We are still feeling the effects of the Virgo Full Moon from Monday, February 26th.  What a powerful energy we are receiving.  This moon represents our balance so the past can be gone and the future may be revealed.  It has taken us into a tailspin of energies that will affect us through the four body system.  Some of us experienced releasing old timelines from previous lifetimes that were ignited through our Etheric Body before the full moon and others are experiencing those effects presently.  Whatever is the case, each of us is expanding deeper into our Higher Essences for them to be the defining factor in our relations with ourselves and others.

What are some of the symptoms?  Intense energies, tiredness, cannot get enough sleep, extreme headaches or other areas of the body reacting, because they are being infused with the higher energies of light.  Our multi-dimensional bodies are trying to interact with our physical existence of the NOW.  It is important that we take care of the elements that do not serve us as it is changing very quickly which we are learning to move through it all.

The power of these energies cannot be measured by anyone as we have never experienced it before within any planetary function.  We are the pioneers moving into a new paradigm of experiences as we are trying to ground the energies.  The rest of this week we need to take time to allow what we are feeling to be fully activated within us.  When we have the periods of extreme uncertainty, it means that we need to take further steps to feel comfortable within ourselves.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to act within your Higher Self motives and remove the programming that has kept us stuck in dysfunction for way too long.

The fact that we may feel uncomfortable is because we are the new-born essence finding our way in a world that does not support the upgrades that we are receiving.  So it needs to happen for each of us in the way that we can handle it.  The Emotional and Mental bodies are on overload as they are not accustomed to feeling and acting in a new way.  We are the Children of the Light and must act accordingly.  Going too swiftly or slowly is not going to serve any purpose.  The most important pathway is “what is right for you in this moment”.

Express yourself through your feelings with compassion and love.  It is very important for us to speak our truth but understanding the other’s point of view.  It must not be in anger or aggression of the lower energies, but allowing the beauty of who we are to illuminate out to the world around you.  Connecting with the Mental body is essential, but it is important not to get into the states of “worrying” to the point of being judgmental to the self of why, how, and if statements.  Instead use the breath to connect with your Higher Self to activate the Divine Essence you are into your physical creation.  Allow yourself to be in an awakened meditation continually.

As Dr. Joshua David Stone always said, “Fake it till you make it.”  Use this technique to help align you with your Higher Essence within the physical body.  Eventually it will become a practice you don’t even have to think about.  Then the emotions will flow much easier especially in times of high energy exchanges like we are feeling presently.

It is important to utilize your Higher Self continually.  We are now in Mercury Retrograde which is a testing ground for allowing your higher essence to be your guide.  The cycle of Mercury in Retrograde can be challenging to communicate to others but think about how much better you will feel by accessing your Divine Will continually.  We, then, will not feel as challenged with the planetary interactions as we do when living in a physical world only.

Think about it ~ if you are living as if you are meditating, it is going to affect all of your life circumstances including working with computers, and all mechanical ways of communicating.  If you are traveling during this time, do not let the understanding of Mercury Retrograde effect the way you are living, but use it as a tool to rise above it.  It is a perfect time to work through the old timelines that you have been trying to remove out of your consciousness.  The world of communication becomes very acute during this cycle, but we don’t have to be enmeshed within it.  We can use it as a tool to move through the energies as we are doing with the higher vibrational changes.

2013 will have more of these challenges to help us walk into the world of the 5th dimension.  Most of us do not realize the depth of our essence that needs to be changed in the process.  We are going through a cycle of Rebirth.  Take an inventory of where you are presently to understand what needs to be changed and allow the energies to help you do so.

Each of these weeks going towards the Spring Equinox is assisting us greatly even though it may feel as if you are being challenged continually.  Nothing can stay the same and if you are on this pathway, “Congratulations” as you are going to help many others that will follow.

March is going to prove to give us more of the same so it is important to understand that each stage of growth there will be a short period of integration which will take us to the next level of advancing our physical bodies to receive the higher essence.  Embrace the change and it will embrace you.



What a beautiful week it is!  Each of you are experiencing such an expansion of the Light emanating from the Higher Forces of Light into the planetary existence that it probably has been quite challenging physically.

Grandmother Moon has been holding these frequencies for the past two weeks which is a direct result of what you have been feeling within your bodies.  As the energies have shifted greatly, between the Sun and the Moon they aligned within each individual person a new expression of balance.  These essences were ignited last week, continuing through the Full Moon of this week and allowing it to settle into each individual person.

