How many times do you have to be told that things will not continue as they are? How many times do we have to say that all will change? How often do we have to say that you will not just float through the transformation without being affected by it? Things will not continue as they are. All will change. You will not float through the shift without being affected. You will change. Others will change. All about you will change.


There will be a transition time — “Interim Time” — as Earth and all who choose will shift to higher frequencies. After Interim Time all will be vastly different on Earth. The only way to the new Earth is to change yourself. Learn to vibrate at a higher frequency, see all in Oneness, and think from your heart.


Now is the moment of your transformation.

The changes you see depicted in movies and videos are 3rd dimension, fear-based representations of the change that is coming to your planet and to you its human inhabitants. The greater changes will be those experienced by individuals as they cope with the energies of a higher vibration, of a lighter way of being. For love will come with a whoosh, overpowering all; only those who are prepared will accept it. Those who are not prepared will be overwhelmed and will turn to fear — just exactly what they should not do.


Seeing darkness as another manifestation of the Oneness of all is the correct way to see things. Do not run from the darkness. Do not turn you back on it out of freight. Do not dismiss it by saying, “I want nothing to do with this.” For these actions only serve to embolden the darkness. While it is true that the darkness is feeling overwhelmed and on its last leg, it still has the power to ensnare those who fear it, for it feeds on weakness.


In the coming days and weeks, events may draw your attention away from your heart centeredness. Among these are the collapse of monetary systems and governments. At the same time, certain outside energies will come to Earth causing physical events to transpire. These events will not be as catastrophic as depicted in your movies.


Let me elaborate further: The magnetic pole will shift as it has done before, as Earth traverses the plane of the galaxy. Already there is a diminishing of the Earth’s magnetic field. When it is minimal, the magnetic poles will reverse. Do not underestimate the effect, for it will be very upsetting to everyone’s emotions.


As for the physical pole shift, the skin of the Earth will shift, so that the physical pole of the Earth will appear to be in a different place, although Earth’s core continues its rotation, as fixed as a giant gyroscope. We can foresee a shift that will take the North Pole southward into Siberia. The skin of the Earth will then have rotated so that the equator crosses North America. Accompanying this will be a reorientation of landmasses.


As for Earth’s axis of rotation, your brothers and sisters from around the galaxy are in the process of straightening Earth’s axis of rotation so that Earth’s axis will be vertical. This means that Earth will present herself to the sun in a vertical rotation rather than the tilt as current experienced. There will no more seasons. The moon will be removed by your space sisters and brothers, as it is an artificial satellite placed there by the dark energy, and of no use to a 4th Dimension planet.


These changes to Earth will result in massive changes to the plant kingdom, as trees, bushes and grasses that are used to winter will be unable to adapt to living at the equator and visa versa. This in turn will impact animals, fish, birds, and insects. So immediately after the shift, all will be in chaos. Then things will begin to sort themselves out as all become accustomed to the new Earth and their new abilities in the 4th Dimension.


You may believe that this huge project requires significant time. The reality is that it will happen quickly. With her strengthened energy, Earth is more than capable of recreating herself within one revolution about the sun. However it will take many years to create a love-based human civilization.


It is the convergence of time — time speeding up as everything moves into a higher frequency — that befuddles examination of this transformation from a 3rd Dimension perspective. Let me see if I can explain it another way. As time continues to collapse on its way to that moment when everything shifts to the new paradigm, more of the stark reality of the dark and the light manifest themselves. It is this starkness coupled with the collapse of time that ultimately makes all facets of the shift come together.


There will be a collapse of the institutions of man, coupled with numerous Earth rearrangements, coupled with a cleansing of the planet, coupled with the arrival of your star brothers and sisters, against your personal transformation to higher densities of your choosing.


How an individual relates to this transformation is almost entirely dependent on their personal vibration. This is not much different than the situation today wherein an individual who is fearful will resonate with the fear of the 3rd dimension. At the same time those who are love-based do not resonate with the 3rd dimension, although they will be well aware of it. We do not include the Earth and all natural things in the 3rd Dimension, because they serve as the stage whereon the grand play, in which you are all engaged, is played out.


