High Council of Orion - September 8, 2011



The lesson that is learned through experiencing trauma or pain or other negative emotions is an opportunity to allow the illusion to dissolve before YOU. For where there is pain and negative emotion there is FEAR and illusion...





Welcome beloved ones, once more we come to guide YOU through the veils of illusion to TRUTH. Many are now beginning to move towards TRUTH and we give much love and blessings to those who are now rejoicing in the “new”, for many have found the road to freedom that lives within each and every human BEing alive across the planet. For those who walk with illusion and are finding the struggle of the human life experience frustrating we guide YOU to go within. To find the silence that is within and ask the answers of the questions that YOUr mind has YOU in knots with. For the heart will answer the questions of the soul dear ones.


Many are bound up in the mind trying to work out why they are here at this time on the planet earth, the answer dearest ones is within, do not try to think YOUr way to TRUTH for that will only lead YOU further from TRUTH. Many are still trying to awaken those around them and we guide strongly to detach from this way of BEing. Each and every human BEing alive across the planet has their own path to walk, it is not possible to walk exactly the same path as another human BEing.


We wish to guide on FEAR and the spreading of the teachings of illusion and once more we guide ALL to be mindful of the vibration of words. For millennia words have been used by illusion to further lower human vibration and we guide ALL to be aware of this. We note that many are still spreading the teachings of illusion through the media and we guide ALL to detach. There is no separation dearest ones that is the teaching of illusion. Whilst YOU forward messages of despair, of tragedy, of pain, know that YOU are furthering the illusion and the material that YOU share in the guise of compassion is fuel for the seeds of fear.


Much is taught by illusion around love and we guide ALL to be aware of the love disguised as fear and detach. Where YOU find misery and tragedy pour love and compassion through it and hold YOUr vibration high, where YOU descend into anger or despair over another “tragedy” know that YOU dance with illusion. It is vital that YOU absorb and process the guidance that is offered from ALL realms, as we have guided it is not enough to simply read the words, for the teachings of illusion are deep and many are still moving through layers of illusion instilled from childhood. There is no “injustice” in the world dear ones, illusion teaches most strongly that there is a right and a wrong, detach from this teaching for it is not TRUTH, there simply IS.


The lesson that is learned through experiencing trauma or pain or other negative emotions is an opportunity to allow the illusion to dissolve before YOU. For where there is pain and negative emotion there is FEAR and illusion. The human life experience is not about pain and suffering and we guide that if YOU experience this in YOUr human life experience YOU dance with illusion. For illusion will teach YOU that others are better than YOU, more deserving. Illusion will teach that only certain human BEings are lucky, successful etc, detach from this illusion dear ones, for this teaching serves only to lower YOUr vibration. The human life experience is under the full control of YOU at all times, the teachings of illusion may hijack YOUr thoughts and it is this that we seek to guide YOU on.


Many humans are wrestling with the concept of duality, one of the biggest illusions across the planet earth. From a young age humans are taught there are opposites, that there is right and left, good and bad, know this is instilled from a young age to lower vibration dear ones and seek to re-evaluate ALL teachings so far. Many absorb teachings and are unaware it is a teaching. So strong is the emotion that is triggered when they see images of war and destruction through the media that the reaction is instinctive. We guide once more dear ones that death and destruction is NOT the natural state of a human BEing. We guide ALL to detach from the drama that unfolds around them but to note that the drama is taking place. To become the observer and begin to question who the drama serves. Who does it serve to be at odds with YOUr loved ones? Who does it serve to argue with YOUr colleagues or friends over world events? Why does it matter so much about who is right and wrong? Who does this serve to keep human BEings always in separation and lead them away from TRUTH?


Many fall into arguments without a thought as to why they should appear in their life experience and we guide YOU to take this into the heart and ask the questions. Many who work in the role of light worker find themselves on the defensive at all times, defending what they do and who they are to those around them. Who does this serve? Whilst YOU spend energy trying to validate who YOU are and why YOU live the life YOU do YOU walk in illusion, for that energy is deflected from the moment, from the creation of all that YOU can be. KNOW THIS.


Many who are asleep will seek out those who have awakened and engage them in a war of words, know that this is done to lower the vibration of both. Many walk the planet earth unaware of the full impact of words and the vibration that is absorbed when another hears those words. We guide ALL to be mindful of the words that they choose to share with those around them. Many humans are now beginning to awaken and they find chaos and uncertainty. KNOW that this is designed to keep their vibration low so they do not venture further into the heart to find TRUTH.


Expect the media to heighten the reporting of disasters, death and negativity, as the human vibration begins to once more accelerate the media will try to lower it. KNOW THIS. We guide for ALL to be wary of the media and to question what is presented to them as hard facts. Words can be used as smoke and mirrors and frequently are. Know that whilst YOU spend time locked in a battle of words with other humans over the running of countries, of communities and world events YOU are taken from the moment and the power that is YOU is reduced. KNOW THIS.


