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Real jesus can hardly have a say.  If he does:  let us play that judgement is the issue.   1.  False pride won't be involved, nor will he throw all into a bored coma..   2 . Quit messing with minds.  Quit and I'm good with you.     . ..jesus:  "gather all you good hearts together; for we are alike, we are one.  Let us plan for this glorious future.  Be open to your brethren.  Protect them meanwhile.  Speak out concerning those failed journalists for they are helping tin pot dictators placate you.  This will fail, if we protect each other, the less fortunate.  ..... be charitable! ....i send my lightworkers upon you to create this change.  Not merely within, not merely your own lo-cal, but to protect all people of this world.  Take the helm he of opportunity. Money is a website for democracy?  Then be this change.  .  Charity towards all!  Who should not be allowed to say what they have learned, earned, and.  Do not worry to a specific individuals ego save your own.  A genuinely held belief is.  Truth be found only through true dialouge.  False prophets expose themselves, for they have no fairness to give."  Yes, I am not quoting real jesus.  I am fair to admit.  ....placate the people to enact agenda 21, is a huge crime, -- although I too agree with the genuine of heart, the hope there will be a stasis, and all PSYCHOS will leave to their proper destinations.  

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