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Ascended Master S.Germain


When the Call Comes

Great news: the ascension will occur, as no disturbances to the conditions needed are eminent. God is co-creating the decree and the doors are already open. When the day comes, all who are on our committed list will be contacted. Your answer can determine all things from now on.

When the contact is made, the first thing you need do is agree. Next, go outside to an area nearby. Don't make an announcement, go to the light when it appears and you are able to do so. No one need disturb their day or night mode of being, as the door will be open at least 24 hours.

You can complete the day, then go out of the enclosed area you are in to get on with ascension.

Which day will it be? I cannot decree this. Maybe on the winter solstice or the day or two after.

All who have decided to ascend are not able. I've given many messages about what will be an ascended master's consciousness. Only those in this consciousness will ascend.

Please do not decide what day, or the door may not be open. You must await contact. Can you get it directly? I've asked you to learn how to be aware enough to get our guidance. If you don't have this ability you will not hear the call.

White light will fill your body and no pain will be felt. Joy will be constant. Once in the dream of day and night you were tested to see if your agreement to ascend came in the dream as a natural "of course." We are now able to claim at least two million who continued onward with the test of leaving. In this test we determined our count. When our dance of converting half of the conscious ones into newly ascended masters was initiated, only a few hundred were open to it. Now we have more than two million able to ascend. Quite doable. Great. Well done. We now need only the call.

The next days need more meditation to guard against darkness interfering. Please give this your most choices.

In wellness we are One.

I Am That I Am,

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  • My dear frend Kingjef.In a way,what you are suggesting,is what i personally,perceive as true.Ascension or the shift

    of the ages,to the 5th Dimension,is not a location,but a higher state of conciousness.As Tole said :  - You are not going anywhere.This is the arena for manifesting your dreams,your new reality.and connecting your Higher self with the reality of Heavens.You didn,t come along so many life times and incarnations,just.... to leave!!That,s why Mother Earth is Ascending to the 5th Dimension.For those Ascending to Christ conciousness,as the new Ascended Masters,they may choose,where and when,to serve God and The Greator. 


  •  Duality and  darkness has been abolished by Gaia transitioning to the 5D as will the whole Planet by end of 2013 and we will be going through trying times. Nothing at all said about the 12 Strand DNA activation and by the way even all the animals are being changed and those people with pet Hamsters and Guinea Pigs as well as Dogs and Cats are going to be able to take them. I myself am not deserting the Ship so to speak as I care too much for all those who are awakening. We have 9 days after 12/12/12 when the new Galactic Energies from the Great Central Sun stepped down through Alcyone Our Central Sun and stepped down by Sol our Sun and Gateway and then stepped down activating the Atomic Diamond God Cell seeded into us each at birth to be activated now and this is the cause of all the negativity and dreams and crying as your atoms cells and electrons are being repaired and rebooted. Then for the next 72 hours or three days called the days of darkness for this is when the final cleansing is happening everywhere when the Bible says with its limited advice for this is the day of the coming of the Lord and we shall burn which of course are our atoms cells electrons taking on a higher vibration and then where are we in time? 24/25 Christmas Day when the Galactic Central Sun energies pour through everything which only happens every 26,000 years. On that day the Christ Energies of the Prime Creator and Prime Creatrix are manifested. Jesus was the most recent fore runner and He said greater things will you do and in Isaiah, God says you think I have finished Creating? Well those on this Planet on 1st January 2014 Will be changed as will the Flora and Fauna. Use your Wisdom and discernment and go within to Your High Heart. We are all Sovereign Beings in the Image and Simultude of our Creator God. This is a time of many stories from many channels. Trust only your own Intuition and promptings of your Spirit within and Know that you Know.for you are already Omnipotent and in the process of returning to Unity and Wholeness. Go placidly this year for many things are being Cleansed. They have been Cleaned in Spirit and will be Cleaned this year too. Check ambassador tolec FAQ page and read how this Planet has been cleaned of Reptilians and the false flag operations in the Pacific hence the Picture Battleship and a host of info also how Gaia has been supported by Biospheres like midwives supporting her as she gives birth which is why a lot of intuitive Goddesses have felt and shared this as well.

    So from 2 million on this post in actuality even the lions will lie down as it says in Isaiah for they will be eating a special herbivorous fruit and will give up killing antelopes and deer. They will be foraging amongst the trees for this delicious fruit.So stay in Your Own Heart Centers at this amazing time of Planetary and Solar Transition.

    Blessings all Light Love Balance Grace Harmony kingjeff

  • Big Discernment here. 2 Million to ascend?? Unless the M was mistaken for a B. 

  • Party!

This reply was deleted.

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