Do you wonder when – or if – you’ll be able to really let go of control, and completely surrender to the flow of life and tap a vast supply of love, possibility and creativity?

You sense that being in true partnership with the Divine is not only possible for you; it’s the next step on your path, perhaps the LAST and ONLY step...

You may also realize this profound level of co-creation isn’t really a matter of setting goals, learning another spiritual practice, visioning, visualizing – or even changing your beliefs.

It’s something far more subtle and powerful. And it happens at the quantum, subatomic level, in a field of energy within you. This is where profound change takes place.

Dr. Sue Morter’s world-renowned Energy Code(R) teachings blend modern physics with mysticism and science with ancient religion. Practical and profoundly life changing, the techniques she’ll share with you on this complimentary call provide “vibrational feedback” that can shed light on the limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions that have unconsciously jaded your experience of your full potential and creativity.

There is nothing esoteric or abstract about accessing the practices she teaches; you can actually feel the differences energetically.

You CAN shape your life from the divine “stuff” of the universe, shift your being at the most fundamental level, and lead a truly awakened life.

And yet, subconscious “interferences” can block your full discovery of the energy codes within this invisible field. By clearing the interferences, you begin to experience your true power: A divine being who shapes her reality. Manifesting is not something you “do,” but rather a byproduct of clearing the blocks.

What you’ve heard is true: Everything in the universe is energy; the seen is but a reflection of the unseen.

Your own body is made up of subtle energy fields that essentially seed the “raw material” of your life on the physical plane.

But you need to know how to engage this energy for this information to be transformational.


Come join us at Master Your Destiny - Light Age Healing:
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  • Dear Son Of Light,

    Thanks for this post....

    Every thing we can see or feel is energy....

    We have to connect our consciousness with the Cosmic consciousness ......with the help of Energy only...



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