Many humans struggle with our guidance of detaching from world events and drama. Many are triggered by these events and the fear and grief that is triggered is huge. KNOW that this is done to lower the vibration. Where YOU find grief YOU find illusion, we have guided around trauma and grief and we guide YOU to go within to find TRUTH. Energy is eternal, view the human life experience if you will as one large stage with various souls playing various parts. If YOU are locked into illusion and YOUr emotions are the jailer then detach and view the life experience as such. Who does it serve to fall to illusion around grief and trauma? How does the experience work to contain YOU? For illusions teachings will always be around containment.


The universe is so much more than any human alive can comprehend and we guide for ALL to detach from the illusion of small. What YOU unveil to YOU as TRUTH will change the view that YOU have on ALL that is presented to YOU as TRUTH but is illusion. We ask that YOU walk in FAITH and TRUST in YOU. The decision to incarnate into this human life experience was YOUrs. Many times we hear the phrase “I didn’t ask to be born” and we guide this is illusion. It was a conscious decision by your soul to incarnate here on the planet earth to experience human life. NONE are here by accident, KNOW THIS. Many will be triggered by these words and once more we guide YOU to go within and to find the silence. Listen to the TRUTH within.


KNOW that ALL souls no matter how short their incarnation made the decision to come to this planet. KNOW that none are here by accident and none play the roles that they are not here to work through. We fully acknowledge that our guidance for many will make little sense, to those humans we ask that YOU allow the guidance to sit within YOUr energy system and allow it to be absorbed.


All events that unfold are at a soul level decided upon. KNOW THIS. Many humans get drawn into trying to control the life experience of another human and we guide ALL to detach from this. We note that parents are deep in the illusion of fear when it comes to their children. Illusion is deep around parenting and the safety of the younger humans across the planet earth. We guide YOU to be aware of sowing the seeds of fear within the next generation. Many of the generation who are now incarnating on planet earth will challenge the teachings of fear and will not readily take on board the teachings of illusion. This is deliberate dear ones to alert YOU to what many of YOU are unaware of. So long has illusion taught this way that many just cannot see it. KNOW that if YOU have a young human who defies YOUr teaching then YOU have uncovered a seed of fear. Look within and weed this seed of fear out and replace it with the LOVE that IS.


We note how many of those humans in a parent role are noting how different their children are compared to the age they were previously. We guide ALL to begin to listen to the souls that are incarnating. NOTE how they react to that which is around them, many of the children walking the planet amongst YOU are old souls, here to support and to guide. Do not fall to the illusions teaching of older in the physical is older in years, for that is not TRUTH. We guide YOU to be aware of how sensitive the children who are born onto the earth are and we guide that if YOU are a parent and have a child who is sensitive to listen to and nurture that child. Many of the foodstuffs that are presented as suitable for children are illusion. The children who are walking the planet are high in vibration, honour this and listen to them. We are not guiding to allow YOU to detach from the bringing up and guidance of the young, for that is not our purpose, we guide YOU to look at the children and listen to them. For many are wise beyond the human years and many who struggle with their children simply need to listen to them.


We guide that the energies once more increase across the planet and many may find they experience what can be termed as energy surges. We guide YOU to centre and ground these energies. Honour the need for rest and sleep and drink plenty of water. This will help to move YOU through the energies. It is vital that illusion is not allowed to take hold around the subject of sleep. For many walk through the life experience on the edge of exhaustion. There are NO rules around sleep dear ones, if YOUr physical body is tired it will tell YOU, it does not matter if YOU need more sleep than usual, we ask YOU honour the body’s needs. We watch as many are bound by illusion and will stick to routines despite the routines no longer serving. Detach dear ones, there are NO rules, YOU are the expert on YOU. If YOU find that YOU need to sleep then that is what is needed dear ones. We ask once more who sits in judgement of the way that YOU move through YOUr life experience?


We are the High Council of Orion and we come to support and guide YOU through the process known as ascension. This is the journey home dear ones, the journey back to TRUTH is the journey back to YOU. Relax and enjoy the journey for the human life experience is one to celebrate. We walk with YOU at all times, ALL realms are here to support ALL at ALL times, KNOW this. Where YOU find frustration and angst YOU find the seeds of fear. Fear is illusion dearest ones. We ask that YOU balance, centre and go within at times of struggle, for within YOU will find the ocean of calm that is YOU. We love YOU, we have always loved YOU, for ALL ARE ONE.



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  • Thank you. I am deeply grateful for this clear message of pure love and strength at such a delicate time. Giving thanks and breathing deeply to release All that no longer serves. Feeling the love that is here for us.
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