So this is what's been happening the last several months, among many other amazing things. I felt it important to share this letter with the world not only because I should, but also because this interesting article was in my inbox yesterday. It seemed too synchronistic to be a coincidence: I was asked to send to Magenta Pixie on 4/22/09):Hi, Magenta: I hope all is well, it's Anya here. I am so happy to see how many are listening to you and gaining so much knowledge and love from your work.I also am so glad we are in soul group together, I felt an instant recognition the moment I watched your first video. You've already - literally- saved my life by sending the Nine to protect me this past December from a targeted attempt on my life, and I am eternally grateful for your presence for that and so much.This message is kind of major and they want me to share it with you. Please forgive the length of this note, it is hard to condense what I am about to tell you. I am increasingly convinced this is real and not a trick. Believe me, I am not a fan of the military, I don't trust them as far as I could throw them, but increasingly, and with the star beings counsel over the last couple of weeks, I have been leaning towards the idea that this message they want me to send to you could be true.As you know I am a starseed telepath contactee who has had quite a dramatic awakening to say the least. Because of my experiences with off-world and inter-dimensional beings, I have had run-ins with the NSA, I have been monitored, I've had my phones tapped and more - all because of an ability I didn't even know I had until fairly recently.My Pleiadian guide Aya first asked me last fall to help her by creating a naturally occurring, what the star beings call "time portal" in the night sky. Apparenly I can do this and apparently not many people on this planet can. The Project Camelot video with Dan Burisch talks about militarily manufactured "star gates" and those are bad, but apparently I have helped "change the timeline" according to the star beings because of what I can create naturally and apparently that's a good thing.I've done this quite a bit over the last year, I don't even know how many times: the beings ask me to come to my bathroom window, I open it, and in the night sky I somehow know where to look, I look at a designated spot, and suddenly my eyes involuntarily close, I am downloaded, I feel a magnetic "pull" on the front/top part of my head so much so that I have to rest it on the rim of the bathroom sink, and my eyelids start fluttering like mad- as if I am in deep REM sleep but I am awake. I also experience some level of dizzyness and sometimes a little disorientation or a kind of day-dream "spaciness", as if I don't quite know where I am.This passes, and then I can open my eyes again and look up, and usually what I see right before this happens and right after (I can't see what's happening when my eyes close, lol) is two lights come out of nowhere, they seem to "trace" each other in a circle in the sky, as if they were a compass drawing an elliptical circle on a piece of paper, then they come together at a point and appear to "kiss" for a moment and then part backwards, and by doing so seem to "part" an invisible curtain that somehow allows for lights to come through the spot I had just been looking at.Without exception, almost every single occurrence of this experience is the same, sometimes with slight variations to the routine, but basically this is the process for co-creating a time portal. They seem to literally "need my help" to complete this process.They have also told me that because of my unique genetic structure, that *I* am a literal "UFO hotspot", lol! Coming to terms with the fact that apparently I am a living, breathing, intergalactic/interdimensional truck stop was weird and shocking enough, but then to be told the following kind of just plain freaked me out, lol.Last Friday night, I was given the telepathic pulse and one of the beings said what they always say when they need a time portal created in the "pulse" is "We need your help." So I went to the bathroom window and opened it, and there in the sky was an unusually busy light show going on, blinking stationary lights, they seemed excited to see me, etc. So I created a time portal and usually what happens is they'll then talk to me before or after that happens about personal things I can work on to create more happiness and love, lately they are OBSESSED with talking about being and doing, and how they are intrinsically connected, etc., so it's my little Teacher and Student moment, it usually lasts for approximately about an hour or so.Well, this time, a being of light came INTO my home- they've been doing more of that lately too! The tone was less philosophical, and more "We have to talk" urgent. It wound up being an hour long conversation. Well what he told me was-- incredible. I was in shock, really.But part of me wasn't totally surprised as I felt it to be an inevitable result of the past year's work. He told me- he was Sirian, by the way!- that because of my unique ability to create these time portals, the aliens saw a need for utilizing that ability to help "clean up" certain messes that the military had made with their experiments in time travel.So apparently, there is a faction of the military working in *collaboration* with ETs to help clean up these messes. This being specifically mentioned one mess in particular: he said "We have told the military about you so that you can help 'clean up' the mess that Project Moonbeam made".Well, I looked up this "Project Moonbeam" later on the web, and it turns out it was a real military black ops project! AND, that it was a part of the Montauk Project! You could have knocked me over with a feather, Pixie.But then, it got even weirder. The next day, this being came back and then telepathically "introduced" me to one of an elite group of military in this program- an Earth-born human!