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Mainstream Media Executives Shamed By Donald Trump For Their Brainwashing Lies

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Lamestream media, you're fired by President Trump.....


About time....!!

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Comment by Hellen 5 hours ago

     The U.S President is 72 or 73 years old therefore he is one of the baby boomer generations and at the time the economy was thriving but there was something else going on at the time like Vietnam war and the JFK assassination and the Bay of Pigs incident and it seems like something was going on behind the scenes so I notice that when there is a new leader sworn in things happen on dark side too. There are many levels of Government and the upper corridors of the corporate businesses and secret societies. It seems there is so many conflicts and confusion going on in the media and why do i keep hearing the Democrats? A mist of all these on going conflicts at times it seems intentional to confuse  people. The baby boomer generation was genreration had elements of sociopathic leaders and created all these wars. Many people are much more aware of this condition and seeing the behaviors on the media and in society.  Psychopathy domains the news in criminal investigations and no is immune by the devastating actions and the psychological damage that affects humanity. Whenever is protest and violence on the streets its because the leader lashes back with brute force. There is an individual who is now mayor in Canada he is from a business family and he seems to do all the right things and therefore is cutting many social programs and has limited the PM members in the levels of government. In the begining there was protests on the streets after he limited education programs then the teachers Union wages was reduce to 1% and the he mentions the large plans to fix and upgrade the whole city including the transportation system and these projects cost billions and mean while teachers are strike and he say told them they are not getting wages above 1% he's main goal is to limit the Union. Since the Union pays better wages and people work in restaurants, department stores, people in post office, hydro electric companies etc. it is within the provincial  government levels not the federal. The landlords are the one of the biggest law lobbyist group of people and the boomer generation. The baby boomers are in the age brackets between 60 and 70 and they maintain the rule of law and many of them are wealthy through inheritance or though the great depression area. They are from the old Dynasty generations that existed hundreds or thousands of years ago. Getting back to this individual mayor he is only for the wealthy and by making deeper cuts the average wage worker and creating substandard health care services,lack of nutrition for who have serious health problems, cutting back on food programs for children and food banks and library services hours will be reduce to a few hours and donations to different charities will be at an all-time low and more homeless shelters will increase to overflowing and with this all this happening violence will increase and more chaos thrown into the mix. In the year of 2019 a law put in place called '' The Not With Standing Clause '' meaning to override the constitution which means that people's right to freedon  is limited  and this law was put in place by the previous government ( Harper Government)  belonging to The Conservative Party in Canada. At the moment they are 121 seats within  parliament. It not for the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party has only a majority and is vulnerable and could be dissolved by other parties. 

Comment by Drekx Omega 14 hours ago

Trump is a US businessman, patriot and now an important politician serving the Plan....He was recruited by Light Warriors in the US military, in 2015, to stop HRC succeeding BO, as POTUS....
The Q-team includes members within US Army Signals Corp/NSA affiliated....These guys are heroes....

Comment by Hellen 20 hours ago

He looks very angry in the video there. Fake news has been around and who owns the media it is the wealthy corporations and who is this John Carry? I am very confused about why Donald Trump I see both sides of him. Why there so few people who voted for him? Was that a fake picture on the media? I saw Putin the Russian president having a conversation with Trump was that fake or misinterpreted by the media? Who is really Trump? . And who is this John Carry? I don't know much about U.S politics except what is seen on the media. Personally, it's all confusing.

Comment by Drekx Omega yesterday

And special guest star, Chuck Schumer as [award winning role] Joker

Comment by Drekx Omega yesterday

Guest starring Hillary Clinton as Poison Ivy....[a great toxic repeat performance.]

Comment by Drekx Omega yesterday

Gothic House of Horrors[2020]- Starring Jerry Nadler as the Penguin, Adam Schiff as the Riddler, Nancy Pelosi as Catwoman, Bernie Sanders as the Boy Wonder.

Comment by Valana (Patti) yesterday

Right on!

Comment by Drekx Omega yesterday

Moves and counter-moves, Justin...The Light is helping the dark to trap itself....Wild beasts don't just surrender, they need a baited trap...feed ground glass to man eating tigers...;-]

Comment by Drekx Omega yesterday

Nadler fears Hunter Biden being called as a witness...Because the hunters are about to become the hunted......Observe and learn, it is near....WWG1WGA

Comment by Justin89 yesterday

Sadly i dont see anything like the gcr, nesara/gesara, disclosure or anything happening at all this year. It seems like they are waiting till after the us election which means the circus act on planet earth will continue for who knows how long could be still a few years a way which is a load of crap. The cabal should be gone by now instead though they walk freely like they have done nothing wrong, while those who are trying to save the planet and humanity are the ones being treated like criminals. Then you still got the spraying of chemtrails going on causing problems. Disclosure of many things still being kept secret from the public examples being cures for all diseases, real space travel the stuff that would help us reconnect with our galactic families, and so much more. Not really much else to say except i hope im wrong and im calling myself stupid for not believing 2020 wasn't great later on.


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