What does this mean?  More equilibrium is occurring within the Masculine and Feminine energies.  It is common knowledge that physical humans have a tendency to be imbalanced in either the Mental or Emotional bodies.  This is due to your previous timelines that are being activated along with the lifetimes of karma you have endured.  It has nothing to do with the fact that you are a woman or a man.  We want you to understand that fact.

Where are you in your balance of the subtle bodies of light?  Do you have a tendency to be emotionally centered or masculine-oriented in your approach to life?  Do you think quite a bit before you speak along with worrying about every detail and needing more information for each task that you perform?  Are you more flowing and allow your Feminine Divine to assist you in the process of solving problems through your intuition?  Do you cry at the drop of a thought or emotion?  Or do you think about it deeply?

These are the elements to think about this week as the energies are taking each of you into a deeper level of yourself.  It is important to realize that what you are feeling or thinking is important but the flow of ideas must come from the Mental body into the Emotional body so that it is aligned in its true identity.

A perfect example would be:  You are thinking about a project, something to study, or a problem that needs to be solved.  So you sit and write an outline of a list of items you need to consider.  This is coming from your Mental body.  Do you then stop and reflect on who to create the process for the work you need to do?

If you are running in a Mental level, you probably would re-write the list, cross out things, and ponder for a long time.  Then you are not quite sure how to get started so you just jump into the process without looking at other variables.

If you are within the Emotional level, you might feel the thoughts intuitively but then become emotional of how to get started.  You know you can do it but the thoughts are not coming to you, but you see the vision, The Overall Picture.

Someone who is in full balance within the Masculine and Feminine Essence would take some time to meditate on the project or problem.  Get an understanding from the Higher Self or Guides to help formulate the process.  Then upon finishing the meditation, they would sit with their Higher Self intact and write the list.  During this time, they might be activating their Higher Self with the breath as they are bringing forth the ideas.  This is the crucial phase as now the Emotional Level can be activated through the breath.  The visions will come and the ideas will flow more easily.

The Masculine Divine initiates the energies by bringing forth the ideas, setting the groundwork; whereas the Feminine Divine then activates the process to occur through the ability of visionary work allowing the process to be created.

This is exactly what the present energies represent.  Last week we talked about the timelines being purged and ignited.  Now the balance is coming into effect.  Not everyone is going to accept their internal equilibrium to be ignited due to elements that are too strong or weak on each side.  The process of changing it into a balanced state is not easy and each of you is being challenged to do so.

So what do you do about it?  First acknowledge which side of you, the Emotional or the Mental has the deciding rule.  Then, look at the characteristics that support the balance and rid yourself of the weak ones by activating your Higher Self in the process.  Learning which aspects are not fitting your highest purpose will help you, the physical being, to accept the process.  We guarantee you that the effects you are feeling from these energies are trying to help you accept the Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine to be incorporated.

Also, look at the areas you are being affected physically.  Check which chakras need to be aligned and infused with more light or need to remove the parts that do not fit this higher essence.  It is important to realize that your chakras need to be cleared fully in order to receive the higher chakras.  If you are feeling ill in any of these areas, then attention must be put to the physical conditioning.  Each of your chakras represent the masculine and feminine within them so they must be balanced.  Breathing deeply through them daily will help align the energies.

Then take what you do not need and give it away through the Violet Flame, through Gaia, through the Rocks, Trees, and the Lands.  They balance themselves continually and when you ask for their assistance it will be given.  Then you show your gratitude by giving them a portion of your Light that you are receiving.  They will be very grateful and will flourish within the essence of GAIA.  Then, each of you is collaborating with one another.

The changes are going to be getting more intense and some land areas will be affected.  The most important aspect to remember is to not embrace the lower energies of fear and anguish.  But use your Masculine and Feminine Divine Will of God within you to decide what you need to know and embrace.  If you feel the need through this essence to relocate, then do so.  It is all about knowing what you need to do in each moment and be prepared but with balance of both aspects within the Love, Power and Will that you are.

We know it is a challenge presently and more will be coming.  But in between the moments of increased energies, think how much better you feel, are interacting, and accept the multi-dimensional self that you are.

We embrace each of you with the Arms of Light

The Unified Whole Command representing Many Masters of Light

So Mote It Be in Oneness!

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