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High Council of Orion - August 11, 2011

Many of you live within family units when you are the only human BEing who is awake...We cannot guide strongly enough that this is real dear ones, YOU are not imagining the support, YOU are not imagining that ALL changes, this is what planet earth has waited aeons to do.






  Welcome beloveds, we are here to guide and support you at all times as you move through your life journey and we are here at this time for ALL. We are the high council of orion and we have guided words over the last few weeks to help prepare for the chaos that is about to unfold across the planet. We do not guide on chaos to further the anxiety that sits within many human BEings, we guide about the chaos so that you may clearly see how illusion is working and then work to detach from that chaos.


Human BEings fear chaos as much as they fear darkness and we guide that both are teachings of illusion. Chaos is a natural occurrence and there needs to be some form of chaos to break down that which no longer serves. It is becoming more and more apparent that the way that human BEings have created their societies is incapable of sustaining those who are awakening. Whilst you work with restrictive monetary institutions, whilst you see each as separate and competition exists then there can be no support. We guide you to detach from the apparent chaos and stand back from the fear that is being planted by illusion and it is being planted.


Many have furthered the teachings of illusion by spreading this fear amongst their closest and nearest, we guide you to be fully aware of the vibration of the words that you use to other humans at this time. Now is the time that many have waited for, now is the time for those awakened to step into their power and LIVE the new. It is only by living the new that those in chaos can find their way out of the chaos. As more and more succumb to the illusion of “the end” more are beginning to question their very existence. For many who are asleep have been triggered by events and are now starting to ask what is happening. For many this is a wake up call as they realise that the world is not as they thought it was and they do not resonate with all that is happening. We ask those who are awake and walk the path of a lightworker to hold the space for those who are awakening. It is not the lighworkers role to lead those awakening as each walks a different path.


Holding the space is proving to be a struggle for many of you as you begin to fully absorb that all is as was guided. Many of you read our words, accept them and then venture back into the duality that is illusion. There is no wrong and right, there is no black and white, there only IS. To argue with your fellow humans as to who is right and who is wrong is to dance with illusion, we guide you to be fully aware of this and detach from the teaching as soon as you become aware of the duality. For others this is a time of nightmares, for those deeply asleep this will be a time of great fear and despair and this is what illusion wants, it wants to keep those asleep deeply slumbering and also to have those asleep bring down the vibration of those around them that is higher. At this time of apparent chaos we guide you to clear and shield your energies regularly.


Many are still experiencing symptoms that are causing distress and this coupled with the chaos has seen many fall back into illusion. Once more we guide you to stay in your heart, whilst your mind races to try to make sense out of chaos your heart will guide you to TRUTH. There is TRUTH woven through the chaos as there is TRUTH woven through the fabric of your human life experience. We guide you strongly to detach from the media, from social networking sites and be aware of not only the messages that you give out to those around you but the messages that you absorb. It is the absorption of the messages that may see many begin the dance once more with illusion.


Many realms have guided around the illusion of transition and the illusion of “the end” but many have plunged back down into the lower levels of fear and are now struggling to find peace within the storms. That peace is ALWAYS within your heart dear ones and we guide you to pause often and go within, if this means meditating twice or three times a day then so be it, you are working to balance out your vibration at all times. This is an ongoing process and once that many struggle with. It is no longer enough just to listen to words of guidance and accept them, they have to be processed and anchored into your very BEing.


Not so long ago lightworkers were simply to pas on the messages of peace but as many are now realising this was the prelude to the real work, the work of detaching from illusion when it has turned up the volume of illusion. At all times be aware of how you interact with others, do not strive to balance out households when there is chaos for you will lose yourself in illusion, you can hold the space for others ONLY when you are centred and balanced. At first glance our guidance may seem to be the opposite of what we guide, ALL ARE ONE, but look again. Many of you live within family units when you are the only human BEing who is awake, it will be impossible for you to live in harmony with those around you unless you can find the equilibrium within. It serves no one for all members of a family unit to be in chaos and be in fear. If you have to take time out to balance yourself then ALL will benefit as you will be able to hold the space they need to breathe.

We guide you to process all our guidance with your hearts and to accept that this is a time of vast change. Many of you read the words of guidance from other realms with one foot still in illusion, many of you dance with the star systems as a way of distraction from what is occurring across the planet. We cannot guide strongly enough that this is real dear ones, YOU are not imagining the support, YOU are not imagining that ALL changes, this is what planet earth has waited aeons to do. We fully acknowledge that for many the dance in and out of illusion will continue as their mind tries to make logic of something that is emotion.


