We all know that dead lifting, or in otherwords, lots of repetition with low weight is what is recomended. I have been wondering if it is better to do long 30 minute exercise without straining the heart and sweating and breathing hard. So is exercise with breathing hard better or exercise with slow or flat out normal breahting better
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  • What I understang as exercisd is thai chi. Keep the heart rate amd breathing normal, but still exercise
  • 20 lbs dumbbell NFL level, no it isn't lol 40 pounds, at least, would be for someone really wanting to bulk up big. There's 100 pound dumbbells out there, 25 pounds is lightweight lol

    And it does block feelings, because your body is tensed up from working out, it strains your core muscles, where your heart chakra is...and I don't know why exactly, but it does block feelings. Not entirely, it just blocks it to a degree so you don't feel feelings as intensely. Try not working out for like a month, or doing real exercise, for like a month...then start again, you'll notice the difference. For me, walking is about all the exercise I need....and sex too, sex is a good work out lol

  • See this is why I don't work out anymore, that's exactly what it does, it strains your heart and whole body, and helps block feelings. I don't like that, I'd rather feel, in fullness....and have my heart be relaxed and open, so I can feel things clearly, and get real heart level realizations.

    I really don't see the need to be bulky, I mean why. Guys only work out for 3 reasons.....for some type of sport or athletic....to be bigger and stronger because they don't feel like a man....or to impress girls lol I don't feel the need to do anyone of them lol

    But if you wanna work out....you can do light weights, and more repetition. I used to work out with a 25 pound dumbbell..and do 20 reps. That was good for me, it gave size, but not too much size..and got me ripped but not too ripped.

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