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James Gilliland on Weekend Today - Channel 9 + CIA UFO documents released

"it's almost embarrassing for them (world governments) to keep the cover up going" 
- James Gilliland

The truth of the Extraterrestrial phenomenon is taking over the mainstream... reaching media outlets world wide. The CIA recently released their 'x-files' in which they clearly show images of Extraterrestrial craft. Click the video above.
Bring up this topic so we can all expand our consciousness. The more people we have thinking about this... the more we are moving towards complete disclosure.
IT IS HAPPENING EVERYONE! Buckle up because this year is going to be extremely interesting.


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Comment by √ℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on April 25, 2016 at 8:24am

Woah,very sad,but you should get off your broken record Hawkesblood you've said all this before on other spiritual sites in other comments, stop copy paisting your comments and repeating yourself over and over..Right now, the general message of what I am getting and understanding needs to be brought out in the open...this is how this whole thought process got full free flow formation, not copy paisting words from previous conversations with others on other sites..So why did you have to bring Jesus into this,Jesus has nothing to do with this so dont bring a long dead man into the picture as if it will make any difference I assure you it wont..

It appears like you are not part of an over soul group even to recall much of your own souls past lives by the sounds of things,not unless you've entered your Lahun chakra and 'Halls Of Remembrance' that is to read back thus past events, say you were a being in Atlantis,then you will recall the Cosmic Galactic Space Battles between the Mintaken & Sirian races back then,those who destroyed my own souls home planet at the same time in the process with Nuclear weaponry I'm sure..unless you also have read the ill fated false writings plagiarized by other Mintaken Reptilian race overlords here in their books on earth from eons past.. to keep all blinded from the full truths,

Do you recall the placing of the Red Crystal Skull on the pedestal in the crystal caves between the created outer parallel dimensions,how many were present at the ritual...this is from behind the matrix to that I'm talking about,and not his 3rd dimensional reality existence,do you recall who stole the secret scroll script that didn't get infused into it to the very end,and how it was then stolen?... anything of the process that took place,all of Atlantis & Lemuria knew about this you even recall these amazing past life recalls at all is in question..what can you place on the table here of utter truths that havn't been spilt or tainted with Draconian Dark blood and total lies over the millenniums..your fast to be spouting off at me because I called you on what you've been doing,yet you name me a troll cos you have that type of mindset & intellect,I didn't call you a troll, I simply said stop copy paisting info from other comments on other sites and sounding like a record stuck repeating itself over n ask whats after death the physical death of the human body avatar is a transformational process only,as your soul is immortal it never ever dies,only the avatar body suit dies,thus there is no such thing as death and more of a encounter or force that expands a soul into formlessness once again,to return to the energy force or soul spark radiance they originally came into being & existence from,...some may call that 'Heaven' as a name for a cosmic dimension beautiful & greater than any words humans are capable of expressing..all behind the matrix of illusion offworld from this 3D planet..have you been there? you say you have and so have I many times wouldn't need to ask me where is 'Heaven' if 'life itself' is 'Heaven'..and if one were caught in this force beyond living termed as 'Death' they will be oscillating between deep manifested creativity of soul self-expression in a galaxy no one knows about like that behind a worm h***,as beyond all worm holes your outside the earth bound holographic for the human pain and suffering you mention in your comments ramble,all humans here are forever in a state of continual amnesia & thus pain,creating pain,seeing pain,transforming pain as their soul is on a constant journey along a path,encountering new sensations,new aspects of awareness while here and many people find themselves considering their own psychological perspectives in order to find the answers that release ones 'fears' and the 'why's' to them being here.. they all will naturally try to consider all the possibilities before finally letting go,no GOD,Saviour or Supernatural being,Entity,ET or what ever comes into the picture nor the process either I might add,nothing but your own souls frequency & vibration..see this planet it is a psychologically restructured world,a super-dense,synapse-searing wormhole-infested journey where all standard notions of notation are thrown out in favour of a multi-layered over-stimulus..and its ironic its rarely logic that allows this final release as one cannot seem to do so until by the search itself they are confrounted with fears they are trying to explain away, just as you are in your comments and why your frequency is very low and your auric energy field is not the colours that are open for expansion,but closed off with false belief systems infused into you from your past indoctrinated life experiences..

You say I cannot see my own souls auric energy field I assure you I most certainly can,as I have whats termed as Synaesthesia and I see other peoples also,and on paper or on the  net here its even better as its attached to their words on the pages & obviously something you will need to learn how to achieve..go deeper with your souls 'life' guide's assistance if you have one maybe then you will see all your soul's colours in the mass cluster geometric shapes like that of a star in the milky way galaxy,seriously you are so closed off by journeys to you...I hope my words have planted thought seeds and will sprout to expand your consciousness..    