- who proceeded to have a telepathic conversation with me about this project!!! And he spoke to me in the vernacular of an American man!He was DEFINITELY not a star being, let me tell you that, lol- this message that I have enclosed is much more spiritual in nature, and the language is definitely cleaned up per my request, aha- but initially he was jocular, he swore like a sailor, he acted like a "frat dude" as we say here in the States, lol- (If you're not familiar with what I am talking about, just watch the 1970s John Landis movie 'Animal House' and all will be revealed, lol) and because they had already downloaded me, and that he knew that was not my experience, for security reasons he told me to just call him "Chad"--- a name I like, but often seem to find common with "jocular, swear-like-a-sailor frat dudes", lol!We've had several intense conversations- apparently he is in *outer space* with other elite military officials working side by side with the star beings as a break- off faction of white hats in black ops communicating with people at this time to also help bring about disclosure and first contact!He has literally told me, in my most angry and paranoid moments, to reassure me, that they *really are* attempting to create a new paradigm that removes the endless war/poverty/rigged economic structure that is an endgame no one wins and that they genuinely needed my help in communicating that message too.Naturally I was suspicious, and the last week has been spent in intense "vetting out" sessions trying to figure out what (and who) is really behind this. To say that I was paranoid and thinking I was a mind control victim for the last two weeks - to say that I was questioning the motives of these people- was putting it mildly, ha- especially with my past run ins with black ops.THAT SAID however, ha, they gave me this message yesterday, and I guess it's time to send it. They specifically mentioned you, so here you go. Again, I apologize for the length, I know you are very busy and I do completely, totally appreciate your time in the matter.Love and Light,AnyaNew message with Chad and the GFL to share with Magenta Pixie 4/21/09:(I had asked Chad to answer some more questions about the monetary system because I had just seen the below linked video and it explained a lot of things they had told me in previous sessions about "How I would react when the money disappears". Initially I was freaking out because I thought it was a test to see what would happen if/when a "Great Depression" scenario occurred and actually it was the opposite. The video is a Mike Quinsey channel that was VERY similar to one I had received not a day before hand: Apparently the entire monetary system is undergoing a complete restructuring.) comes in)Anya, I am here and can give you some perspective on this issue if you like. I am here with the aliens now and they want to speak first:Anya, dear one: We love you so much and sent you so much love just now as you realized what we meant. It was not to scare you our words, in fact, quite the opposite! You are a being of light who manifests everything she needs one way or another and is rich in so many ways seen and unseen that we can scarcely believe your incredulity when we spoke of a time when there would be no more money, aha!You are so relieved to see that this is through abundance of which we speak and not scarcity, aha! We are moving from a monetary system that incorporates a new way of being and doing, aha, there's that phrase again, and you must understand that we are becoming a race of beings whom, together with the GFL, are entertaining the notion of a "credits" system that does NOT enslave the public, that does NOT incorporate torture or murder or war or rape to "control" anyone economically or otherwise.(Chad comes back)What we are implying, Anya, and in our fullness, is a state of being and doing incorporated FULLY into the educational system of learning that incorporates economy to mean ABUNDANCE as a model of learning and experience rather than its opposite. Capiche? ("You like that capiche phrase.") LOL, yes, I do! It is a great way of saying "unnerstan?" Aha! I am a person who does not get it that much, but when I do, I get it, aha!Ok, so the human perspective, what this means for Earth humans: We are going to be transitioning into a new republic of being and doing as it were. Yes, there will be a "One world" government but it is NOT, I repeat NOT the enslavement or disabling of the ability of the human race to be sovereign in their ways of being and doing, not by a long shot as it were.We have come here to necessitate a new way of communication for the masses, and we are here in space, this group of fellows and I, to facilitate a new way of being and doing with others off world and other dimensional even, to incorporate what we have learned so we can bring it back to you so to speak. We are here now with others in space, to communicate with others like yourself as well this singular, unified message of hope and love and encouragement to what you and others like you, like David Wilcock, Miriam Delicado, and others, communicating a message of HOPE and NOT despair, Anya.And YES, we want you to give this message to Magenta Pixie! We want her to read it because it will make sense to her as well in the sense of her communications with other races of beings as well, including