So it will be when Earth and all that is of this new backdrop is resonating at the higher vibration of the new paradigm. Those who resonate with Earth’s higher frequency will enjoy being her guests. Those of a lower vibration will be unable to tolerate earth’s higher vibration and will choose to leave. We are making provisions for all of those who are departing due to frequency imbalances.


Needless to say, those of a much higher frequency are able to live on earth today, even though she is vibrating at a frequency lower than theirs. The same will be true of those vibrating at the higher frequency of the new Earth. They will be free to come and go as they wish.


Let us look at some specifics. Today you have created a society that functions within the fear-filled confines of governments, monetary system, corporations, healthcare systems, religions, and education systems of the 3rd dimension. You adapt your lives to this is various ways, some successfully some not, some achieve wealth, some remain poor. This is largely a combination of soul choice, karma, and dedication to an earthly path. There is no right or wrong, only experiences to accumulate. Some achieve enough heart centeredness to live within the larger society, working within its structures, and yet are not a part of it. We would call these the lightworkers or wayshowers.


On the new earth, there will again be structures, but they will be love-based in that they will serve the needs of all. These new structures will come about due to the choices of the residents of the new Earth. They will create a government that is truly of the people. Some of these governments and structures will come more easily than others due to the individual backgrounds of the people involved. Following this will come the monetary structure, and structures for delivering the goods required to live, work, and play. Yours will not be primitive societies because the people involved will carry with them the knowledge of structures from their former lives in Earth’s lower densities, and now being heart centered they will simply arrange things differently. They will be aided by their brothers and sisters from other planets to create energy sources, transportation, and communication devices and systems.


Within all this will be a number of individuals who vibrate at the frequencies of the 5th, 6th, and higher dimensions. They will assist their earthly brothers and sisters to create new ways of seeing and behaving, and to further raise their vibrations. These are the Caretakers of the new Earth, along with those from other planets who similarly vibrate at higher frequencies. All will be oriented toward ascending to new vistas, new ways of being, to Oneness with all, and to eventually reuniting all with Source. The institutes we are creating will assist these creations.


I am Adrial, a celestial of this universe. It is my wish that all will choose to ascend to the lighter vibrations of the new Earth. We aboard Athabantian eagerly wait the day when we may manifest ourselves to you, and work to create a new civilization.




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  • as above as below yes all is getting resetted or realigned 

    all is still a choice, love or fear

    all is the one and the one is all

    i love all and iam gratefull to be here as many wait

    love to you all dear beloved souls of infinite light of love

  • I'm reading here and there during the last 2 weeks that we're already IN the photon belt. If we got in without 3 days of darkness, why can't we get out the same way? What am I missing? And why so many conflicting explanations?  They can't all be correct. And don't anyone tell me it depends on which dimension I'm in, lol. All on this thread appear to be in the same dimension as myself. Now, I've ready so many varying accounts that I can't remember if Disclosure comes before or after the Photon Belt. I think before. It could be that when an ET shows up on my TV screen, he'll carry more credence. How's that for logic?  :) 

  • MoL, who was handing out these kits to the elderly, and where? 

  • Right, Jim.  :)

  • Although there will always be room for improvement, I feel I'm doing my best to evolve. Unconditional love for fellow humans flows fairly readily, but I'm allergic to cats and dogs and therefore avoid them. (I do enjoy watching them from a distance.) I'm utterly fascinated by people, and by the human mind and soul. I am awed by the Creator's creations. I carry little fear, but I do carry common sense. If someone yells 'Fire' I respond accordingly. It seems that many are yelling "3 days of darkness" lately. I have no idea why. It doesn't make much sense to me, but I'm not all-knowing. Sometimes others know more than I. Those who broadcast these 3 days of darkness without giving advice on how they can be handle it, are simply broadcasting fear, so I've decided not to listen to them anymore. I'll believe in 3 days of darkness when it can be proved to me, or when it happens. Sheldon Nidle's book from decades ago, attempts an explanation, but leaves many questions in my mind. I tend to read explanations with my mind, rather than my heart. I am a product of the Western school system. Trying to wrap my heart around 3 days of darkness was difficult coz it didn't resonate there. You have no idea how long I've been meditating on this particular question without an answer. I did have one dream wherein I was trying to find my way to the kitchen in total darkness, but I don't know if that image was created by my recent obsession with trying to find some answers on this subject that is often bandied about with little logical explanation. And don't criticize me for trying to be logical. God gave me the brain-wiring to think logically and I enjoy it. I figure I'll need to have a whole lot of logic if I'm going to help build a planet some day, which I'm looking forward to doing. 

