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  • ~ Nothing That Is Real Can Be Destroyed ~ ~Nothing That Is Unreal Can Be Preserved~

    *Amen; I like that.
  • AMAZING image of orbs, thank you.
  • Again, thank you for such warm, heart-filled words! YES, it's very encouraging to see those of us "coming out of the woodwork" so to speak. The more we do, the more we become part of the spectrum that changes those who don't tend to change, so to speak! It's all about perception, for that is key to creation...

    "It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.- Charles Darwin

    xo A-
  • Thank you so much for such beautiful words! I completely agree about the sleeping alot thing, lol- sometimes they will download me for ***hours*** - one time it took 5 HOURS and I slept through most of it- and this was after a full night's sleep, mind you! Most of the downloading has to happen for me in bed because I become a danger to others and myself if I were sitting in a chair even, lol- I shake and twist around like I am having an epileptic attack or something. The channels thankfully are not so violent, however, ha! I just zone in and am completely conscious but yes, sometimes after I have to take like a two hour nap, no joke. Thank you for speaking up about your experiences as well! It is very important that we all stand in unity about our experiences at this time.

    Love and Light,

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San Luis Obispo, California


May 4

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I am a peaceful old soul. My most recent epiphany was in October, 2008. My life since that time has been a constant state of flux and overflowing with rapturous delight and limitless spiritual attunements. I am remembering forgotten aspects of why I am here and who I really am. There are no human words to convey the wonder of it all!

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merlynsea left a comment for Dawn
"I am happy you are here, Dawn. You bring butterflies to my tummy even though we've not met...or have we? You will discover many wonder-filled free books at the the "Library of Light" group; answers to questions you didn't remember you had. Enjoy the…"
Nov 6, 2009
merlynsea commented on merlynsea's blog post A Midsummer Nights Dream
"After my close encounter with The Great White shark, the beaches were closed temporarily and the shark was measured at 23 feet long by local fisherman. The group of six dolphins have returned several times to visit and the wasps are parents...O.K.,…"
Nov 5, 2009
merlynsea posted a discussion in Spiritual Books Focus Group
We dedicate this book:To God, our Divine Creator, the I Am That I Am, our Radiant One; Who’s Divine Blueprint Plan and Sacred Promise of Divine Intervention is about to be Fulfilled.To all members of all Commands and Fleets of the Intergalactic…
Nov 4, 2009
merlynsea posted a blog post
A Mid-Summer Nights Dream…or is it? 2009 by Weasie Kohler aka...merlynseaI never would have dreamed that this summer would bring with it so many surprises. Many of you know that I am practically fearless, so if I told you about the wilderness snake…
Nov 4, 2009

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