/Remembering Who We Are.

     It is a daily struggle at times to stay focused and positive here on Earth/ Gaia/Shan/Dimension 3.

     The Dimension 3  tends to vibrate at a lower frequency which can throw many of US Starseeds off course. We have to constantly remind ourselves why we are here and that most all of Us are volunteers who were hand selected by the council to complete a very important mission- To anchor our energies and raise the human consiousness for the shift of Ascension..Alot is going on here!

I have a few things that might help others who feel lonely,tired,depressed and abandoned at times...Sometimes even the greatest of warrior spirits get run down and tired of fighting the battles here. I understand I am one of them..and as My Shaman guide informs me "we must endure the hardships,pain and suffering ,so we may have greater compassion for those in need and truly have empathy for the pain of another". Compassion is so powerful it rewires the DNA structure from carbon to crystalline..I cannot wait to get back to Dimension 5 but until then are some things that might help you through the harsh,negative Earth terrain.

1. Remember you are loved by many more than you realize

2.Take lots of salt baths..epsom salts with lavender essential oil and chamomile tea is amazing,don't forget to light candles,if you do not have a bath you can do a sea salt scrub which helps remove negativity (salt is very good for you)Get the Kosher sea salt from the store pour it into a martini glass and mix with 10 drops of peppermint oil,10 drops of rosemary oil, and 10 drops of lavender oil ,mix it together to create a body slushy for yourself and slice a fresh lime and pop it in the martini glass then get into the shower-get wet and then turn off shower and scrub the salt and squeeze the fresh limes all over your body rinse with warm water and you will be amazed how much better you feel after a hard day.

3. Meditate! Just 15-20 minutes a day will work wonders in your life-re connect with your higher self ,raise your frequency and manifest your thoughts quicker-now that's worth the time isn't it-considering there is really no such thing as "Time".

I usually repeat a great Mantra my cool Guru friend taught is a gift to the Indian Goddess of Abundance I am going to write it as you would say it or better yet telepathically repeat it to yourself in your own head  it really works ,do not doubt yourself EVER -We are all more powerful than WE believe We ARE! The Mantra is:"Schreem- Schreem- Ieeem-Ieeem-Ohhhmmm" repeat for the entire 20 minutes -just try it and see what happens give it a week or two and see what The Goddess of Abundance may bless you with.

4. Drink lots of pure water bottled at the source,preferably in glass bottle,Plastic is toxic B.P.A free plastic is becoming more plentiful as the population is waking up to the reality of toxins in their water a great documentary to watch is called "Tapped" it will show you what you must know..remember the government has a agenda 21 for DEPOPULATION!  The best water I have found is Voss from Norway,Pura from Italy and there is a new water in a BPA free plastic bottle called Eternal alkaline spring water.The alkaline balances your human body PH levels which is a good thing.

5. Try to watch movies that touch your heart and "Powder"...."The Knowing",... "What Dreams May Come"..these movies are beautiful and while watching them you might remember some things about home that will resonate with you on a very deep level, I did. A great comedy about how dumb this world can be and the way the world is going-"Idiocracy" is funny and slap stick.

6. Try to find other Starseeds and light workers to connect with, they seem to be the only ones here that really "GET IT"   It can be too depressing in large crowds with the general human population most of the time.I tend to be a very reclusive type of person and prefer small gatherings of select souls who are on the same page.

7. Keep up on latest events but not by watching the your own research-don't watch the news it is 90% BS Gov/Illuminati run propaganda meant to instill FEAR in the sheeple population - It will make you smile to see our Mother ships de-cloaking at times on U-tube videos people have posted..There is an interesting new Crystal Triangle that has recently submerged by an estimated 2000 feet from above the sea floor in the Bemini Island /Bermuda Triandle area our beautiful ATLANTIS?

Also there have been massive UFO sightings worldwide since Jan 2012 and a new unusual cube is seen orbiting between the Sun and Earth.I have all the links posted under MY ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE page on my website if you want to see for yourself

-Knowledge is the Key that sets you free! I have alot posted here as I have done the research for you MY beautiful friends

I think I will stop at number 7 -it is a good number and should help you to keep your hope and dreams alive..LOVE and LIGHT It is with great honor that I serve the human population with My fellow Starseeds and Light workers.Thank you for reading and I am here to help if you are in need..with open arms and an open heart...Namaste..

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Comment by Light Warrior on December 1, 2012 at 2:51pm

Thanks a lot!!!


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