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What do you do with a fearful situation over which you feel you have little control? Such as if a very large lion was to sidle up close to you.

If such a thing occurred it would be unwise to be aggressive. Yelling would raise its interest and ire thus encouraging an undesirable interaction. Attacking it would be suicidal; an immediate invitation to meal where you’re a member of the menu!

Another common inclination is to run away but this wouldn’t work well. Scary situations, like lions, love to play the cat to your mouse. They run further and faster than you can. They never give up before you do.

Staying still is the only feasible option. This may not present as a great choice however each and every situation always contains options that can make things better or worse. You always have power.

Whilst standing still before the lion of destiny you have the profound choice to live in fear or love.

Either way you may be eaten however it is better to have loved and been eaten than to never loved at all. At least your last moments will be filled with a period of pleasure instead of a slow wrenching pain.

Moreover I suggest that the choice of fear has a way of bringing your dread towards you. Lions, like most fearsome beasts, will smell your fear as attractive. Fear makes you unlucky!

The choice of love on the other hand contains a polar opposite communication. The smell of love is as sweet as the smell of fear is sour. With an aura of love you don’t smell like prey.

Love has you manifesting positive outcomes. In love the lion is only likely to approach if it’s gentle Aslan from Narnia.

We’re sometimes stalked by large scary things that we can’t run away from or fight. Trust standing still and strong in love. It’s the way you’ll make it through.

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Comment by Light Warrior on May 31, 2012 at 12:26pm

Will remember this message in the coming days!! Stand Strong! Stand in Love!

Comment by hunter on May 31, 2012 at 11:02am

thank you :)


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