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  • 8115135689?profile=originalHi Pi

    wishing you a wonderful day/weekend and life :D

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Ruidoso, NM


October 22

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a grower. ego is self excitement. honor everyone equally. how the economy works, before I realized the stasis is at hand. quickly gained Twitter followers educating the economy. Twitter censored me. since censored, no new amount of followers. look forward to a fourth branch of our new country, which will make certain if one has something to contribute, whether it be truth or art in truth, will be seen. a world where we do what we do, is not about money.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Jesus of course. Lao Tsu. ..... Sojourner Truth.

conscious pi posted a blog post
Real jesus can hardly have a say.  If he does:  let us play that judgement is the issue.   1.  False pride won't be involved, nor will he throw all into a bored coma..   2 . Quit messing with minds.  Quit and I'm good with you.     . ..jesus:…
Dec 16, 2017
conscious pi posted a blog post
To report about all of us:  I find we are wanting to what?  Same scenario:  rich/magic, funds alternative sites, news or otherwise, telling people hate is way, ...  poor go die, but we are relig.?   Our public office people will go away?  Why are…
Dec 14, 2017
conscious pi replied to Pet Rock's discussion Gotta See This Antifa Protester Interview
"i'm not on this site much; but want to suggest to everyone, if George Sorros can be the only one, is stupid.  let's prove that.  please help me promote where and when u can, freespeech bulletin boards for every public building in our country.  where…"
Aug 24, 2017
conscious pi posted a discussion
please go to my twitter and support the causes, by retweeting...   the cause of free speech, [the schools and libraries r the opposite, -- proven by dismissing the entire Celt culture, and merely calling them pagans.  ....  ego…
Aug 22, 2017

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Roaring Lovely posted a blog post
The mainstream science and modern philosophy , both inspired by atheism, have an incoherent view of what consciousness is. They think that a series of gears cogs etc can bring about  consciousne provided that it is 'complex enough'. With such a…
18 minutes ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
I have said before ..A PERSON CANNOT HEAL/ GIVE TREATMENT TO OTHERS IF THE PERSON IS NOT HEALTHY IN THE FIRST PLACE Firstly all those working in Hospital, Surgeries, Health Food Shops should be 1- Vegetarians/Vegans ...  here you all should know…
4 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
5 hours ago
Universal Lighthouse posted a blog post
Seeing Beyond The Veil, By Chellea. Blessings Dear Family of Light, It's very interesting to see the dark Scramble and Scatter, when I am around. For many years now I have been opening my awareness beyond the physical view. As my awareness is rising…
7 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Bill Shatner turned his dreams of going into space, into reality.....Albeit with "Blue Origin," rather than the USS Enterprise and with Jeff Bezos, rather than the 😁"
8 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
POACHERS :beings who look like humans but behave like brutes and savage's need to be taught a lesson.POOR ELEPHANTS…
8 hours ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Would Macron really give up France's UN Security Council Seat?
"Look at the beaming friendship offered the UK, by New Zealand's PM & people..? Now contrast that, with the sorts of bitterness and wrangling we have had to endure, with the EU....What a contrast between the two...😬

Indeed, nobody can deal with the…"
10 hours ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Would Macron really give up France's UN Security Council Seat?
"A former New Zealand trade minister, Tim Groser, says that he thinks that the UK has 'strategically placed itself in a very very strong position' after Brexit. He claims that being initially skeptical of Brexit, he is beginning to rethink his entire…"
11 hours ago