Greetings my dear ones! I am Jesus Sananda, your brother, your beloved family and closest friend, and I come to embrace and enfold you in my love, and to assure you that I am here walking with you, holding your hand in these turbulent and chaotic times of rapid changes.

Yes, there is much happening, as you could see and feel. The Mother’s Tsunami is getting more and more intense, bringing up all that needs to be cleared and removed in you and everyone else, and from the deepest part of this beautiful hlanet Earth.

Of course, the rate that you are to purify and to release the baggage you have chosen to work with before you descended on Earth for the first time, the pace of your clearing is moderated and carefully individualized by your higher selves. But it is your intention and wish to speed up the process to the highest and the safest level that you can undertake.

And you do have a choice to remain gracefully poised and detached, to acknowledge that there is a need of letting go of the old and then to take those next steps in the right direction. Go deeper and deeper, dearest ones, and see how your comforting and old ‘truth’ is not satisfying and valid anymore. Not that it was ever justifiable or convincing. Not that you did not know at some level that there is some kind of twisting and distortion of the facts, self-oriented with some glossing over the truth, which was satisfying while still in the survival mind set. But at this time, with all the light shining down on everything, it becomes impossible for you to ignore it and to look the other way. 

You can sense how the gray areas are becoming more delineated and clear. You know what needs to be discarded further and changed, for it has no value and use in Nova Earth. And so, you are getting closer and closer to your total freedom, sitting in the light without compromising any longer, standing tall and in high integrity with no veils or masques on your radiant faces.

In the past, you have tried to show the world the truth and your brilliance, the same way I did it thousands of years ago, But back then humanity was not ready to see and accept that the beauty and the perfection that they see in you is also who they are. It was scary and terrifying for them, it was inconceivable to them that there could be so much more to their reality and that they could have so much power.

And so, they attacked and destroyed what they saw in front of them. They tried in disbelief to shatter and smash the mirror reflecting back their own light and magnificence. 

Much has been changed since, dear hearts, and humanity is ready to recognize and accept its magnificence, and everybody’s awakening is indeed inevitable and imminent.

I will leave you now with my eternal love and brotherly embrace.


 By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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