Comment by √ℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on April 24, 2016 at 10:01pm

LOL you lied right there,you do care what I had to said as you responded back to me with your own mouth full of jibberish,so you just proved my point totally to your true colours in your soul signature,you dont recall talking to me before nor my name even,you also dont read what Joanna says in addressing others she addressed me, cos its all about you isnt it, you have whats termed me,me,me syndrome you call me a troll because I crushed your colour aura totally 100% accurately, I work for Waikato Maori Mental Health Board & Services and I own my own furniture manufacturing & restoration business,so wrong again!.. I'm well educated & paid also, thanks for inquiring though,I've read your soul signature very well over the ears, we have crossed paths before on other sites but your memory isnt that good or your not as cleaver as you think you are.. and I've seen what you've been up to over the years on those other sites,repetitive wording in mass comments just like this post,same copy paisted words to... you dont like that I can do that do you Hawksblood so you attacked me instantly,call me a troll cos I pointed out the truths...

I'm not part of the New Age Ashtar Command Crew either, personally I think they are delusional as well yes,no different to what your doing also though cos your delusional as well & not spreading full truths fully, only portions of truths,your truths...but its the other interesting people in here that I care about mostly..the star seed seeker souls & multidimensional travellers who have a lot more upstairs in their brains that I connect to,more than those who like to spout their mouths off with fantasy tales like yourself,attention seeking..cos its all about you isnt it..

Comment by √ℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on April 24, 2016 at 2:29am

Hawksblood after reading your comments below your starting to sound like a real creepy kook dude,& more like a dictator repeating his words over and over,just exactly how a dis-informant agent preacher does in a church to brainwash people,you copy paiste your words to I notice, and in fact you act more like a total moron,that's what I'm seeing in your energy signature on these pages I see murky grey everywhere with a tint of brown,its rather shocking actually,maybe this is why your attracting demons & entities to yourself & your mate,cos you act like an attention seeker only in my eyes,'you dont have to prove anything you say',  well then why are you going on and on like a run down record player preaching on this post over and over as if you think your words will change peoples perceptions or minds about their own personal experiences with UFO,ET's & multidimensional beings,plus to go visit your show..seriously dude your becoming a pain in the butt like a boil that wont heal or go away,Id hate to think how droning and boring your show will be...your a discredit to the real ufologist researchers out there really and you should be ashamed of yourself,along with your mate Sargel18 your as bad as each other...because you appear outwardly as more like a rambling half Native goof ball .. than a highly respected Native American Indian..One thing you are doing right is your way to scare heaps of people away from your show because of your actions,words & behaviour on this post by the way,which could be a good thing in the long run as it totally wakes people up to the game charade your playing..I hope Joanna & others runs a mile in the opposite direction but I'm sure she has enough sense & is awake enough to see through your faked illusion smoke screen.. 

Comment by Joanna on April 23, 2016 at 8:21am

Hawksblood, thank you for the invitation to listen to your show, however Project Camelot has never resonated for me. I read energies before ever going to a site or reading a word of any 'info', and from my pov, the energy at PC has much distortion in it, however well-intended the folk who run it.

Regarding JG: all on Earth are fallible, not every word he says resonates for me, and his methods of preparation for contact/communication are different to mine. That is okay. All that is of interest and importance to me at this stage of the Shift is that some genuine awareness of our star family of goodwill is given forth.... and that their presence isn't drowned, shouted or screened out completely by fear-mongers who have connected with and see only the dark ones.

So on that level I am in accord with JG. And right now, that is enough to make what he is doing valid and worthwhile. Differences in details will become clarified in good time.

Visiting Heart Star, where I post info and my photographs of ships, orbs etc, would give you a handle on where I'm 'coming from', if you wish to it's too much to go into here. Many of us have been coming here for a very long linear timespeak....


Comment by Joanna on April 22, 2016 at 4:39pm

Roberto, that is mainstream media's way of dealing with something 'deep' and beyond their normal scope, and is par for the course. Nonetheless, it's an improvement on complete mainstream suppression of genuine contact experiencers, and James is a very well-evidenced star family contactee. 

@Vlada, thanks for sharing the lecture James gave in Sydney. It's long, but comprehensive. Most of it resonates for me, from the contacts I have. 

Comment by Roberto Durante on April 19, 2016 at 12:29pm

To be honest, I don't really like this video, because this stupid TV people make fun of James.

BTW, They have to disclose the full information, not only what they like to tell the public, because its a lot more about our ET family than they want to share, it will make the dark cabal totally collapsed 

Comment by Richard Levison on March 8, 2016 at 10:37am

Its always good to hear from James!

Comment by 1 darkstar on March 7, 2016 at 7:15pm

Great news!

Comment by Darth Vindex on March 7, 2016 at 3:49pm

How are they in a position to demonstrate that the unregistered aircraft in question those are being images of are in fact coming from interplanetary locations? We are talking about primary research papers that are now secondary research because they are public and people are already calling the craft extraterrestrial without even going through the trouble of attempting to read any of said reports...

Comment by Joanna on February 22, 2016 at 2:19pm

Here's a link for the most recent discussion from James on his Australia tour, with longtime shipwatcher and documenter, Barry Taylor, and the president of UFO Research Queensland, Sheryl Gotschall. Some interesting sharings in there:


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