I am a Scarthian

Most of you, if not all would not have heard of my homeworld. I didn't know its name until a few weeks ago. To be honest I do not know its correct pronounication, only that I am a Scarthian.

I got this information from my sister who channels for me. We get various messages, and in one I am reffered to as a Scarthian. I am currently waiting on more information, but my sister is currently busy with exam preperation and cannot channel and study at the same time.

But I do have some information on the Scarthians by the thoughts and feelings I have when I think about it.

The Scarthians are a military race. That is not to be confused with war-like. We do not seek conflict. We are a society that is what you can liken to the Spartans. Martial prowess, duty and honour are important to us, for we act as guardians of the light. I feel like it is our duty is to keep something at bay, to keep something away from the rest of hte beings of light. Wardens if you will.When the Light is threatened with violence we are the ones to respond.

As a race I believe we are Scandanavian in appearence. Rather tall and well built. I myself have shoulder length straight blonde hair and a rather pale complexion (a funny contradiction to my form here). Our cities would not look modern to any observers from this planet. We prefer a simpler and more rustic living space. As well as with a better communion with nature, we mostly live in villages and small towns. There are cities but most of us live in the country.What most of us wear is also very simple. simply cut cloth and animal furs to keep the cold away. The warriors  wear specific furs to show their clan or allegiance. I and the soldiers I am with wear what I can describe as wolfs pelt (what animal it is I do not know, it could be wolf?), that drapes around our shoulders and neck.

I am still confused and waiting for answers on how a battle would occur in the higher dimensions. I feel like we do not use guns as it were, but rather melee weapons such as hammers and axes. So then what happens when our opponent obviously shows up with their futuristic weaponry. A hammer is no threat to a giant laser. But that is not very important, and I have far more important questions that need answering.

As far as technology goes we are reasonably advanced. We may live relatively 'backward' way, but we do have all of the necessary gadgetry for a star nation. I think that all 'modern' type buildings such as factories and plants are kept underground, they are necessary but they ruin natures beauty when put next to it. Our ships are very large. When I think of them I think of Bulk. Just very large, we don't do small ships very often. And on them is advanced weaponry, so that old weapons and new technology confusion enters again.

And that is all that I know about where I am from. Once my sister has fnished exams I am looking forward to gettiing more answers from my people.

Love & Light

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