We ask a few questions for you to process within your BEing. If you truly believe that there is nothing else then why do you FEEL something is amiss when you look out into your world? If there is no other intelligence in the universe then why would so many humans be able to connect to our energies and our words? If ascension is not a concept that you resonate with then why would you be reading our words? If you are not in control of your life experience then who is? Why are you here if it is not to expand and grow? These questions are not for your logical mind for they may tie it in knots, these questions are to be FELT, for it is emotion that drives the new world and the new expanded human BEing.


Many of you still struggle to accept that the planet is going through major upheaval, many of you are looking to books and written words of past humans to try to work out what is happening. We guide you to detach from this exercise, you will not find the knowledge that YOU need for this life journey within a book that another human has written. That is not possible, ALL of human life is centred around the human who is experiencing it, therefore the keys that unlock the different levels of consciousness within that human are within. It is not a matter of using logic to get ahead in the ascension process. That is not possible. Reading books will not expand your consciousness dear ones. We don’t advocate throwing out the reading material you may have amassed, it may be used to unlock parts of you that are needing to be revealed to YOU, what we guide strongly is that there is no definitive answer to be found in ANY book that is available on your planet.


Many of you have planted keys in the forms of reading material, crystals, other humans to allow the process of ascension to accelerate slightly and we guide that this was done to allow the expansion. Be aware that a meeting with a fellow human may trigger the next level of ascension within you. Be mindful that a passage from a book may do the same but also be mindful that the work is done by YOU, it is YOU who deciphers this key, no one else as the key is unique to YOU. Many of you prior to incarnation in this human life experience left a trail that will lead you to that which you came here to do. Know that if you did this you will find it. There is no rush, for you cannot fail at what you came here to do, it is not possible.


As the energies increase, as the moon begins to move to full then the chaos may increase, do not feed this chaos for it is being fed by the media and social networking platforms by those who are asleep. The illusion is aware of the spreading of light across these platforms and many of you may find yourself locked out of them. Please detach from ALL platforms , they serve to lower your vibration and to keep you in duality. This is what human BEings who are awake strive to move past. YOU cannot dance with illusion and dissolve the illusion of duality at the same time.


Many of you have lowered your vibrations by spreading the low vibration of human disaster and we guide you to be aware of this. Absorbing the messages of illusion will not help you in your journey to TRUTH. We are aware that many use social media to keep in touch with others but it has become a tool of illusion. Too many are quick to spread the message of illusion and those lightworkers who try to live in duality are being pulled in once again.


Those who walk in TRUTH with you will find YOU. Those who are in your life experience and those you pull into your creation will be there. YOU do NOT need social media to walk your path of TRUTH. Many are detaching and we guide that many more will begin to understand their departure. We guide you all to be aware of the illusion as the light across planet earth begins to once more increase. Stand in that light, stand tall in your TRUTH dear ones and step out of duality and illusion. All is perfect, all is coming into creation. YOU dream the dream dear ones, do not allow illusion to pepper your dreams with low vibrations. DREAM BIG, dream the new world into BEing, nothing is impossible, keep your energies high and your energies shielded when out and about. Spread the light that is within you by pouring love and compassion out of your heart wherever you travel across the planet. Shielding will stop the vibrations from penetrating your energy system and will allow the concentration of love and compassion to remain high.


If another human is triggered by your vibration be aware this has happened and do not immediately fall into the illusion of defense. There is nothing to defend. YOU are YOU, hold the space for those asleep and watch as they perhaps move to awakening. If they do not then let them go with love and compassion. Remember dear ones you lose no one, for ALL ARE ONE, many humans play the parts they agreed to on incarnation to perfection and for some those who are the most challenging provide the deepest lessons. There is no loss for ALL ARE ONE.


We are the high council of orion and we are here to support ALL at this time of vast change. There is a place of deep silence within that can be accessed at all times. When the outside appears to be too chaotic then go within to that silence and balance your energy. Then return centred and in love and compassion for ALL. There is no separation, no duality, for ALL ARE ONE. We love you, we have always loved you. We are the high council of orion.


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Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on August 11, 2011 at 7:01pm
Wow this is one of the best channels I've read yet... straight to the point and concise.  I am one of those who is so far into it that I have to balance finely between my home life and the life of a Lightworker.  Thanks for sharing this and I hope some of us have taken note :) 


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