    MOL, my husband has little interest in the metaphysical, but he is a good, generous and compassionate  man, so I figure he is no doubt ahead of me in the spiritual scheme of things, and he helps to keep me grounded, which I need!  I believe that living on this planet at this time IN THIS REALITY is a HUGE blessing so I'm not in any hurry to leave it, but I would like to see it improved for those who are not as fortunate as myself, and I'd like to see Gaia restored. Wow, I should probably just shut up now and go sew a quilt for an old person who feels the cold even more than myself. But it has helped to vent here, and I thank those of you who read this far. Sometimes it helps to put things down on paper and read them back to myself, to say nothing of getting feedback. So... fire away!

  • dear MOL,while studying on the net this morning,i read an article which contained this paragraph,((  On another occasion, he repeats that the GFL “are just part of a great assembly of Beings here to ensure your success.” (5) “As you must know by now we are not here in great numbers by chance. It is to fulfil the Creator’s Plan for this Universe.” )) blessings eve.

  • If you want the truth honestly you have to look within because if you are to read everything on here your mind will explode and you will keep going in circles. BEST AND ONLY WAY TO PREPARE is to get yourself into the highest vibrational place possible by holding as much positive light as you can. Make this as simple as possible by looking around and seeing what part of creation you can help. Are there animals you can heal; an inspiring cause you can raise awareness of; can you say that you hold only positive and good intentions in this world. Lets strip away all the over complicated cosmic photon super novo scientific inter galactic information and just be our true selves which is not our human selfish self's but our soul because the soul is the part of us that has spent the last billion or so years learning to be selfless and brilliant. There is still so much pain and suffering in this world if we made healing that and ourselves the focus which really if we are trying to be evolved lets face it that would be our focus; hey presto; things will then change for the better. Don't wait for the magic day when someone else makes this world better; or ascend; or transcend or whatever. Come on guys please; there is so much people can do.

  • I really wish I could know what to expect of the three days of darkness. I was a Girl Scout, I like to prepare. So many conflicting prophecies; and that does not sit well with me. That it's multidimensional may be a valid explanation, but until I can move from one dimension to another, it's not much practical help. Is there anyone on this site who can tell me what the effect of three days of darkness will have on the planet's temperature?

    I know it plummets at least 20 degrees at night around here, then is warmed again after about 12 hiours. Just how cold will it get if Gaia does not receive sunshine for 72+ hours? 

  • The video was very good and the blog was good but heavy, just the info I needed to finish my Galactic News about the Photon belt that is here now and the report by Adama of Telos that its going to be released soon, that it is now being controlled to slow its effects down by our ET friends. And this is going to cause Great Earth Changes and Pole Shifts , so it matches this report ,except that he says the same of what I wrote in my e-book that we will have to leave by Dec. Because it will be to drastic down here. The people of Telos have already left and are on the ships now. Some will come down to help us make the transition.And Telos and the hollow earth will no longer be a option for us. He did not mention anyone staying,except the DC who will reap what they sow when the Photon belt arrives in full force. He also says we wont be back for a long time as the earth needs to heal and settle in. Some of this related to this story and then you got the story of the GFOL that nothing much is going to happen because they are here to keep it all under control. Maybe its multi- dimensional and its all going to happen, and you get to choose which movie you want to watch take place. One thing for sure is that its mind blowing. The 12 keys of Enoch is less mind blowing to those who are just starting to get into it and it relates not only to this but also the vortexes ,grids & all of the pyramids coming alive especially in Mexico.Ck it out. ADONAI

  • @Pamela Stefaniotis:

    that wich is unable to dance. . the inability to move dynamically

This reply was deleted.

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