I have recently had cause to be concerned about the amount of channelling happening from many sources.  this is not a blog to be negative about the new rush in people offering themselves up, to open their minds to an unknown source, to be used by another (no matter how evolved) as a means of communication.

I have experience in the channelling field - forty years ago when all this 'ascension' and all it entails was almost unheard of, I was a channel for many light beings. i won't mention names as that would be considered an ego trip - many do of course - and this is when I suspect the motives of those who are really not conscious enough to be a vehicle for another consciousness. Maybe the higher beings are a bit desperate and if they happen to come across a willing soul, in they jump - ahh ahh we can down download much of our personal opinions - this dear one will think we are genuine. Yes my friends, many aren't

As aforementioned I used to channel - run a group for some years - in those days we didn't have internet, computers, videos and the like, Someone used to record my sessions on one of those little black tapes and I used to stranscribe them on my typewriter the next day. Many hours and days sheafs of paper still abound somewhere in the boxes!  Of course i didn't get paid and still I doubt the input. I wasn't in complete trance but trusted that my mind was being blended with higher minds of those with whom I work, and still do.

I always doubted though and used to ask people to verify the energies. Many years ago I had a personal reading from a medium. Immediately a higher energy came through and said, in no uncertain terms. "I wanted your mind"!  and "we will use you"  and I'm convinced this is what the masters do - it is disconcering as really we don't know who they are.  In my experience of working with a grand master who used me to create a third energy (book coming out soon) These dear ones can change identity in a blink of an eye. there are hundreds of Lord Michaels for example and each person who channels him will be slightly different, some I wouldn't touch with a barge pole!  We have to use intuition to really discern who/what the energy is that is coming through a mind that is possibly nowhere near the conscious ness of the higher being.  I ask myself, why would such a sixth-and upward dimensional being want to pour its beutiful light into a 4d mind?? yes, we may well ask - what is the purpopse.   I think that channelling per se is rather old fashioned.  We should be (as I am and many others are) channelling all the time, our higher selves, the God force - who needs to sit in session and allow another to take over?

The process is that when one is conscious then the mind becomes at one with the christ consciousness - there is no separation so it is hard to know the difference between our thoughts and another and of course at the christ consciousness level - we are all one.

The real reason I'm drawn to write this is because I have had a great disappointment from those who should know better, and they certainly do still have their 'individualities' All is not light on the inner planes and I should know - I have worked in them for reasons hard to explain - I still work with ten masters who need to know world news!  I feed it back but some of the great ones and there ar dozens do not always have integrity.  I  have two special masters that I have almost given my life to - they will not communicate with me no matter how often I ask, sit and meditate and the like, but no answer comes.  I even doubt that they have words!  but then lo'  I have recently noticed that these two dears ones, who don't speak to me, are channelling through another soul.  You could call it jealousy but not so, I feel hurt, that a particular question I often asked, with no answer, has come forth from another source.  Why?

I had better close down, this is becoming another book or as the master Dwal Khul would say, a treatise. It is truly inspired and my message is DISCERN ye the spirits - trust your intuition, question, their motives - of course anyone can give a name and anyone can become a recognisable being to touch the ego of someone so keen to be important.  |I ask myself why do these great masters need to show themselves, give a name stand beside someone in all their glory.  there is a picture of Sananda on the website of "Awakening you" It is not Sananda, a portayal created by someone in the graphics department. I know what Sananda looks like and so should the person channelling.

I feel better for that!! thank you for reading my words which come from a shared source!   Wandercloud.


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  • Thanks for sharing, Beth...discernment, as I feel it, evolves and shifts with us...fine-tuning and deepening along the way...it's all part of the journey...💛🦋
  • Hi, I read somewhere that you can only channel you're higher self. I like that idea.
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