Hi. :) It's Melissa a.k.a. Space Girl... I'm sorry that I'm not always here... I struggle a lot with understanding my place in this reality and why I seem to be more self-aware than anyone else I know in my "IRL" life...

I should pay more attention and talk to more people associated with this site, but so many times I log in and it's the same things over and over again...

What people like us need to be doing right now is supporting each other and people like us... And... We also need to be showing compassion, empathy, and understanding...

WE ARE HERE TO SHOW LOVE. Every single person on this site is here on this planet to be the change the want to see in the world and now is time for us all to do exactly that. 

We need to raise the love vibration on this planet... We ALL know this... So... Go out there on your social media platforms and spread love, kindness, positive vibes, and compassion.

I love you. ::HUG:: <3 

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  • :) Love you all so much. 

  • Dear Melissa, thank you and HUGS xxx
    The request you sent hasn't shown up, but thanks so much Star Sister, and let's (all) keep anchoring and radiating Love and Compassion through this site and everywhere in our lives.
    Although it can be pretty intense, this really is an extraordinary time to be embodying our souls, Oversouls, Star and Soul Groups, the Source Itself, on, with and for the ascension of this beautiful planet and all companions and journeyers on borad 'starship Earth'...!

    Heart Hugs all round,
    Joanna. :)
  • I many times omit words...I am not sure why but I do...I omitted the word "stay" as in "stay balanced"...I too feel I am in two worlds...It is normal these days...The energies are very strong...Trust and balance are at this point very important as well as staying focused especially with Mother Gaia in consciousness and in being creative in Divine Union with her...Blessings dear one...You are doing just fine...We are all where we need be...

  • We love you too...Galaxy Girl...We are all about Love and that is what we all express here...We do not attack anyone here and yes we should remember to always be compassionate and not react to other people's negativity...Feel at home Galaxy Girl for We Are All One...and you are always welcome to share like you just did...It is beautiful doing so and it will help you balanced in the Love, Truth and Light that you are and all of us are...TRUST IN YOUR HEART...Blessings and thank you for sharing your heart with us  in this moment...Namaste...

  • 8115860081?profile=original

    Welcome on Shan (Erth) and thank you for your love and help! We are one, nothing but love here!

  • Joanna... Thank you... Yes the site interface isn't working well on my computer either... I did see your comment and I sent you a "friend request". Seeing your response to my post is like a breath of fresh air for me. :) :) :)  

  • Hi Melissa,

    I just logged in here, haven't been able to for a while, and the site interface isn't working properly (at least on my computer)...I haven't been able to post for a not sure if this comment will post....but if it does...
    I'd just like to send a Big HUG and LOVE back to you, and to say that reading your words is a breath of fresh air, and I'm totally with you... :))

    Much Love coming back to you & All here, Joanna.
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