June 27

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A world of Peace and Harmony. My interests is about raising the consciousness of humanity and myself included.

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Jesus/Sananda Budha Muhamad Saint Germain Tobias

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  • Hi Dewi :-) salam kenal, wow you have beautiful picture profile truly. Peace be with you my friend.

  •  Asmara Dear Heart I have left you a copy of what I call the "Divine Quantum Universal Conscious Woven Heart Spirit Matrix" This covers All That Is.

     From Micro to Macro. The background pattern is Our Father Mother in permanent passionate union and embrace. It is Holographic and Omnipresent. It is divided into 4 quarters  North South East West and Up and Down. This then reopens the energy of the Cross which has been closed. There was a saying in Lemuria which was "Close Not the Ends of My Cross". It now returns.In the Middle is the Hebraic Tree of Life all coloured and spring cleaned. Superimposed on top are Three interlaced Hearts Fuschia Lime and Aqua. Through the eyes of the Hearts I have inserted two light filaments shaped as boomerangs Fuschia  on top and Aqua below. All meets at zero point in the Center the Gateway to Our Father Mother All That Is Soarce call it as you see it. It embraces and unifies All Dimensions into One and I Am sharing it with you Asmara Dewi as You are already there. Many more can be written but I will leave it unsaid. Love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

    See related links to what you are looking for.
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  •  Asmara thank you for that most beautiful dolphin snap inside the

     sacred heart space. I had to think and what I posted to you is the Interlaced Heart that I had drawn by a Spiritual Artist some thirty years ago.

     It is the Hindu Symbol of Regeneration also used in Pakistan and also used by the Jewish people as the Star of David but I got to modify it and return the Sacred Mother to her permanent embrace with Her Partner as prophesied so I did.

    The Pentagram is not feminine however the Cinquefoil is having five petals as the Rose also representing the Mother. I am glad to hear from you but all will be well as you know if you stay where you are in your heart space. Blessings Peace and Harmony Kingjeff. This has been a pleasant surprise.

  • Thank you very much Asmara for you  friendship invite.


    You have a wonderful page with also wonderful music... I love it.


    With Love, Vonnie



  • Asmara Dewi your name says it all that you have a high and noble calling
    of light always in support of you. Solomon said that a good name was very
    important. As = As Is/All That Is, Ma = Mother or Mary, Ra = Father, and
    Dewi = God. Free reading = As mother and father united as God.
    It is my observation for it will convey a different meaning in your culture which
    brings me to the Unself you have posted expressed to me the other day as the
    Galactic Mind in potential with all multitude of possibilities covering all
    Dimensions. It is the Birthright that we all grow into after we graduate from our
    tasks in this life. First we acknowledge our male or female soul within
    depending on our gender. Once we do that we feeling complete being as it
    androgynous have no interest in a partner. Then out of the blue All That is
    Soarce manifests an incredible something and we are swept of our feet in
    feelings of wonder amazement and its not happening. There are those chasing
    there Twin Flame but while ever they have not found their heart within they
    will not find their heart without. There are only few that I can have a discussion
    of this calibre with and you are one. Lots of light and love Kingjeff
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Hi just read your post bout is your head being remade.I want to say thanks. Was so helpful,and in the knowing i guess,has enabled me to click back all the joints in my neck,And it feels so good. Hav had such disalignment for so long, and the shoulder stuff and lately the jaw. Wow, power to the sharing thing? Thanks again with Love Shelley.
  • Love & Blessings!
  • Asmara Dewi thank you for your words of understanding and the timely
    delivery to me of your DVD on All That Is which is crafted with a lot of
    wisdom and integrity. We are in a great state of flux understanding and
    change. Again might I thank you for being you, it's nice to know you I
    have just this morning finally uploaded the Interlaced Heart which I had
    painted by a spiritual artist 20 years ago. Only now does it become
    relevant the red representing the masculine and blue feminine it transpires
    that the ancient scientists fiddled with the red proton and blue electron which
    are now turning to wholeness. I perceive this may be too physical for you
    as you are dealing with everything energetically. All that Is being omnipresent is both in Spirit and in Matter so there is no division only the mind which has invented words to express and lower the energy. Thank you so much light and love always Kingjeff
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