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When you ask Angels for help they watch over you...

Yesterday on  Saturday 11/30 I went shopping and I did not realized that the money I put in my pocket fell off of it...I did not noticed it right away because I used a credit card in the store...Only when I came out of the store I saw a nice young couple waiting in their car parked next to mine..I went into my car ready to leave when they approached me and asked me if I lost anything...I told them that I did not think so...

They went back to their car and sat there like trying to decide what to do next.. Then I realized that I did not put my money in the wallet...

I went on checking my pockets and I did not find it...Then I got out of my car and run to them before they would start to leave...And I told that I could not find my money that I put in my pocket...and I told them the amount was $250.00...Then the lady just handed out the money to me...

They did not want to keep this money and were waiting in their car for the person to come out of the store. The person of the car next to theirs (me)... I think they knew that the money was mine because they found it next to my car but when I said,"I don't think so" they hesitated on what to do...

I could not believe this episode...How I was so unaware of it until they asked the question...and until I proceeded to check my pockets...

I thank them and I also thank the angels for taking care of me...I always ask them to protect me and look after me especially when I go out...

Miracles do happen and all things are possible...especially when we believe and ask, then for sure we shall receive...

I consider this my Christmas gift...

I thought it would be nice sharing this with you...I am so much in deep gratitude and in such awe right now...Yes, since yesterday...I cannot stop thinking about this...while my gratitude grows deeper...

With all of this, I will share with you that I am really very distracted and find myself like in two places at the same time...I believe this is happening because of the strong energies that are hitting the earth until the 12/12/12... Yesterday I was really tired and very distracted..I realized I needed to head home...My driving was not the sharpest...

I hope you liked my story...It is a beautiful one! Is it not? 

Blessings to all....Amparo

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Comment by amparo alvarez on December 2, 2019 at 1:29am


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