Life After Death - Part 1

Life After Death Series Part 1 - It's the little things that count


William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, talked about life after death in our research and study groups for more than three years. Also, in 1985, while in the hospital for routine tests, Mr. LePar experienced an NDE (near death experience).  Over the next several postings I would like to share with you insight that The Council gave along with recently transcribed recordings of Mr. LePar's experiences on the other side of the veil. This is the first in the series. I believe that what Mr. LePar tells us in the following is as important as anything that I will post in the future. This offers us solid information to ease our transition to our spiritual reality.


We talk about dying and going to heaven or hell. It should be so simple! I can guarantee you there are going to be some people, where they go, they are going to wish that there was a real hell. That would be easy, that would be easy. I can speak from personal experience. I went through the death process. I went there, I came back. I know what's there. Knowing that, I have also been blessed to see a little bit more. That is: the only way that you succeed is by being a caring person. It's not the big, wonderful spiritual things that you do in life. It is the wee little things that we generally don't consider important. Just a little act of kindness. Say you're sitting at work and you have a little bag of candy. One of your fellow workers walks by, reach in the bag and say, "Hey, you're sweet, here is a little bit of sweetness to show my appreciation for your sweetness." A little nice remark, sounds corny. Well, it might be corny but you don't know, that person may be really depressed and down in the dumps. A nice little remark like that, a cute little remark, a corny remark, a piece of candy, might just make a world of difference to that person at that moment in time. But you see, we don't know that!


Those people who will lose the spiritual race, now, I'll tell you this, you can put good money on this, people who will lose the spiritual race, will not lose it because of the terrible things that they did. They will lose it because of the little things that they did not do! There are more people looking into their own darkness on the other side because of things that they did not do. We are too involved with ourselves, we are too full of self-importance to think about little things that might make someone else's life happy or easy. We are too interested in making our own life happy. We should find happiness in our life by doing for others. You don't have to write a check. You don't have to buy food. You don't have to go out and give them clothes. You don't have to buy them a place to live. Just little kindnesses, like a smile, like saying something pleasant to them, compliment them. Things like that. Sure, if you can help them in other ways, that is your choice, do it if you want to. You may not have ten dollars to give someone to help them, you may not have a suit of clothes to help them, but you always have a kind word that you could give. That is where it lies!


I have heard people say, "Well, I just couldn't afford to help those people." What is this? It is more rationalization, more justification of inconsideration. That is exactly what it is. You may not have anything material to give people, but you certainly can pay them a compliment, you certainly can sympathize with them. You can treat them with kindness and respect and listen, listen. Sometimes the greatest thing that you can give to a person is just listen to them and their problems. Even if you have heard it a million times, so what? If it makes the person feel good, listen again. Maybe it is helping them relieve a little frustration so that they can think and work at straightening out their problems. What have you got to lose? I have never seen anyone lose. You always win when you do something like that.


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  • Hello David and thank you for your post.  Saying a kind word or gifting a  gesture because the oppourtunity was in your face and you acted on it is the best way to do for others.  I spent 20 years as a waitress in several smaller casual resturants. The first thing I noticed was how easy and fun it was to do for others.  Not as my job but the many oppourtunities that always came along.  I never considered getting something in return.  Once I did get a 3000. tip. But I noticed that other people noticed the simple acts of kindness too.  Soon I was seeing them blessing others and I wondered if they really knew what they were doing.  I look forward to reading your soon to come posts.


    many many blessings to all


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