Increasing the Sound of Love

I want to take a moment acknowledge the newest members.

On ACC, for as long as I've been here (which is only a few or 5 months), new members only pop up occasionally, not even everyday. But now, recently, the amount of newbies have grown and is continuing daily; amazing evidence that the number of awareness has been inclining, thus raising our vibrations. I am proud truly. 

I also feel like the Galactics are waiting to take real and obvious actions for us as more are becoming aware, this way people are not as shocked and instead are expecting it.

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  • Welcome all for we could use the help Love Bob

  • I think that some might have missed that ,They ,et's,  are waiting for us to expand our consciousness so the changes will be permanet .Until we can show them we can lift the earth and all on it,it will be the same.I don't mean to change others ,that will happen only when they are ready,our part is to raise our own an show others by the example we set for all to see .Does that mean we have to quit beckering among our selves,no ,but it does mean we have to respect others points of view even if we do not agree.

    Here is what I get from this site

    law of attraction=be aware of what you are creating for you.

    Love=Allowing yourself and others to make mistakes so they and ourselves can expand the consciousness.

    in our present state of awareness in 100 years it won't matter ,who or what, made us mad,we will have moved on.

    Ascension is a personal thing and it does not matter weather we go this dec 21 or any other time frame.We will

    when we as an individual are ready,not one sec before and not one sec after.

    With all the hype it sounds like we have to wait another millenia,but that is not true,we wait until we have completed the process of dualality.The thing is this is one of the time periods that it will be assisted for so many to ascend at the same time.We don't have to wait until dec either if you are readyt ,you know it.

    If enough choose to do so it will raise the level of being on this planet to one of love ,peace and joy for those who decide to stay a little longer,making it easier also for et's to be welcomed openly.At least for a while,1,000 years of peace the Bible says.

    One thing that will almost assure this is to open this planet to those brothers and sisters  from other worlds,this may change this world to ,expansion of consciousness that will no longer need the Cabal and their drastic mentallity to wake us up.They have served their purpose to wake us ,now lets thank them for their gifts and let them go.  Love Bob  if we look we can see the good in every thing

    P.S. I know some will not like this as they will have to let go of their anger and hatred,that is ok as I see the Cabal as a loving awakening for the planet earth.Not them as individuals ,but as the next step in our expanded awareness. Love you, all no matter which why you feel.

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"RL where did you see the US may buy from Russia to sell to Europe?
The Chinese are doing that"
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