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The most recent ascension symptoms are happening around your head and neck. These include headaches, TMJ (jaw tension, pain and clicking), sore teeth, sore facial bones, tension, pain or a feeling of fullness (something's in there!) in your throat, sinus congestion and painful and very crunchy neck and shoulders. Our brains are changing and there is a lot of energy transforming and moving around in our heads. It seems that our bones are being reshaped.

Another symptom that is going around is fluctuating body temperature. Most common are periods of heating up, but also possible are times when you are suddenly cold. You can feel tired but at the same time you can't relax. And last but not least, being really, really thirsty!

I have found that forceful or deep massage/manipulation can aggravate the symptoms, even bringing on powerful headaches. What helps is gentle energy work like cranial sacral technique. The pressure seems to ease a bit if you open your mouth as wide as is comfortable and breath out forcefully while making a sound (HAAA!). If the area feels inflamed (and it probably will) then using an ice pack is beneficial. Another thing is to get lots of rest, including naps if you can. When lying down to rest or sleep, do some deep breaths (as deep as you can). Try using the Quantum Pause Breath.

1) Breathe in through your nose for a count of about 4.
2) Hold the breath in for a count of about 4.
3) Breathe out through your mouth for about a count of 4.
4) Hold the breath out for a count of about 4.

I find that this will often triggers yawns, which is a releasing of tension.

Going into the wave and using the Golden Mesh to remove what DOESN'T SERVE you is really helpful also.

After that, let the part of you that knows what energy your body needs to flow that energy in and through your body. Notice the color or colors and imagine that color moving through your cells, then molecules, then atoms and finally joining with your waves of light.

Another good thing is to listen to music that you love. Really listen and sing or dance or just breathe with it.

Drink lots of water with a little bit of juice in it. This helps you body absorb the water. Calcium/magnesium supplements and GABA are also helpful.

We are still in a period of waiting and letting our bodies adjust to the New Energy Template. Let yourself rest as much as possible. This is not a time to push hard. Gentle, slow movement is good. Fast hard exercise is not so good. Remember, it is already done! You don't have to hurry up and make it happen.
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Sarah Biermann - Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy Healer, Writer and Artist - Email:

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Comment by Sunspiritsmiles on October 15, 2010 at 4:29pm
Well here we go...yet another transition that we all put our hands up for :-D I write this my body temp is all over the place. Having root canal on tooth and vertigo this least there is an explanation..thank you Asmara for keeping us up to date. Sure hope the sinus pressure eases...
HEY>>>is anyone finding that their eyes are sensitive to light sometimes????
ps...been listening to >Pineal Gland Dimensional Attunement
you can find it at
click on Sound Gifts on the left side of his site
Comment by MaryJane on October 14, 2010 at 1:41pm
Sherry K...I have twice seen a white "cloud" so to say, about 5' tall in my livingroom. I feel it was good. Then my sister told me to go check the mail as she saw lightning outside. I thought this was odd but I did it anyway. There was no possible way she saw lightning or heard it as the sky was clear. Then she told me that she also saw a 5' light out of the side of her eye view. She thought it was me but turned and saw that it was not. I feel like shouting YEA!!! We are receiving something good that will help us in ascension. It is easy to wonder if you are in line with it all even though you have no reason to doubt. I feel like I have been given a green light on my progress and I am glad that others are getting it also!! Gee this makes it easier to tolerate the physical discomfort.
Many Many Blessings to All
Comment by Nikki on October 14, 2010 at 1:02pm
Thank you so much Asmara. This info. Is so useful and a relief as I was wondering what is going on. I have all the symptoms you mentioned above for a few years now. I am now better in treating the symptoms. I have been having neck pains, stiffness, nasal congestion, headaches and severe teeth pain for some time. I daily take a nasal spray and regular trips to the dentist with severe pain revealed nothing. The pain has been so bad I had to take anti inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain but then I found placing a few drops of clove oil on the particular tooth or teeth really got rid of the pain or if you are strong enough placing a clove under the particular tooth powerfully got rid of the pain. Neck tension was so bad that I saw the physiotherapist regularly but then I found Bowen's technique far better. This may help all those who are having the same problem: hold the base of the skull (top of the neck) grip it with both hands either side and gently pull the head up slightly , whilst holding it turn it to the left and then back to the centre and then to the right and back to the centre . Do this a few times it removes the tension and cricking instantly. Do this lying down. It’s quite powerful, an instant tension reliever. I am really grateful for this article. Thank you again

Love & Light & blessings to you

Comment by SherryK on October 13, 2010 at 8:46pm
Very interesting MGem80 . . . just over two weeks ago a large, brilliant flash of very white light spontaneously burst forth WITHIN my living room about five feet in front of me and a friend, who was over for our weekly Intenders Circle. Within seconds after the flash, as my fellow Intender and I looked at each other in amazement, a boom--like thunder, though there was no occurrence of lightning or thunder before or after this experience that day--sounded just outside the sliding glass door in the living room, centered directly above the deck outside the door. The sound was so loud and powerful that it quite literally shook the house. We've no explanation, just questions. Has anyone else experienced anything like this recently?
Comment by MGem80 on October 13, 2010 at 7:58pm
My roomy and me are suffering with these symptoms, my mother came to me, the other day, complaining of the same, and my sister yesterday, the same!
The funny thing about my sister visiting yesterday was when we were researching akashic readings on the net, 2 very white flashes occured on the wall in front of us. My sister did not witness the first. But the second one she did. They were very strange by the way that they only reflected off the wall directly in front of us, but no flash of light occured anywhere else. We could not work out where these flashes came from, or what they were reflecting from?!
Then today, as I was making jewellery, a flash occured off the face of my touch screen phone, that was placed on the couch, right next to me. Only there was no light source to create this flash!
Sore throats, headaches, aching facial bones, sleepy restlessness, mad hot flushes, and random, unexplainable flashes?!! Are these all connected??
Comment by SherryK on October 13, 2010 at 7:33pm
Google "golden mesh biermann" and you'll find a 12-minute audio for using the Golden Mesh on Sarah Biermann's website.
Comment by Roberto Durante on October 12, 2010 at 11:02am
Thanks Asmara,
yesterday, like never happen before I sleep for more than 16 hours and drink a lot of hot water with green lemon juice and honey for my painful throat, and it help also for the conjestion of sinus, the great thing, you can google with this infusion and slow it after, it clean it, thanks again :)
Comment by SABERTOOTHCAT on October 12, 2010 at 6:04am
yes i have fluttering light-headed energy flowing in my head. i love it. lol. it feels great!!!!!!!!
Comment by evonne. on October 12, 2010 at 3:58am
dear Asmara,your post is much needed for many at this time,thankyou greatly,also you mentioned MAGNESIUM,which i will certaintly be using,just recently,i was diagnosed with a ZINC defiency,so i am on zinc at the moment to restore the levels,i also have a pamplet on all vitamins,and minerals,which i have had for many years,so if site mebers are unaware of the benefits of magnesium i shall add here,MAGNESIUM---- helps in the formation of bones and teeth, activates enzymes used for carbohydate,fat and protein metabolism,helps the body use some vitamins and minerals,aids in normal functioning of nerves,heart and muscles.ZINC------aids in wound healing,component of insulin,and many hormones,involved in digestion and metabolism. many blessings eve(solaena)
Comment by AngieBNV on October 12, 2010 at 3:45am
What is going into the wave and using the Golden Mesh?


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