8109144497?profile=originalIt occurs to me that many of us have forgotten who we are and our purpose at this time so I wanted to share with you a book that reminds us of these things. I've been reading The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text by Paul Selig and it's helping me keep perspective and I hope it will help you too. It's important to know this channeled text is not about timelines, politics, carrots dangled in front of our noses, the Event, the monetary reset, illuminati, archons, UFO's, Extraterrestrials or disclosure but it is a spiritual guide which addresses low self-worth and helps us claim our true purpose. A good friend always reminds us "TemetNosce247"...'know thyself' which is a very good place to start...

How do you know yourself in your days? How are you seen by your fellows? And how do you perceive yourself through their eyes? How do they know what they need from you, and where do you presuppose their needs based on your historical changes? "If he looks at me this way, he must want that." "If she says this, it must mean that."

You must understand right now that you are all in agreement with the teachings you require on one level or another. So you bless each other in the opportunity to have certain experiences as your life unfolds. "I will be the mother, I will teach you independence." "I will be the lover, I will teach you passion." "I will be the child, I will be learning from your worth so I may create my own." You go into these agreements prior to incarnation and you choose them as you go forward, as you recognize each other in spirit, and call each other in a practical way in the incarnation you exist in.

Not everything is predetermined. We do not say that. But we do say that you encounter yourself  through your fellows in ways that are predetermined, to grant you the opportunity to claim the lessons you came here for. What does it mean to claim a lesson? To agree to it. Now, you may agree to the circumstances or the challenge. "I need to know what it feels like to be the prisoner or the keeper this time around." "I need to know that I am still in my worth regardless of what society has told me." "I need to learn that I can transform myself in ways that amaze me because I know who I am." But these are choices you make to grow. And if you turn down the opportunity for learning that is presented in each of them, you will call the opportunity to you again. There is no shame in this. You may take the test again until you say, "aha! I know! I understand, and I know that I may move forward in my worth in this new knowledge I have accepted as my own."

Now when there is a tragedy or what you perceive to be tragedy, you have a great opportunity to relinquish an aspect of the self that believes she knows, he knows how things are supposed to be. You have records, you know, in your memory banks, of great tragedy that has occurred on this plane throughout time. And you have been emblemized by these memories to go into reactions that you were attuned to at the time of their initial creation. These are the responses that you all agree are inherited by the race. You see the tiger, you know to run. You see the water rising, you build the boat. But as you re-attune to who and what you are and you realize that your vibration is in consort with physical manifestation, you no longer feel victimized by circumstances or by tragedy. You understand that how you interface with any creation is a reflection of your consciousness.

Two people may see the same accident on the highway and have two very different responses: "Oh, I am so glad I was not driving on the road today or how can I help the man behind the wheel?" You are always reflecting your consciousness in what you see before you and what you attend to. You have made collective decisions about realities that you exist in. And we say "realities" intentionally, because three people may share the same room and inhabit three different levels of consciousness and, consequently, their experience of the room and their circumstance may be radically different.

As you attend to your consciousness, as you vibrate in higher knowing and you call to you the things you need to accept your knowing, agree to it, and then move on, your worth is accelerated and your vibration calls to you circumstances that will reflect the new worth you hold. But everybody has an opportunity through each encounter, and how they choose to perceive it to know themselves anew. We are not saying that things do not happen that cause you pain. We do speak of how you attend to pain in your worth as a lesson you learn.

To read more you can buy the book on Amazon.


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  • Hi Hellen...I love the image and statement...if we could just see / realize our greatness everything would be so much easier for us during this time.

  • Thanks Sylvain...beautiful image!

  • Thanks Luke...that darn Cardinal Grand Cross is just messing everything up! I wish it would leave me alone but you don't have to. :) Seeing 'all' of Robert Pant is part of the joy of watching him perform.

    I'm glad we're all good now...

    Love and Hugs...


  • No worries Avatar .. no hard feelings ... I blame it on the Grand Cardinal Cross  .. Lol .. its all cool ..

    Here, a bit of Zep for you .... for old times sake .. including Robert Plants bare chest, his nipples, long hair and strutting.... Lol ..  think of it this way .. we can still carry on our Rock n Roll love affair .. Lol .. :)

    Love and Peace indeed ... and warm hugs .. its all cool ..

  • Well, Luke I did not take your comments on Ariel's blog personally though she might have, and if you were paying attention I removed everyone off my friends' list...a mistake I'll admit but I'm back now and if you want to friend me I'd be more than happy to accept. You're perfectly entitled to your opinion as am I so that door swings both ways.

    I'll always be a LZ fan so I hope if nothing else that will connect us and whether we need to or not we can always communicate.

    Peace and Love, little brother, I in no way intended or meant to hurt you. If the truth were known I hurt myself terribly and regret my impulsiveness...another lesson I've apparently failed to learn but still trying...sigh.

    Here's something else we have in common...this precious little kitty you once sent me. :)


  • Namaste, Michael...another beautiful image...thank you.

  • Beautiful image, Feather and so true...thank you, Dearest Friend.

  • Well Avatar .. it seems you took my comment in Ariels blog personally ... and you removed me off your friend list .. those are just my opinions in her blog .. but I dont have a problem with your opinions in any post .. ah well .. I guess we both must have aggreed to that before we incarnated.. ! .. funny how life is sometimes .... I am fine about it ...

    As long as you are still a Led Zep fan, then thats cool .. I guess we dont need to communicate ...

    take it easy ...

  • Thank you, Michael...very nice!


  • Thank you, Stick...I'm glad you enjoyed my post and if you buy the book I know you'll enjoy it though like me, you already know what's being taught but it's good to be reminded...it's helps to keep one focused on what's important. I love Alan Watts...what a brilliant man!


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