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DEC. 12, 2019 is a 12:12:12 Day, STAY FOCUSED ON THE LIGHT - Vlog # 144

by Patricia Cota-Robles

VLOG 144
 DEC. 12, 2019 is a 12:12:12 Day, STAY FOCUSED ON THE LIGHT

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Comment by Alan on December 16, 2019 at 2:05am

This vlog is great enlightenment to be on the ready for the Solstice coming shortly, blessings & thank you Amp.  This is well understood and anticipation is 10 fold, thank you again Amp, namaste.  

Comment by Valana (Patti) on December 13, 2019 at 2:07am

Oh, really?  I didn't know this.  That's like where we go sometimes.  It's called,

Venus Mountain. All there is made of crystal, the walls of our home are of crystal and the

village is under a huge dome, miles and miles big.  They have their own atmosphere

and it's always nice and cool and it snows colored snow flakes. 

I told about it years ago and someone showed me a picture and it was the Crystal Village,

they'd been there, too, and she was an artist and was on my mailing list awhile.

The architecture is not like anything we have here.

There's the waterfall and the running stream.  This is what the crystal under

water reminded me of...We go there often, especially nights of the full moon.

There's some kind of portal where we can go through easily to higher dimensions

on the nights of the full moon.  

Val will probably take me there tonight. But the crystal underwater reminds ,me of the

beautiful colored diamond crystals uder the clear water in the streanm that comes from

the waterfall. They are all pastel colors and some shades we don't have here.  

I wanted to pick one up and he got it for me but said I could hold it awhile but we'd have

to put it back. As to move one thing or take it back with us, something of equal value

would have to be taken from us as the spiritual or universal law was, as above so below

and as below so above...that's one of the principles of Trismegistis. Val says he came

from Atlantis and was a High Priest like he was there, I was Val's High Priestess in the

Temple of the Sun and when Hermes went with his group to Egypt by boat we left in the

ships and went to Venus when Venus was in her prime.

That's where he took Rev Frank, back in time and we had a daughter then, she lives in

Perth, Australia now Val said.  She was our little girl that Frank met and he always got

names confused, it was Valana not Diana or Deana, doesn't matter, he was afraid to tell

he'd been taken bac k in time.  Val can time travel he's not from this time or place or

dimension.  He's back to tell us we must change the world and it would only take a few

that could really have the kind of love Jesus had on the cross for all mankind even the

ones that crucified him.  He showed us what kind of love we must have. Not fake love but

real love, that says, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."

But Val teaches that even if we move a grain of sand on the beach it changes something

on the fartherest star so we have to be so careful in life. Your telling of the crystal under

water made me think of the crystal village and the little stream and the diamond stones. 

These are the things Val wants in our book, not the things that happened on this dimension

which is all that's in Government Woman, a very boring book, only about my meetings

with Val here and going in his ship, the Scout, to the big ship the one air docked the other side

of Jupiter.  I tell Val people are not ready for the truth.  Doubtful they would believe about

the Command ship air docked other side of Venus.  They are not ready for the Crystal Village

and Venus Mountain. 

Val tells me,

"Nothing can be taken from you that is yours and if it can be taken from you, it was never

yours to begin with, Find the song I'm humming and you'll know the truth about us. Val"

I hear the song in my head but can't think of the name, I'll go surf Youtube...It's one Val has 

sung to me.Frank Sinatra sang it, I should be able to find it.


Comment by amparo alvarez on December 12, 2019 at 11:54pm

Yes indeed...She is doing great things...One of the best I remember is the extraction of a crystal from the waters of lake Louise in Canada where Archangel Michael has his sanctuary here on Earth...She asked everyone to join forces and send light to the monks that went deep into the lake in pure frozen waters...They had to crack open the ice to be able to go in...Then I believe a week after that many thousands of monks died in Tibet in a provoked earthquake...You know by whom...Blessings...

Comment by Valana (Patti) on December 12, 2019 at 4:25am

Oh thank you for this, Amparo...when Patricia was just starting out I think, when I first came online in 97' we talked and she sent me many of her cassette albums free.  I'm so glad she's still here and working for the Light. She is a precious Spirit of Light.  


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