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  • Hello brother, how's it going?

  • I think that's the goal, Okami. Thank you for your wise words.

    Love and Light

    PS- I saw the languages and none of them created a reaction in me, but I still need to see the drawings... will let you know...
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okami762 replied to Ben-Arion's discussion 3D pavement drawings by Julian Beever
"looks really nice :) thanks
creative works"
Nov 5, 2009
okami762 replied to Ben-Arion's discussion "LIVING YOUR PERSONAL REVEALED TRUTHS"
"Another great article :)"
Jun 2, 2009
okami762 left a comment for Anya
"okay :) ill try to find a picture where there were more than one language style :)"
May 28, 2009
okami762 commented on Anya's blog post Anya we mean you no harm/NSA/Transmission Thursday, May 28th, 2009
"yes, be free of fear. one thing what helped me was that i become aware that even if i die or become captured or something it will be still okay and this world will still run without me..
and as they say it`s as it should be .. even if it looks like…"
May 28, 2009

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John Jancar commented on 7thedimensionenergy's blog post How to Open a Dimensional Portal!
"Don’t lol Humans not ready for that shit lol I mean most folks are literally scared of their own shadow lol Imagine meeting beings you have absolutely no clue about.

People shit their panties over like Mexicans coming over lol You know. Like and…"
52 minutes ago
John Jancar replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion The Way Forward Is To Remove Alcohol, Cigarettes, Meat And Pharma Drugs..From Supermarkets And Retailers
"No that’s NOT the way forward lol Just what is this. Don’t become a petty tyrant now.

Look, I don’t drink lol I don’t do drugs, just none of that SHIT lol But, you can’t just ban these things. Like meat, really lol Cigarettes, alcohol. You can’t…"
1 hour ago
John Jancar replied to Kenya★ρlεïαḋïαṉ♆ṡταɾṡεεḋ♓Young's discussion What is this feeling that i have?
"Now here’s a blast from the past lol Somehow this showed up in my inbox lol"
1 hour ago
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
 How to Receive Up-to-the-Moment Info from Arcturians ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We are letting ourselves be available to so many humans…
6 hours ago