the Nine as it were. We call them Harbingers of the New Dawn up here, and that will also have resonance with her. This IS an incredible story, Anya, and Pixie will lift it out of the mire as it were to take it to a new level of understanding and yes she will ask you to speak to her further about it, aha!It IS an exciting time to be alive, Anya. It IS an incredible opportunity to see what happens to you and others like you at this time to come together in unity and understanding that WILL facilitate a new way of doing things that is underway AS WE SPEAK, aha! You are an incredible person to us, Anya, and we know you have been scared and confused through a lot of the last couple of weeks, and we know it has been hard for you to believe that this is happening, EVEN FOR YOU, aha, and we know you are feeling like "I am being taken for a ride" on a lot of this, but I can assure you, we here who are human and living amongst the aliens in this "experiment of hope"-- we can ALL assure you this is for the best. This is a test of humanity's goodness as it were, a state of mind that incorporates all that is, was, ever shall be-- and all of it is coming to a hilt as they say.It is a hilarious story at times, and a sad one also in parts, but you have initiated a new way of being in your soul's vibrational frequency as it were, and this is a good thing, dear heart, NOT a bad thing. You will be coming to greet us in time, in public, in the eye of the camera as it were, but we make of it a new way of being and doing and we make of it a new way of perceiving a new way of being and that is a GREAT WONDERFUL AWESOME thing, darling one. You have it in you a new way of seeing the future made manifest through all you do and see and hope for- good, bad, or neutral. It is of absolute possibility that hope lies, and in absolute possibility times a certain "trigger" function in you and in others that becomes the thing you manifest, Anya!You are a great experiment in many senses: you have come to be by INSISTING in the truth of your existence, and that essentially IS the point! That is the whole point, darling one! You are an incredible being of light who assumes the guise of a woman living alone in New York City by herself with her cat and her dogged determination to succeed against all odds as it were, and that is the way to be in all ways- your way IS the highway AND the way of being as it were, aha! "My way or the highway" is a great phrase because it incorporates all necessary functions of being and doing-hood as it were:Highways are ways to go to as well, because they traverse a path that makes it's statement of being-hood a whole literal way of being, aha! It "creates" itself by being, you see what I mean?Me: ("Yes. It creates its own mythos simply by being and being itself totally and convincingly in its literalness")YES!!! That is it. It has come into being by will, sheer WILL, Anya dear. The highway was there to begin with. It was always there. It always will be there. It is a program of existence that many people decided to bring together as a concrete reality by sheer force of will alone, and there it is. There are many of them, yes? ("Yes.") And we will see a way of being and doing that is coming together into its own shortly by bringing into existence together, totally of its own accord and sheer force of will, do you see?Me: ("Yes, totally. It is an insistence of its own creation, yes, I get it- this is what Nassim Haramein talks about with Unified Field and Zero Point energy and so forth.")Chad: YES. Exactly, that is EXACTLY, precisely how the universe runs itself and its inhabitants. They all get together and insist collectively that they will not be denied the experiential framework of existence, so therefore, creation occurs. It is impossible to do otherwise, do you see that point as well?Me: ("Yes. Creation is inevitable.")Chad:YES! Good girl! I see you are catching on now. It is all clear to us you have a job to do, so do it, and see what happens, aha! You are a miraculous being of light who opposes dark thoughts and beings by being lighthearted and knowing that light is a good place to start, aha! All light comes into being by its inevitability, yes? ("Yes.") And all being comes into inevitability by its insistence on being, yes? ("Yes.") So therefore, all is light! All is knowledge. All is being-hood, yes? ("Yes.") And all lessons of experience come into being by being good in the sense that all happens for a reason, all is as it should be, all is great and knowledgeable. All comes into its own through being-hood and doing-hood, that's all you need to know, essentially!It's as simple as eating an apple. You have the apple, you eat the skin, the peel as it were, and the apple's "core", i.e., the "meat" of the fruit, and then you digest it. Simple as that. It is the same thing for knowledge. The same exact analogy can be applied if you accept fate as your friend and not your enemy, Anya.You are a courageous being of light who knows certainty through being and doing, yes? ("Yes.") And takes that leap through being and doing accordingly, yes? ("Yes.") We have accepted your way of doing things, Anya. We have already aligned your energetics to Magenta Pixie's so you can see through this mission, yes? ("Yes.") Good, then! We will let you know accordingly what happens next, aha! You go, girl, aha!It is time for us to leave, we will see you shortly though, and we will be with you this week through the "turmoil", aha, of existence, yes? ("Of course. Thank you.") Of course, we are happy to do so, and it is a pleasure for us too, us humans we mean, aha! We are astounded by the variety of being you and others