Criticism to Those who Criticize

Skeptics keep saying that the dates keep changing or that nothing has happened. And for those who are feeding off these lies, letting these negative vibrations pull you down, shame *tsk tsk* The messages have NEVER even given a date for the mass arresting, until now, July 4th. And it hasn't even begun yet. July 4th is the beginning, up until now it has only been preparation. Has nothing really happened? Just because you can't see it and haven't heard it on your television (yet). Does anyone else have dreams every night of UFO, triangles, ect? Does anyone besides me constantly stare at the skies at night and watch THEIR ships in your neighborhood??? They are every where, not just ships, but the ones residing in the Earth? Am I the only one who can recognize these "behind the scene" actions? lol the GFL has given me nothing to disbelieve yet. And until they do, I continue to support and back them up.

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  • Thank you Feather Winger! Sorry it took me time to watch both parts ^^ But  I want to visit Damanhur now~~~

  • I'm so lucky to be surrounded by love from you all~ I am most positive now. And onward without pause in the future, along with many of you !

  • All that matters is how and what you are feeling keep positive i am also stareing into the sky night and day sending messages of welcome and love to all our Cosmic brothers and sisters as i truely feel there presence i also have been lucky enough to photo them we llive in trobled times for sure but we must remain true to ourselfs look within your heart and feel my love for you and many blessing to you !!!!

  • Solstar, i love your Innocence :D 

    do not let anyone make you feel like what you believe is wrong, there are a few vipers on this website that would love nothing more than to bring you down to their level. Show respect and love when countering them, but if it becomes too much, no one would fault you for completely ignoring them. Lots of love. 

  • If I am wrong, I would so much appreciate your explanation :)

  • You know the truth. It seems it does not matter what others think to you, whether they know it too, or not. If so, good for them.

    But it is us, as humans, who are "primitive". THEY are the future, WE are the past, and now we are merging to make the future and past the present.                                 

  • Ah~ I understand <3

  • LOL Feather Winger :))) Made me laugh and smile, especially about the ones sitting next to the toilet xD Much love to you friend, hope your day has been well so far ;D <3

  • I wonder what your view is. .

  • I want to thank everyone for their comments and opinions, means alot to me, even from those who do not agree. I understand both perspectives and even the third. All sides of the battlefield are not limited to two sides. But each side has the same objective: TO WIN. I understand this. . .

    “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.” --GANDHI


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