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August 6

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  • Hello my precious sister MaryJane,in my humble opinion.............you are sooo correct!!Everything is and everyone is from Father/Mother GOD!!Paper 23-page 256 to page 263 of The Urantia Book is devoted to The Solitary Messengers.Quite frankly though,to me it really doesn't matter where any of us came from....it's where we're going that counts!(smile).And again I agree...the veil willsoon be lifted!Stay blessed
  • Hi MaryJane,it is so good to have you as my friend.You know,the angels and those of The GreatWhite Lodge have those abodes they call home.I've always felt very deeply that I am from the ranks of the Solitary Messengers.I do know for sure that we are all from GOD!Stay blessed my sister.
  • MaryJane, I've accidentally deleted your DEAR TALKING ANGEL message from my box. Would you resend, please? Light and Love~SherryK
  • You welcome

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MaryJane commented on David22's blog post Life After Death Series Part 2 - The Process of Dying
"I enjoyed reading this.

Nov 9, 2012
MaryJane commented on David22's blog post Life After Death - Part 1
"Hello David and thank you for your post.  Saying a kind word or gifting a  gesture because the oppourtunity was in your face and you acted on it is the best way to do for others.  I spent 20 years as a waitress in several smaller casual resturants.…"
Nov 1, 2012
MaryJane replied to Meindert Arends's discussion Nancy Tate - Wake Up Call - Hatonn - 24 July 2012
"I enjoyed this message.  I look forward to the removal of dark days forever gone and to the manifestations we will all have creative control over.
Glory be those days indeed.
Thanks Hatonn and Nancy"
Jul 25, 2012
MaryJane commented on Krishna Kalki's video
"Oh the universes are so big.  I don't understand it all but I know where part of my eternity is going to be spent.  On the mansion worlds."
Jul 18, 2012

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