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  • Thank you for responding Hawksblood. I too have had a vision, and found details of my experience to be recorded in the scriptures though I had not known of them them before my beautiful experience of what transition will take place.

    Perhaps each of our individual experiences will be different, though many experiences being revealed at this time seem to be forming a picture in their agreement.

    All knowledge here contained in the physical world and philosophical, spiritual realm is beneficial, and though no one teaching or discovery encompasses the full reality, they all contribute each in their own way to aid our understanding. Like the information within the complexity of microscopic organisms to the information from enormous vastness of our universe that we are learning, all knowledge lends itself to understanding the whole of existence. It is fear and the choosing to remain ignorant of revelation that has caused the death of many, but the truth of all matter will be known regardless. It is our destiny to continue to grow.

    Only through love will true growth take place, and yes, we are blinded, if we choose, through the external influences of this world that would discourage us.

  • Hawksblood,

    I cannot find any information on 300 children dying in the past two years in South Dakota- only 300 men, woman and children at Wounded Knee...which is not recent history. Please supply a link to the information.

    An occurence of that magnitude would make world news.

    When we leave this plane of existence we are transformed into spirit energy- thus if an earth catastrophe were to occur,destroying all physical life,  we would all be transformed instantly to spirit---in a twinkling of an eye.

    There are many greater and more wondrous events in store for us than we can imagine. No one knows all truth until one has traversed into the dimensions of spirit.

    Peoples of various cultures and times have been slaughtered for their ethnicity since time on this earth began, Native American just one of them.

    We all have potential to grow in spirit before the actual transition and to prepare ourselves to be better equipped for the place to which we are going, regardless of which race, culture, or denomination we come from.

    Love will always be of benefit and fear detrimental.

  • Hawksblood1:  Could you please talk about the 300 children that lost their lives unnaturally in South Dakota?

  • So interesting........

  • This harmonic of a 12 configuration, will ring like a Sol system tone, and it is this resonance that draws us closer to the Sirian star system...

  • With reference to Dieter Braun's comments about the former Anunnaki, there is an aspect of correctness to the name change....So essentially the Anannuki, as they are now known, are reformed and full members of the GFL...Their name change reflects their new energy of enlightenment..


    However, the story of Tiamat being smitten by Nibiru's moon, is false and based on ancient Anunnaki propaganda, which sought to present two thoughtforms of control over earth humanity, in ancient times..

    1) That humanity was created exclusively by the Anunnaki, genetically..the"gods."

    2) That Earth owes it's total existance to Nibiru's destructive act, which the Anunnaki took credit for.


    Both of these are false, and designed to lay the seeds of what became the Anunnaki control matrix, as it was then...The stories, though false, have been placed on Sumerian clay tablets..

    In truth, it was planet Maldek, a base for the dark, that was destroyed by the GFL, and became the current asteroid belt, in orbit between Mars and Jupiter...


    Nibiru is a vast battle station and not a natural planet...and currently under GFL control...It will become a "planet" of the Solaris system, after the transformation..Thus presented, outer to inner, as:


    1) Nibiru

    2) Neptune

    3) Uranus

    4) Saturn

    5) Jupiter

    6) Pax (former Maldek)

    7) Mars

    8) Earth

    9) Venus

    10) Mercury

    11) Vulcan

    12) Solaris


    Note that earth's current moon once orbited Maldek and will be returned to that planet, following reconstitution of the asteroid belt, into the original form...


    Earth will receive two natural moons, as once possesed in Lemurian times...


  • Selamat balik..!

    This is an interesting theory and has much of logical merit, yet is not what the Hopi had intended to convey....

    The Hopi prophesy relates to the sun Sirius and it's relationship to the evolution of this solar system....Sirius is the "blue star Kachina," in fact, and not comet Ison....albeit Ison is of importance, it is not the star described in the Hopi prophesy......There is a great difference between a star and a comet, in actuality....

    As per the divine plan and will of Lord Surea, if this solar system were brought closer to the Sirian star system, the sun Sirius would appear as a blue star of great magnitude, in relation to earth astronomers...That is an anticipated event, which works on both a spiritual and material level...It is a necessary step in the cosmic evolutionary process....

    Look upon the relationship between an incarnated person and his/her soul, as a microcosm of the cosmic truism, which places the Sol system in relation to the Sirian system....This is an esoteric correspondence..

    The Photon belt is the red star kachina and the sun Sirius is the blue star kachina....

    It is via an interdimensional stargate (aktaiwa) that this Solaris system is going to be placed in transit to a closer proximity to the Sirian system at a distance of 3 light years, in comparison to the current 8.3 light years..And at closer range, the sun Sirius will appear like a blue star, from an earth perspective....

    This is the true meaning of the prophesy....and uses the energies of the Photon belt to make these changes...The Photon belt is the "purifier" mentioned...

    Hope this clarifies the matter....


    dramu kas….! (Sirian for much love)


    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


  • News, facts and information regarding the approaching Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) which some have already dubbed “The Comet of the Century”. To stay up-to-date with Comet ISON’s progress, please feel free to follow our Twitter feed @cometison2013 or check back here for content updates.

    Latest News: Many reports of Comet ISON’s significant increase in brightness in the last day or so. See our LIVE Distance page which includes ISON’s estimated visual magnitude.
    All info @
    Live Distance Page @
  • As I mentioned in different discussions, instead of breaking up, could it be as it goes closer and around the sun, maybe it's "Mask" is coming off.  This would match the Hopi prophecy.  What will we see after the mask comes off?  Just got to wait and see, just hope it doesn't change to the color red... cause wormwood would suck.

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