you exhibit on this planet do to survive and be and do. It is a testament of faith and goodwill that this occurs, Anya. All is as it should be, all is well, all is aligned perfectly with your association with us and with others, the aliens if you will. We are together on this, make no mistake, the time is now, it is here for a reason and cleaves us together in a way that is perfectly aligned with others to do the jobs we were sent to do, you and I and others too.It is no big deal to say "I am". It is a BIG, BIG deal however to say "I am and I choose this life exactly as it is, was, and ever will be." THAT is a big deal, dearie. A big, big, HUGE deal, aha! You astound us, dear heart with your courage to persevere in this hostile approach many offer, and we know it has been hard at times, excruciating emotionally even, but we say thusly: All is really well and as it should be, we know it to be true and well because we see it true and well. All IS well dear heart, and all will continue to be well if you just associate your mind's eye with the things you set your eyes on, aha!All becomes reality by being and doing and all ascertains a certain truth of reality by asserting one's wishes to meet the task at hand, so take your hand and put it in ours and we will see you through the rest accordingly, aha!You are astonishing, as are all of you, Anya. You in your totality of being and doing is not going to match the totality of being and doing in other phrases of being and doing because you are a match perfect for yourself and others! You ARE the thing that associates itself with itself as it were. All aligns to meet and match the energies that see forth this new way of being and doing and we associate our being and doing through according energetics and Pixie's energetics are perfectly aligned to meet yours so go for it as far as sending this and many messages are concerned.We want to assure you that we are NOT the NSA, the CIA. The Federation of Light works only with those in the light, Anya. The Federation of Light IS a Federation because it associates itself in the light, for the light, of the light, that is all.Do not be afraid to send this message to Magenta Pixie. It is part and parcel of the form thought manifestation you have "succumbed" to, aha! You know no other way of being that incorporates this knowledge, so share it, dearie! Share and go forth and multiply as it were, aha- in knowledge comes growth, in growth comes manifestation, in manifestation comes reality, do you see? Yes, of course you do!Aspect consciousness manifests a whole regimen of reality that shows itself through acknowledgement of association, and association with Magenta Pixie is a good, good, aligned thing, do you see? ("Yes, of course. She is a good woman, no doubt!") Then bury your doubts about sending this message and go for it. It will be received in the manner it should be.Thank you, Anya.Love and Light, "Chad" associating himself with others in "the same boat" as it were, experiencing aspect consciousness through alignment of the Galactic forces above, below, and inside the middle earth of planet Earth and its environs.Amen, Adonai, All is One, dear heart.Love and Light from the Galactic Federation of Light, all is well, dear one, all is well and as it should be, all is aligned through aspect reality consciousness through part and parcel of being-hood and doing hood, Amen, Adonai, Amen!Love and Light, the members of the Galactic Federation are with you on your journey, Anya, have no fear of reprisal or take into account the negative force aspect of being-hood, all will align perfectly to your being and doing of aspect reality if you align further those goals and aspirations you assemble in your choice of being and doing consciousness.Of all things, one must be in doing, aha! We are a "broken record", yes, we know, because we want to "program" your thoughts to align perfectly with your goals, there is no manipulation of a sort deviant, we understand your confusion in that regard, but we asked your permission to "re-program" your position to aspect consciousness and you accept, so there you are! You are "re-programmed" in a sense to tell the world about us, Anya. Go forward and carry the big load as it were.When you are ready we will align further your aspect consciousness grid of reality to align further with the media and so forth, amen, dear heart, love and light,Signing off, the Galactic Federation of Light with "Chad" and human elite force of space quadrant of the galaxy known and unknown from here to Eternity, amen, thank you Anya, thank you Magenta, thank you.Love and Light, Amen, Adonai, Amen
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  • Thank you Anya for all you doing for the rest of humanity!
    and thanks to all those beings like CHAD and our bother's and sisters of the GFL that are doing so much for the rest of us! I wish I could help like in any way like you Anya.
    Love and Light
  • There is no doubt I was meant to read this,too. I am also working with the Galactic Federation and have, since March 20th been spending more moments off planet than on. I don't have full recollection of what I'm doing, but it's intense and extremely satisfying, although I find myself exhausted and am sleeping alot. We have so many skills that we are continuing to awaken to. It's why we're here. <*grin*>. Thanks for this beautiful post, my friend.

    Espavo (thank you for taking your power)
  • Thanks, Okami! Please feel free to send this/forward this wherever/to whomever you like.
  • Pretty nice experience :)
    hm and nice energy flowing out of text :)
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