Hello again dear friends.   I'm still 'navigating' this website, but just have to send a little message of hope - as you know by now I am an older lady but still have my marbles!

Fortunately the Christ Mind is stable enough to keep this body going with a smile.  It is New moon in Taurus - my birthsign.  I always struggle with new moons and yesterday was no exeption having gone through another storm with tears and frustration. I don't know how the higher beings put up with me but I know that they know how tricky things are for some of us during this time of transition.

I have always struggled with manifestation.  I have had some really positive outcomes but never really understood it. Sometimes I feel I can manifest what I want, sometimes I think I have to ask first and also listen to my inner spirit - I have also felt that if something isn't meant to be or isn't my truth, then it may manifest but not be good for me, so I have always trusted that whatever may be will be, which is a bit vage and a cop out.

I have been seeing the numbers 11-11 a lot lately and knew that they meant something grand so I was fortunate to find a website"Willow soul com" which had a whole page and brilliant explanations as to the different numbers which I won't go into but the 11-11 - was applicable in that it means a new start and I just have to create my own reality - no fears, ifs or buts! well here we go then I thought.

I have always known what I wanted, help with technology on my Youtube venture, publishing of my books, a helpful kind man who would like to be with me and so forth. I made a list ouf which I have done for many years so found it again and re wrote - I felt very strong about this - suddenly I felt an energy in my solar plexus which brought tears. It was a strong feeling as though something had been at last taken note of! approval, you might say from higher powers. I have thought about this and realise I was right along in that I wasn't really able to create since the 'platform' for it was blocked - positive vibes unable to get through.  the last few years have been so intense and the recent new moon was the clincher - free at last!!  so at some level I felt confident that it really was permissable to create what I want - 'God' was with me and also sharing the creation with a smile.  I think that 'He/She' could see that I finally got the message!!  but I first had to clear the way.

Well here I am on a sunny day in the UK feeling quite good about my ability to create - having learnt so much about the process which certainly hasn't been easy - but hey triumphant in the end.

blessings Beth.

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  • Lovely to hear you're deeply feeling that sense of fresh energies/new beginnings Beth/Wandercloud...wishing you joyful creatings Star Sister! 🌞🌻
  • Glad it is sunny in the UK! Keep up the sunshine in your heart and create away!
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